1. says

    well that made no intellectual sense whatsoever.

    it’s not a bad thing that he went into a gay bar, it’s a bad thing that he’s a cowardly self-hatin right-wing-suckup ‘mo who was involved in a hit and run.

    “i was there because they had cold beer”

    there we have it, folks. the gay agenda – luring innocent conservatives with our apparently exclusive ability to provide cold beer.

    or somethng.

  2. says

    This guy is going to some pretty great lengths to declare his innocence – and I don’t know too many ‘straight’ men who would pull into a gay bar just for a cold one. Has anyone investigated beyond the video tape? Has his car/truck been checked for damage or recent repair work to cover such damage? How does he explain his image and auto on the tape?

  3. robert in nyc says

    Oh I bet the thought of going into a Hooter’s joint thoroughly repulses him. Please, how many “straight” men would venture into a gay bar because they don’t want to be “bothered”, by what I wonder?

  4. Miss Kitty says

    He’s macked up the voice a lot more than I would’ve expected, but he’s still as overwrought as any Chelsea queen.

    I hope his wife gets tested for STDs, because I strongly suspect that he’s not just suckin’ longnecks.

  5. says

    Two local stations reported it… Both the NBC and I believe CBS affiliates. NBC just broke the news. He also claims the NBC affiliate is 4th place here, which I find hard to believe (although I could be wrong…). The news was doing their job. He is a big deal here in Houston and the “gay” part of the accusations is significant due to his conservative views.

    He may claim not to be anti-gay. In fact today he talked about how the right needed to stop focusing on the gays.. He also madesome comments that came off as pro-gay, but I am sure it was a ploy due to this recent exposure. It’s important to know that other than those viewpoints, he is a staunch social conservative. He regularly endorses Santorum.

    Also, he doesn’t understand the significance of going to a gay bar BY HIMSELF. He wasn’t with his wife. He wasn’t meeting up with any friends. I have never heard of straight guys going to gay bars by themselves for fun.

    He never addressed the hit and run due to possible legal repercussions, but it is so blatantly obvious he is guilty.

  6. sara says

    It would have been so much simpler but not as funny if the guy had exchanged insurance information & paid for the car damage. I could see why his attorney advised him to shut up, because everything he says keeps him digging that hole.

  7. says

    Am I missing something here? A man goes, by himself, into a gay bar which I would guess if full of gay men. Said gay men would look at the single man and assume he’s there for the same reason they are: to meet, to chat, to dance, to share a beer together, to… y’know, the stuff that goes on in bars. And he thought he wouldn’t be bothered? It seems to me his best bet for not being bothered would have been to go to a lesbian bar…LOL.

  8. Spudger says

    Man, i hate those “hit pieces” where someone relays facts of a situation as they happened. Why cant the press stick to its proper role as toadies and stenographers for powerful people who wish to speak to the masses?

  9. Hollywood, CA says

    ROTFLOL – Bahahaha…hahaha…ha! “Added Berry on his show today: “I went into a bar. There were gay people inside. You know why I went in to a bar? Let me confess. Because there was cold beer waiting inside.” – That’s like saying I was in the crack house because I needed to use the bathroom?! I didn’t pick up a prostitute, I was giving the man-lady a ride home because it was late at night. I didn’t steal that money from that bank, I was keeping it safe so it didn’t get stolen… I mean, H-O-N-E-S-T-L-Y!

  10. Hue-Man says

    I haven’t been to Houston for awhile but don’t recall it being particularly DRY – is this an intitiative of that other openly and extremely straight Texan, Rick Perry, and if so why would he allow the only bar in a dry desert be a gay bar? Again, if the fundatollahs are closing all the straight bars, are they trying to turn all Houston gay with this gay bar being the only gayme in town? First it’s the “cold beer” then it’s the slippery slope!

  11. Thomas Cardellino says

    There certainly are a whole lot of people in what Ebenezer Scrooge termed the “surplus population!” What benefit to himself or mankind does this “Michael Berry” caricature of a human contribute? Are there that many lost and lonely souls isolated in their hovels who depend upon such self-righteous bluster broadcast over the publicly owned airwaves (which, by the way seems to be an inept comedic mimic of Glenn Beck, a truly mediocre ranter if there ever was one!) to keep their hovel-bound bodily functions functioning for yet one more broadcast from this feisty closet case? Sad, sad aging of America about which I’ve read in statistics, but when presented with such dramatic prose of decay, well, I have to say that it brings me to tears. Whether those tears are of sorrow or joy, however, will take some time to assess. I just want to replay that maniacal microphone screaming a few more times before I decide. Geez, when he constructed his radio broadcast studio was there a point when he interviewed a sound specialist to find out which particular model of microphone might best capture his hysterically high notes? Did he want the model of microphone that made him still sound like a Texan Good Ol’ Boy and not some reject from the local football pep squad?

  12. Jeff Kurtti says

    People who don’t like WHAT is being said cite the ratings of the source? (Rachel Maddow gets this “criticism” frequently, I notice from trolls in “Comments: sections a lot.) As if the same information coming from a program or source with bigger numbers makes the truth more…truthy. What in hell’s hot lava does the ratings of a source have to do with the substance of their reports?

  13. Bernie says

    I have never heard such an assinine defense and excuse for going into a gay bar. I am sitting here laughing hysterically at the statements Michael Berry has come out with. His internalized homophobia is alive and well. I am very empathetic to GBLT folks that are struggling coming to terms with their sexuality, but Mr. Berry’s dishonesty leaves no room from me except for contempt. That means I would go to a straight bar to see tits! lol

  14. HAHA says

    Ha Ha !!!!! Complete with a Pat Robertson skit to show how the obsession with gaybashing has even affected Lil Mike….I can only laugh since he has threatened not to go down without a fight. 30 minutes of denial of his actions, wow if I denied something for 30 minutes, everyone would know it was true, good sense does not appear in radio.

  15. NY2.0 says

    Are his conservative listener that dumb to believe this story? I am completely ashamed to say I share citizenship with these idiots.

    Michael Berry is a tortured soul, such is the case of many gay Republicans. Their lives are almost as funny as it is sad.

  16. says

    There must have been a reason why he hit that other car while backing out to go home. There’s no info about him being a bad driver. He was probably in a hurry to get the hell out of there. Someone recognized him (and therefore he was “bothered”)? He got rejected (he looks unappetizing)? The beer wasn’t cold enough? He gave himself two hours to hook up with someone sexually attractive but with no strings attached and it’s been three hourse already and still No Sale?

  17. Oliver says

    @Manny Espinola, Or could it be that he had more than one cold beer? Could multiple cold beers possibly account for his bad driving? Sure would love to hear from the bartender…

  18. Rob says

    What’s crazy is he seems obsessed with being smeared by folks talking about him being in a gay bar. The part you really ought to be spending time on defending yourself on is the fact that you did a Hit And Run!

  19. Sweet Lou says

    My gay friends tell there are three places to meet other gay men: gay bars, on-line and Republican party events. It would be nice if the Repubs could just embrace that aspect of their party instead of pretending to loath it so violently.

  20. ThomT says

    My best friend, who happens to be straight, will go to any gay bar in the city – with me. So I asked him if he would ever go to a gay club alone for a beer. His reply, “are you freakin’ crazy?”. Just a few years back there was the incident where the head of Exodus went into a gay bar in Dupont Circle “just to use the bathroom” – until photos surfaced of him sitting at the bar enjoying a drink and chatting up some guy. Berry better hope similar photos don’t surface to further cast doubt on his already fishy sounding story.

  21. Randall says

    Again, the universal expectation that being named as “gay” is bad?!?!?
    Ever since Tom Cruise won that lawsuit by claiming that someone saying he was gay was injurious to his personhood, or whatever, I have really hated this concept.
    Someone thought you are gay? So what? How does that injure you? How is that salacious at all?
    It only is if we all agree that being labeled as gay is a bad thing. I don’t agree.

  22. blue adidas says

    Frankly, the “gotcha” stories outing gay men are really annoying. I don’t know who this guy is, but there are lots of other, more legitimate ways to go about finding hypocrisy among conservatives. Attempting to paint a picture of some conservative leaders as dirty filthy homos is profoundly insulting to gay men, and is a really nasty dig against our community. I think we need to question the news organizations that push this stuff.

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