1. says

    very true. when my heterosexual united church of canada-going parents raised my sister and i, they made it very clear that they, as liberals, wanted to see us grow up to destroy The Family and Religion.

    now, my parents are still married. my sister is married. i’m in a long term relationship. so clearly we’re failing on the Destroy Families part…oh wait…. i forgot – i’m gay and my entire family accepts me and has embraced by partner. does that count as destroying the family, or is that strengthening it? i can’t even tell anymore!!

  2. Rovex says

    Familys no, organised religion, well yeah i will admit to that. Organised religions are dangerous. Personal religious beliefs and spirituality are rarely so.

  3. stevenelliot says

    why is the left always accused of seeking to destroy: marriage, family, capitalism, traditional values, blah blah blah. Do these nimwits not understand this rhetoric has been said so much that it now has no emotional effect on the voter? Theyre preaching to their own choir. AND independents are totally turned off by this right wing ploy because they see it for what it is, bulls**t

  4. says

    is his theory that Leftists dont’ come from families?

    sorta like this theory that gay people were never children – they just materialize out of thin air and appear as twentysomethings in bars in big cities?

  5. Chuck Mielke says

    I’m just amazed that the willingness of the right to rewrite history. It’s almost as if they’re using “Brave New World” as an instruction manual.

    But, I really shouldn’t be surprised. The absolutist strain of the church has endured through the centuries and has applied the technology of every age to the effort of enforcing it’s doctrines on both individuals and governments. Perhaps only the Quakers have shown any resistance to that strain.

  6. just_a_guy says

    oh, the scary left, haha.

    what’s scary is organized religion that violates the basic dignity of women, gays, others–and swaggers that it’s values of hate should be privileged and enshrined in the law.

    Jeffrey Bill has his head up his a** and is so intent on witch-hunting that he fails to see that organized religion IS NOT GOD–and shouldn’t be treated as if it is.

  7. Caliban says

    If by “religion” they mean “religion as an agent of oppression,” you can bet your sweet @$$ I’m against it and want to “destroy” it. As a former rare book dealer I held in my own hands a book of collected sermons from the mid-1800s in DEFENSE of slavery. Slavery is, after all, approved of in the Bible. The Bible was cited for why women and blacks shouldn’t have the right to vote and to oppose interracial marriage. It was used to excuse the oppression and murder of Native Americans. Behind EVERY regressive movement in the US there has been someone clutching the Bible. (And wasn’t it Upton Sinclair who said “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”?)

    This bizarre new talking point/sound bite of the Religious Right, “If I can’t oppress you, it oppresses me!” is particularly bizarre and offensive. “I hate, therefore I am” is closer to the mark.

    Though I’m atheist I think it’s counter-productive to attack ALL faith and religion. But when religion becomes a toxic influence, when people try and impose their religious values on civil law, THEN it not only deserves to be confronted but it needs to be confronted. We should never lose sight of the fact that it’s RELIGION that’s a choice. There may be a built-in tendency in mankind toward religion itself but the specific beliefs are chosen or otherwise there would be no need for missionaries and door-to-door proselytizers.

  8. KP says

    Gee Google, thanks again for sponsoring this CPAC horror show. Hope its worth it to sponsor an event that features bigots, homophobes, and white supremacists. This Jeffrey Ball guy is par for the course for CPAC. My fear is Google is becoming like Target – pandering to everybody on both sides to get their money. They can’t release It Gets Better videos and support same-sex marriage and then go and fund a conference that banned a gay conversative group from appearing simply because they were gay.

  9. says

    So good to read so many great comments. My comment is: so the religious bigots should have equality and the left shouldn’t? Not gonna happen even if it means war on the religious right.

  10. TJ says

    The destruction of the oppression and bigotry caused by religious fanatics? Sign me up! Freedom to believe as you choose and live your life as you will, as long as you aren’t harming others in the process? I’m all for that too, and that includes matters of faith. Destruction of the family? Really? Exactly how does my version of a family affect your version of a family? How does being gay, and advocating for marriage equality, stop anyone from being straight, from getting married, from having children, from staying together as a family?

    How can people be so illogical, ignorant, and ridiculous?

  11. Charles Lemos says

    ah Jeffrey Bell. He derailed Reagan’s run in 1976 writing a speech that Reagan gave in NH in which Reagan advocated a concept called “creative Federalism” in which the Federal government would devolve all sorts of programs back to states. The issue was that the Federal government would also not pay for those programs thus forcing the states to pick up the tab. In NH which doesn’t have a sales or an income tax that then became an issue over funding that the Ford campaign seized upon.

    Bell is also a gold standard nut. Back in December, he went on a tirade in the National Review saying that if the country didn’t go back to a gold standard, the dollar would collapse. He also has a forthcoming book coming out in which he makes the case for more polarization as a way to return the country to what he thinks are its fundamental founding values.

    Conservatives live in a world that is divorced from reality. They are paranoid delusional and totalitarian in their politics. Should an interesting week at CPAC hearing all their insanity come bursting forth like a rich brew of frothy santorum which is all that ever comes out of the mouths of social conservatives.

  12. fritzrth says

    …a panel called “Do ‘We Still Hold These Truths?You mean the one about “all men are created equal and endowed … with certain inalienable rights”?

  13. robespierre says

    So this man sees something worth preserving in the French monarchy of the 18th century and the churches that were aligned with those greedy, parasitic aristocrats? Why am I not surprised that a conservative identifies with and feels sympathy for those pigs.

  14. Jerry6 says

    More people have been Killed; torchered; Jailed; and tormented because they did not believe in one or more of the non existent “GODS” that men have invented over time to justify their actions to control the masses of nations to their own selfish desires.

    Just look at the crop of people running for office this year. They are fixated on “SAME SEX MARRIAGE” to the detriment of Jobs, reducing the cost of Health Care; improving Education; or any of the other things that directly relate to the day to day living of the country as a whole.

  15. Stan says

    I feel sorry for the homosexuals here which are confused into this form of self-defeating feelings. I hope you can find salvation and a way out of this confusion and find the normal life of which you have been destined. You can find salvation from this affliction, but you have to want normality. Seek it.

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