1. Chuck Mielke says

    Chris in SF: We cannot demonize those gang members. Yes, what they did to Mr. White is unconscionable and they should be found and prosecuted. To demonize them, to dehumanize them, to assert they have “no soul,” is to recreate the same mentality that causes them to attack, beat, and kill us. Yes, we are justifiably angered by this injustice, but we must rise above petty revenge. Let us use this as an opportunity to raise our community to greater compassion, to raise the bar of equality for people who are, like ourselves, victims of injustice. It is a plague that all minorities have in common.

  2. says

    If anyone knows who the thugs are they should turn them in. The County or State DA should track back the IP address used to upload the video and arrest that individual as an accomplice. The residents of the city or town in which this took place should step forward and do the right thing – expose the monsters and put them behind bars.

  3. says

    This kind of of violence from people against the homosexual community is thanks to people like Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum and all those who keep preaching how being gay is wrong and immoral……and I don’t absolve Obama either as he “evolves” over Marriage Equality.

  4. says

    You are a brave man, Brandon White. I hope those responsible are brought to justice. I went to the website that originally uploaded the video and am happy that there were numerous people coming to White’s defense. The time that such attacks are accepted and applauded is finally fading.

  5. Autarchic says

    To Mr. Mielke: I agree with all that you have said, and eloquently…but any demonizing of these humans has been done by and *to* themselves. The acts may not unequivocally demonstrate that they have no souls, but it certainly demonstrates that they are without humanity, compassion, morals, remorse or regret. Without demonstration of these fundamentals of human existence, I don’t see how our compassion is warranted at this time.

  6. Francis says

    I disagree, JoeyBoots. Thugs like this aren’t politically minded. They’re HYPER-MASCULINE guys who consider gay men to be lesser/not real men. That’s why they have absolutely zero care in the world nor any fear in attacking gay people. It’s also why most gay bashers tend to have/have in the future criminal records. We’re not even human in their eyes; beating us up is sport for them.

    Brandon White is very, very brave for coming out and speaking on this disgusting assault against him, and I am pleased to see his community rallying behind him, these are the things it’s going to take to see a change. I also agree, that was pleasantly surprised to see that most people on the site were also upset by the attack, based on their comments. I just hope the attackers are found and arrested, and this leads to a serious crackdown on street-gang activity in Atlanta (and hopefully everywhere else where it’s prevalent).

  7. Demonize them. says

    Chuck would have us light some candles and sing sad songs as each of us is extinguished by these criminals.

    They forfeited their humanity through their deliberate choices. Let them rot for the rest of their lives in jail, reminded daily of the subhuman scum that they are.

  8. Gene says

    It is such a contrast: Brandon White is beautiful while the thugs are so ugly.
    I think the worst punishment for these criminals would be for them to one day see the video as such an awful thing, as any decent person sees, and to recognize themselves in it. I’d like them to feel the guilt. I’d like them to apologize to Brandon White mostly but also to their neighbors, which in this information age, is us all.

  9. ratbastard says

    I get the impression Mr. White was forced out [I don’t mean about him being gay, but as regards his assault]. He probably has good reason as he still lives in the community, and these guys and/or their friends will have an opportunity to get at him, unless he stays at home 24/7. His privacy and personal safety should come first and foremost.

  10. says

    Francis, like I said, those who keep us as second-class citizens (Bachmann, Santorum, Obama and their ilk) help foster/support for this environment where we are targets for these, as you described, “HYPER-MASCULINE guys who consider gay men to be lesser/not real men”.

    Check this amazing video from the Mayor of Newark NJ, Cory Booker speaking on Marriage Equality:

  11. Schlukitz says

    Like you, Autarchic, I do not see how our compassion is warranted at this time either.

    Had it been Mr. Mielke who just had the s**t kicked out of him in public by three thugs and no one coming to his aid, I wonder if he would be taking the moral high road now?

    It’s so easy to tell other people how they should respond to an attack on their person when it’s not their ass that’s being bashed or murdered.

    Walk the walk, Mr. Mielke.

    Then you can do the talk!

  12. Reuben James says

    I am a 67 year old Military Vet (Viet Nam Era)…I salute your courage. I served to defend the rights of all Americans. I did not serve to defend the cowardly acts of lawless thugs.

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