Conservative Radio Host Michael Berry Rips TV Station’s Gay Bar Hit-and-Run Story: AUDIO

Michael Berry blasted Houston TV station KPRC for doing a "hit piece" on him in its report that he had been seen on security cameras in a hit-and-run accident with another vehicle outside TC's Show Bar in Houston's Montrose District on January 31, All Access reports:

BerryBerry opened today's show by saying that he would go against the "very expensive" advice of his attorneys and would speak on the reports, and then, after saying "I don't care what people see on some TV station," he said that "the fourth-place TV station" had "run out of house fires to report on, so they decided to do a hit piece on me" using "unnamed sources."  Reading the story posted on KPRC-TV's website, he noted the repeated use of the term "gay bar" and ripped the station for running the story on TV three nights in a row.  He asserted that he has never "bashed gays" and called the TV station's report "a smear campaign" and threatened to respond with his own "unnamed sources on you S.O.B.s... you will not smear my name and me go down without a fight."

Last week, Berry claimed he was being framed by his enemies, as surveillance footage was broadcast which appeared to show him at the bar.

Added Berry on his show today: "I went into a bar. There were gay people inside. You know why I went in to a bar? Let me confess. Because there was cold beer waiting inside. Is that a crime? The fact that I'm not afraid of the fact that some of the people inside may be gay makes it a bad thing? Would it have been better if I was at a strip club, or a Hooters? Well if it would then maybe you should now know, I don't hate gays. I don't fear gays. I don't need to bash gays."

Berry goes on to say that he went in the gay bar because he didn't want to be bothered.

Listen to Berry's angry rant, AFTER THE JUMP...