1. melvin says

    Note the timing: Gregoire planned this for the same day that his Eminence Cardinal FrothyMix landed in WA to hobnob with his NOM buddies.

    Welcome to WA, Ricky!

  2. says

    Christ hung out with the out casts, the people who were mistreated by the majority, christ sought out the minority and welcomed them to the table Christ stands with and in support of the LGBT Community. Christ demanded love and respect for ALL. That is true christianity.
    God Bless this day and Washington State.

  3. Ken says

    Going to the link of the Ryan Phillipe story, I encountered an annoying pop-up that covered half of the story.
    Going to the link on Kellan Lutz in a turtle neck, I was quite underwhelmed.
    Adam Huber, on the other hand, was worth the look.

  4. Zlick says

    I’ve heard for the first time, and wondering if any Washingtonians can clue me further, there are two ways in which marriage equality opponents can seek a voter “veto” on the law just signed??? One requires a mere 120K signatures and would halt enactment of the law until the November election. That’s the one I’ve been hearing about all along. Is there another avenue, called more properly a “referendum,” that requires twice as many signatures and, more important, would not stop the law’s enactment until the election.

    Is this true? I’m officially confused.

  5. SammySeattle says

    @ZLICK There is just one way, but it’s a two-part process. First they need to gather the required signatures to get the referendum on the ballot, then they need to get enough votes on the referendum for it to become law. We’re now in a waiting period to see if the required signatures are collected within the 90 days (June 7).

  6. jay_max says

    Actually, SammySeattle, there’s also an initiative movement which would pass a law that states marriage is between a man and a woman. The initiative would take more signatures to get on the ballot than the referendum on the law that Gregoire just signed.

    So…we’re not done. (sigh)

  7. uffda says

    This was impressive. The Governor, all the people involved. The passion. Satisfaction. Confidence. If being gay meant more to me I would be even more impressed, but it seems like only an aspect, nothing more. To others it will be a huge aspect and they get the larger joy. But we all benefit regardless of differences. It’s progress in action.

  8. says

    This is great news for many people…until tomorrow when NOM files a lawsuit to try to have the law repealed. And yes, they have already stated that they will try to fight it:

    Hopefully judges in Washington don’t help them out by staying the law while the law is being challenged unconstitutionally.

    One final note, the “umbrella corporation” sited on NOM’s blog, Preserve Marriage Washington, has its website registered to NOM, so I’m positive that it’s just a shell “company” for NOM.

  9. Carter says

    I was there, in the room, at the signing today. I was standing directly behind Struble who was flashing his Press Pass around trying to get better proximity for his spewing. He was booed and shut down quickly both by the crowd and the State Police. I never thought I would ever be able to say this, but I am happy to say that I am now an engaged man. My partner of 21 years proposed to me after the signing in the reception room. I am over the moon and a very happy man.

  10. GeoffreyPS says

    As I understand it:

    Referendum – law refered by the legislature to a public vote or a passed law for which enough signatures have been collected so that a public vote is required.

    Initiative – a law that is proposed by a citizen group. Because it has not gone through the state legislature, there is a higher signature threshold.

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