1. Munro says

    …and there’s more. I’m into this story. It just keeps getting juicer and juicier.

    That being said, I’m appalled at Babeu but not surprised considering his maturity level–getting involved and “falling in love” with someone half his age and worlds away in terms of life experience, living the cliche. Will someone find a nice cell or rock to put this guy under, please?

  2. tom a says

    Oh wow! I worked at the Desisto School for a year 1988-1989 until I left to save my sanity. It WAS a cult school full of students from rich liberal families who had failed at other schools.

  3. Rick says

    And so the vindictive, vicious campaign by the gay Far Left to destroy a man whose great “sin” is being a gay Republican continues.

    Again, absolutely nothing here to suggest any illegal or unethical behavior on the part of Babeu.

    So the school he ran had strict discipline. So what? The students were “forced to take group showers”? You mean like they are in virtually every high school in America after gym class or football or basketball practice?

    And whatever relationship he had with the student was legal, so whose business is it?

    No, this is an attempt by the mainstream media to paint a gay man with all the negative stereotypes that have always been used with gay men–“they can’t be trusted around children”, “they are child molesters”, “they are twisted perverts who are obsessed with dominance and submission”…..and of course, the attempt to give it credibility by quoting his sister, who as a heterosexual female, is, of course, more trustworthy and respectable than a homosexual male.

    But instead of objecting to it, the gay Far Left approves of it and fans the flames of homophobia, having become fans of McCarthy-like witch hunts that are directed at any gay man who does not blindly and subserviently follow every plank of the Far Left agenda.

    Truly pathetic….but not surprising.

  4. Dave says

    That guy is sick. He has a history of abusing his authority. 17 may be the legal age of consent in MA, but he had no business dating at the school where he was head master. Just disgusting.

  5. Rick says

    “I’m appalled at Babeu but not surprised considering his maturity level–getting involved and “falling in love” with someone half his age and worlds away in terms of life experience, living the cliche”

    And that is the other cause of the vindictiveness. He actually got the hot twinks that all the rest of you lust after, but either have to do without or pay for, so you hate him for it.

    Rest assured that if this were a straight woman and a young man, the mainstream media would be applauding her as a “cougar” and so would the peanut gallery here.

  6. Munro says

    Hey Rick, it’s UNETHICAL to wanna F*CK one of your teenage male students. You’re also very nieve if you think the course of their relationship was bound within that 17 year old time frame.

  7. Jeff says

    This is like watching a gay Fox News (it’s on TV so it must be true). All these unproven charges being spewed over and over again. Why don’t you do an indepth report on Jane Fonda’s past?

  8. BobC562 says

    @Rick–Nothing unethical? Schtupping a student entrusted to him by his parents isn’t unethical? No hon, this isn’t about trying to sabotage a good person who happens to be conservative; it’s about a man who has the ethiccal capacity of a pile of dog droppings and who has no boundaries between his role as an authority figure and his penis.

  9. Dave says

    Again, absolutely nothing here to suggest any illegal or unethical behavior on the part of Babeu.” Seriously Rick, nothing unethical? “He actually got the hot twinks that all the rest of you lust after, but either have to do without or pay for, so you hate him for it.” Have you not a shred of decency?

  10. endo says

    This guy is no saint… he’s Republican, so that’s pathetic enough.

    But the media coverage has turned into a witchhunt that carries a pretty strong whiff of homophobia. They are just salivating to catch him in some sort of gay sex scandal.

  11. Justin says


    Are you kidding? In many states it is illegal for a teacher to have a relationship with a student regardless of age of consent laws because of the authority and power a teacher has over his/her student. Both male and female teachers have gone to jail for having sex with their students.

    More importantly, did you bother to even watch the report? The investigation began 5 months ago before revelations of his relationship with a Mexican national. As for this claim about it being “far left gays” who brought this to light, where is your proof? According to this report, the sheriff’s own sister had issues with her brother’s relationship. Every one at the school knew about the relationship. How do you know one of Babeau’s Republican challengers didn’t aim the reporters at the school?

    Plenty of politicians on both the GOP and Democratic sides of the aisle have been caught in scandals.

    Finally, no one wants to hear about a student and a teacher being in a sexual relationship. The guy was a fool to think that his dalliance would not be exposed.

  12. Brains says


    Rick you seem to want to justify an abuse of authority by an individual, and a violation of parental trust; trying to justify these acts in an effort to support your GOProud agenda simply is indicative of how nuts you are!

    Rick, your sick!

  13. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Rick I’ve taught adults. It would have been unethical for me to have sex with one of my students despite the fact that they were in their twenties or older.

    I thought you were the so called butch guy. According to you, we need to be more masculine. A 17 year old is not what I consider masculine. I had sex with a 17 year old once, but I was 17! Now I prefer guys with a little more mileage on them.

  14. Rick says

    “As for “hot twinks that you lust after but either have to go without or pay for.” Gross, dude. Way to expose your own desires.”

    Gosh, you’re right. Got me. We all know that it is nothing but a myth that gay men lust after young, physically attractive males, the younger the better as long as they are legal. That is why you don’t see any of them on gay porn sites.

    No, instead you see bald, paunchy, graying 50-somethings because, after all, it is the content of the character of a man that makes him sexy and sought-after to most gay men, not shear physical attractiveness and youth.

    The insinuation that most gay men are shallow objectifiers of other men, including each other, is completely without justification….and I apologize deeply for my mischaracterization.

  15. says

    It’s not the “gay Far Left” that’s going after Babeu unless ABC15 is a Far Left gay media outlet? It’s the mainstream media, who loves nothing better than an inflammatory sex scandal to amp up their ratings. And Babeu is providing them quite the soap opera: Closeted gay man über-tough on immigration but sweet on immigrants of dubious legal status and now possibly sweet on teenagers in his care . . . the Far Left didn’t create his double lives, he did. And now the media is salivating over the hot mess.

    As with drinking and driving, or priests and altar boys, the combination of the closet (with all the arrested development that goes along with it–i.e. inappropriately chasing “hot twinks” instead of having relationships with men your own age), teenagers, and right-wing politics never ends up in a happy mix.

  16. Brian says

    Well Rick, you should apologize, because saying we all lust after 17 year olds is as usual a gross mischaracterization of the gay community you know nothing about. You just continue to spout out ridiculous generalities, like we all like kids, we’re all screaming effeminate queens, we’re all bisexuals, etc etc. But none of that resonates with me, and probably a large segment of the readership here, which is why you’re so reviled. The last time I was attracted to a 17 year old guy was when I was around 17 years old. The last time I was attracted to fat bald 50 year olds, your counterexample, was never. But there’s a whole lot of ground in between that apparently doesn’t exist in your fevered brain.

  17. Brad says

    Rick, I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment. There is no “gay Far Left” conspiracy here. What we have is a sheriff who has lived on the edge by posing in public as one thing and living his private life as another. Gay or straight is irrelevant. It’s hypocrisy either way.

    As a gay man myself, I give Babeu the benefit of the doubt. Coming from a Mormon family, I know how tough it is to be gay in a conservative environment. However, the new allegations, if true, are are rather damning.

    It appears there is a pattern to Babeu’s relationships that borders on predatory. A 17-year-old boy at the school where he is executive director? Not appropriate. A Mexican immigrant when his public stance focuses on tough treatment for Mexican immigrants. It goes beyond poor judgment in my book.

    Mr. Babeu does not have what it takes to represent anyone in Congress.

  18. Rick says

    As for the “abuse of authority” BS, the student was 17 and apparently on the verge of graduation….there is no evidence, apprarently, that he was pressured in any way by Babeu to engage in a relationship with him, sexual or otherwise…..(i.e. no indication that Babeu threatened to harm him in any way or give him bad grades if he didn’t)…..and I will add that if I had a dime for every male college professor who took up with one of his female students (often in exchange for good grades), I would have amassed a small fortune by now.

    If this had been a 10-year-old or if there was evidence of abuse of power, that would be one thing, but there is not–all there is, apparently, is two people of legal age having had a relationship with each other. Love happens in all kinds of ways and circumstances and for some of you to sit here in judgment and cheer on a witch hunt by the homophobic straight media is really pathetic.

    You have become such total prisoners of the Far Left that you cannot even think straight any more……to the extent that you are doing severe damage to our own community.

  19. ChristopherM says

    Only Rick (or Jason) would defend a predatory relationship between a high school student and a grown administrator as a left-wing conspiracy. You really should look into therapy.

  20. says

    So, the prudes on the Far Left are disapproving of Babeu but the Far Right is embracing the closeted gay sheriff after they learned how much he likes immigrants and teen-aged boys? Who knew the Far Right was so open-minded!

    P.S. Most boarding schools have explicit policies about what those in charge of students can do with students, and usually f**king them isn’t on the list of approved relations. Maybe this boarding school had no problem with such relations and maybe the allegations are false; if so, I’m sure Babeu’s far-right supporters will put it all aside and flock to the voting booth on his behalf. Since he never had or wanted the Far Left vote to begin with, he shouldn’t care much whether we approve or not.

  21. Rick says


    “Most boarding schools have explicit policies about what those in charge of students can do with students, and usually f**king them isn’t on the list of approved relations”

    So does the Congress of the United States, but the first two “out” gay Congressmen, both liberal Democrats from the same state as Babeu–Barney Frank and Gerry Studds–violated those rules by hitting on teenage pages (and both were closeted when they did so, as are virtually all Democrats in Congress as we speak)……but, unlike Babeu, you and others on the Far Left regard Studds and Frank as heroes and role models rather than villains…..

    I am sure partisan politics has absolutely nothing to do with that double standard and the hypocrisy it represents, though, does it?

    Certainly not.

  22. William says

    @Rick: Going after a hot twink (of legal age) isn’t in-and-of itself unethical. Doing so from a position of authority is! Contrary to some folk’s dom/sub fetishes, relationships are supposed to be mutual.

    That has been the whole point with this guy. As far as I’m concerned, he comes across as a guy with a narcissistic personality disorder and keeps landing in positions of authority; and he leverages that authority to secure improper relationships. He may get off on it, but the other guy gets hurt.

    While the particular facts need further investigating and confirmation, the pattern itself is unfolding pretty clearly.

  23. RyanInSacto says

    Rick: I am a graduate student at a major public university. Every student in my graduate program serves as a teaching assistant at one time or another and the very first thing they tell us is DON’T SLEEP WITH YOUR STUDENTS. Keep in mind, this is college, so the vast majority of the students are of age, so legality is not the issue. Rather, it is a problem for someone in a position of authority at an educational institution to enter into a sexual relationship with his or her students because of the power dynamic. This dynamic doesn’t go away just because a student is “of age.”

    As for the twink thing… for me, no thanks. While I’m not into the fat thing, a 50-year old guy with a little salt-n-pepper around the edges and some muscle… bring it! The line forms here–>. :-)

  24. QJ201 says

    @Rick. I went to three different high schools. The only people who “group showered” were the school teams after practice and games and it WASN’T REQUIRED. There was never any time after gym class for showers in each school I attended.

  25. GeorgeM says

    Rick here’s my thing
    First I don’t give a s-it about this man, if he wins I just hope he does the right thing

    How is the “far left” going after him and focusing on him any different then what you do with feminine leaning men? You’re on a witch hunt your self. Look I gained some respect for you because you said you were there fighting for my generation but every argument involves women, str8 people or feminine men.

    Not every situation can be linked to women or str8 people. No legislation in congress or state houses, that involved us, would have passed with out the help of str8 men and women.

    This dude Rick has bigger problems then the “far left”, his opponent in his own party is using the gay card, saying the community they represent is really really conservitive and family oriented, we all know what republicans mean by that, anti gay.

  26. says

    Barney Frank? What century are you living in?

    Like I said, Babeu is not courting the Left with his political positions, he’s courting the Right. (It wasn’t by accident he spoke at CPAC.) So the Left really has nothing to do with his political fate before or after the mainstream media began reporting on his hypocritical soap opera love life. His political fate resides entirely with the people who support his policies–the Far Right. They’re his political base, just as the left was Barney’s political base. If, as you suggest, the Far Right is more tolerant than the Far Left, Sheriff Babeu should be the next Republican Congressman from AZ. And, after the serves a few decades in Congress, as Barney Frank has, we can start comparing them. Till then, Babeu doesn’t really have enough cojones to be compared to a scandal–survivor like Barney.

  27. Skyglider says

    Lord, “ethics” are such a tired and archaic concept. Get over it. Older teacher wants to do younger student: perfectly fine and natural. The Classical paradigm, which our entire country was founded upon in the late 18th century, had a place for such a relationship. It was the relationship between the erastes and the eromenos. And there was usually more to the relationship than just sex, although our prudish American minds seem to like to linger on the sex aspect.
    Blah, blah, blah, positions of authority, blah, blah, blah, unethical, blah, blah, blah…. is pretty much all I hear from this thread.

  28. RyanInSacto says

    Um, Skyglider, I don’t know which country you mean by “our entire country,” but the US was founded on the concept of consent found in the Enlightenment works of Locke, Montesquieu, and Hobbes. None of these philosophers advocated pederasty. Maybe you are posting from another time and place – 500BC Athens?

  29. says

    Absolutely, Rick–I mean, Skyglider. Maybe that should be tough-talking Sheriff Babeu’s new campaign slogan? “Blah, blah, blah, positions of authority, blah, blah, blah, unethical, blah, blah, blah: Babeu, Republican for Congress 2012.”

  30. sara says

    Well all those rushing to this man’s defense (Rick) should keep in mind it’s not like this is some shock to Babeu. His sister wrote about these allegations over 18 months ago online stating he was having relations with this student & how his closeted life would harm him in the end. She wrote then about how he had relationships with lots of men & even one of the men he discarded, found a place to live with their family. He had a lot of enemies because he was cheating on them or had bitter breakups.

    Four months ago there were even online speculations that Sheriff Babeu was gay & that he should come out if he is.

    Sheriff Babeu instead of responding, continued his very reckless behavior. I’d say he has some psychological issues to deal with especially if it’s true he was abused by priests as he alleges. Don’t know but I doubt if he’s really fit for congress.

  31. Bart says

    The big conspiracy of the “far left” media…in Arizona? Really? Have you ever been to Arizona? Do you know anything about the political leanings of the residents there? “Far left” is hilarious nonsense. Probably more likely an attack from the “far right” than the “far left.”

    This is a local station doing an investigation into a high profile person to gin up ratings. Period. And from what we’ve seen so far, not a very good investigation with much fact or criminal activity.

    The real quiz for me why would the closeted Babeu run for the senate knwing his past would be scoured? Knowing there were these problems with his ex-? Knowing there was possibly some damaging information about this school he head mastered? Do these guys not think this stuff will eventually surface and there will be questions about it? But I will say, where Babeu goes, trouble does seem to follow…trumped up or not.

  32. TJ says

    GEORGEM – not that I don’t have a life and spend way too much time reading posts here, but it seems to me that “RICH” and “RICK” are different people. RICH talked about a relationship, RICK couldn’t possibly do so. And speaking of RICK…

    Pitiful Creature of Darkness – and STILL an idiot!

  33. sara says

    OH and I should add this was his response when his sister, Lucy, was posting about his relationship with the student at his school. A relationship confirmed by other students by the school & about him being gay.

    “At the time, we asked Chris DeRose, Babeu’s campaign manager, about the comment, and he responded that Babeu had a sister with a mental illness who was posting comments like this on various websites. We had already deleted the comment, so we pursued it no further.” – The Chino Valley e-news, explaining Babeu’s take on a comment outing Babeu as gay.

    So this Babeu that people (Rick) are so valiantly defending was scummy enough to call his own sister mentally ill just to avoid being outed publicly.

  34. says

    you know….i’m always puzzled by the “he was 17, it was legal here” thing.

    even when i was in my mid-20s i wouldn’t date, nor hook up with, some guy who was 19 (NINETEEN) because, as my responsible gay brothers have imparted to me: “there are some things 19 year olds should figure out with other 19 year olds”

    enter right-wing suck-up closeted reluctant homosexuals – of course they want some teen ass. teen ass doesn’t tell.

    Babeu is revealed to be even more of a scumbag with each new story.

    and guys, can you please stop feeding RICK questions? if you want an honest response from him simply ask him for the URL for his own page where he shows the Strong Masculine Gay Example he claims that he embodies.

    trust me. try it.

  35. RyanInSacto says

    @Little Kiwi: I think you may have hit upon the title of chapter one of the Cowardly Closet Case Handbook… “Teen Ass Doesn’t Tell.” Well done. :-)

    Two other possible chapter titles:
    “Guys With Expired Tourist Visas (Usually) Don’t Tell”
    “The Minneapolis Airport Men’s Room”

  36. TJ says

    Ethics – yeah, that really annoying concept about doing what is right despite what may be legal or acceptable; the difference between what you can do and what you should do. A point of view that becomes a guiding life force – who needs that?

    So, doing the math, Babeu would have been, what, 33? And the student was 17 when he was living with his “head master” (oh, don’t even touch that one , TJ)? Not just an older guy who meets someone of age, but his teacher, his leader, his authority figure? It’s called a duel relationship. Ethically, the private and the professional shouldn’t mix. It’s not good business. It creates a difficult situation for everyone, not just the student involved but the other students who know about it. You don’t sh*t where you eat. Not ethical. Not cool. But that’s the thing with some authoritarians. It’s “do as I say, not as I do, because I have the power and can do what I want.”

    As someone who has dealt with young people in a professional setting and has striven to make all my contact ethical and above reproach, Babeu makes me sick. He makes it that much tougher for all of us.

  37. GeorgeM says

    I hear ya, I’m on here to much lol
    Are you referring to the other story he was commenting on? Didn’t Rick say he was late 40’s in a relationship for 20 years and lives in Alabama?
    I think that was Rick, no?

  38. says

    guys, don’t just ASK rick – ask for PROOF

    nothing makes an angry right-wing gay disappear faster than asking for proof that what they talk about is true.

    seriously. ask him for the URL to his own page. watch him evanesce.

  39. TJ says

    GEORGEM – From what I recall, you seemed to get the two confused at the time. I thought you figured it out. RICH, I believe, was from Alabama, and in a relationship for 20 years. I remember this because I pointed out (perhaps too obliquely, because I was sorta kinda snarking you out for your comment that RICH’s age explained his point of view), that I was actually older than him and siding more with your point of view.

    RICK has never mentioned any relationship with a real person. Because he likely hasn’t one, and likely has never had a relationship with anyone or thing other than his hand (although, something about him just smacks of pillowhumper to me).

  40. Yeek says

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. The guy’s sister and unnamed sources aren’t good enough. He sounds creepy and manipulative, but I’d like to see something tangible (love letter, parental complaint or disciplinary action from the time, photos) before throwing him into the woodchipper.

  41. RyanInSacto says

    EARLA3, based on the news clip, it seems like abuse took place *during* these group showers. I don’t think the point was that group showers, per se, are abusive.

  42. William says

    @Bart “The real quiz for me why would the closeted Babeu run for the senate knwing his past would be scoured?”: …because true narcissists never believe they will have to face the consequences of their behavior.

  43. jim says

    “evanesce”–oh, kiwi, I love that word choice. thank you!

    @william: got THAT right! and good ones surround themselves with staunch underlings who make sure they’ll never have to face the consequences.

  44. sara says

    @Yeeks. First of all one of the students corroborated the relationship. Secondly, dirt will come out. When you run for public office it’s inevitable. The news also worked on the story for several months even before Babeu was forced out of the closet. They’re going to be more motivated to continue looking into this. Sooner or later, they’re going to locate this former student & probably a lot more will come out.

  45. DRG says

    I will never understand why everyone bitches about guys who like younger guys or hairless guys or older guys or S&M guys, etc… News flash, just like the straight community the gay community has types. Growing up gay i have know young men who are obsessed with daddies just as much as daddies can be obsessed with younger boys. Everyone needs to get off their high horses. If an older man likes younger guys, who cares as long as it isn’t illegal, unethical, or non-consenting. I would say men in general tend to like younger (check out male straight porn or hollywood relationships). This is nothing new…look at history (Greece, Rome, Early America). In my opinon do whatever you want in the bedroom, slash wherever you want, as long as you are doing it legally…excluding breaking anti-homo laws cause those are fair game!

    This situation is skeptical. No matter what, a head master involved with a student at his school is unethical and not favorably viewed whatever the sexual preference. This guy rings creep.

  46. says

    what always makes my eyes roll are when guys get defensive about liking ’em “young” and then say ‘age is just a number’

    uh, not if you ‘like ’em young’, it’s not. then age is a very specific fetish.

    “into younger guys?” you’re gonna be alone forever. age and youth are impermanent.

    relationships that exist despite age differences have a shot at working. relationships that exist BECAUSE OF age differences are doomed.

  47. Thomas Cardellino says

    Everything, that is everything, that this White Male American has done has also been done by multitudinous other persons in positions of privilege, either straight, gay or asexual, throughout the long sordid history of (hu)mankind. That he saw it necessary to be closeted while he lived his tortured life proves that his own male ego dominance of those around such a Narcissist would have his exploits applauded as long as the bystanders believed that he was at the top of the top of the feeding chain: a “straight” white American man with a military and police background. Authoritarianism compels people to adhere to nonsense in any culture where the hierarchy of stereotypes, rightfully or wrongfully assumed, allow most folks to suspend critical thinking and just go with the flow in the face of a few pounds of adorned “uniform and medals,” even when it comes to the vital welfare of there own flesh-and-blood children. This is a truly dark side of humanity, worldwide and throughout the centuries at the root of abuse. On a grander scale, think of the military juntas who have quelled civil disobedience because of their glittering medals and khaki uniforms, accompanied of course with weapons of lethal force.

  48. ratbastard says

    Alright, he’s a sleazy dude, no question. Having a student of the school you manage be your live-in BF, even if he was legal age at 17, is still very unethical and sleazy.

    This guy Babeu get’s around,that’s for sure.

    I also think the group shower thing is funny. Who hasn’t taken a group shower in HS phys ed class, or in the service, etc.?

  49. BroJob4U says

    While it is clearly unethical for a teacher or school administrator to have a personal or romantic relationship with a student [regardless of the legal age of consent], I still sent Paul Babeu a contribution.

    He’s hot.

  50. William says

    @Bro Jack-off “While it is clearly unethical for a teacher or school administrator to have a personal or romantic relationship with a student [regardless of the legal age of consent], I still sent Paul Babeu a contribution. He’s hot.”: Am I supposed to call you troll Bro jack-off or superficial Bro Jack-off?

  51. Thomas Cardellino says

    Oh, it’s you again ratbastard. That means any answer by me is worth as much as a dump in the ocean off a fast moving ship: not even a ripple could be noticed.

  52. jack says

    The chance of Babeu ever serving in congress are less than the chance that a snowball can survive in hell. Why did his sister Lucy pull the rug out from under him? Thanksgiving dinner with the Babeu family must be interesting.

  53. Doug says

    Well, Rick, I would put my two cents in regarding your initial post (“gay far left”…what are you, a card carrying member of GOProud?), but everyone else did a brilliant job rebuking your ignorance.

  54. says

    Do we really have to claim this guy? This is EXACTLY the sort of behavior that scars our image and makes us all look bad, even though 90% of us would never even THINK of doing things like this. Shame on you, Sheriff!

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