1. Rod says

    All the Republicans have is political theatre, how dare the Democrats put on their own. Oh that’s right, this isn’t theatre it is representative democracy. And this won’t be the last time Democrats will vote for equality. Or the last time republicans will fight against equality. NJ, vote the bums out in November, and get your veto proof majority!

  2. RonTEX says

    Don’t they still have 45 days after he veto’s the bill to try and get a 2/3 majority vote to override it? Could that still be an option if he pisses enough senators off with his “posturing” and bigotry?

  3. MikeBoston says

    Damn. I really hoped he would see the writing on the wall. But he seems determine to ignore the majority of the duly elected representatives of his state. Using the argument that there is more important state business is specious – multiple issues and bills are before the legislatures every day.

    It looks like two things will have to happen in NJ: a referendum on civil marriage equality (which polls indicate will pass); and a referendum on whether Christie is governor of NJ or just a very large d-bag.

  4. Zlick says

    Does anyone know the status of the case before their Supreme Court? It was ruled that the legislature must come up with an alternative to marriage that was, for all intents and purposes, exactly like marriage – but for teh gheys. Several years later, a few state agencies filed suit because that never materialized, and it’s working its way back up to their Supreme Court. Where is the process at right now?

  5. zeddy says

    So human rights isn’t a big enough issue? What a coward. He will go down in history as one of the bigots as did the people who wanted to keep slavery as did the nazi soldiers that were just doing the bidding of their leader.

  6. phil says

    So people wanting to enter into a marriage, build a life together and live like everyone else are theater. But Bachmann, Santorum, Caine, Gingrich, Romney and Christie are not theater. Interesting

  7. Contrarian says

    The Machiavellian view is that fatso’s act is meant to piss off enough centrist Republicans (they still exist in small numbers in NJ) to do the override. This would have the neat result of getting fatso off the hook with the national Republican foamers and haters. He can say: Hey I stiffed da gheys, and I’d love to be either on Mormon man’s ticket or run in 2016 for the top spot.

  8. Drew says

    The swine beast hath spoken his piece, but perhaps the Supreme Court will eventually just put all this to rest so we won’t be at the mercy of small-minded, big-bodied persons like Mr. Christie.

  9. MikeH says

    We have until January 2014 to be able to override the veto… and in politics, that is an eternity. Christie is a smart man, which makes this all the more pitiful and disingenuous. He thinks he is going to get a VP slot or maybe be able to use this veto as a credential for a future GOP run. Good luck with that!

  10. Michaelandfred says

    How pathetic that a law passed by the elected legislators, backed 57-35 in favor by the citizens will be vetoed by a single man to further his political ambissions. Someone mentioned a monarchy…. Sadly here, the emperor has no clothes. What a shameful act by a small minded man.

  11. Dan says

    Even though I’m as enraged as the rest of you, there’s no point in making this personal. Christie is entitled to use his veto and if he does, the political process will continue. I’m not going to let one guy with a very mundane set of bigoted preconceptions ruin my mood for the day. =) Let’s keep our heads.

  12. MiddleoftheRoader says

    He’s clearly posturing for national office, either on the Republican ticket (now or in the future) or a Cabinet position in a Republican administration. History will judge him poorly.

    BUT PLEASE, stop dumping on the guy because of his weight — call his view, his sense or morality, his attitude, etc. as bigoted, or despicable, or whatever. But including his weight as part of the criticism is s little different than using someone’s sexual orientation as part of a criticism of their other views. Also, there are many, many grossly overweight people who support same-sex marriage, and we can easily upset many our ‘heavy’ supporters by making Christie’s weight as part of our criticism of him.

  13. Abel says

    But think how happy he’s making Maggie and Brownshirt. Now, imagine the three of them in a threesome, in a very large, reinforced bed. Now clean up the mess you just made.

  14. Jonathan says

    The NJ Supreme Court will make this all moot anyway. There is ample evidence that Civil Unions don’t comply with their initial ruling and that the rights they insisted on having been granted. There is a case winding its way through the courts of NJ now and the Supreme Court will mandate marriage equality soon enough. This guy is just a vulgar blowhard who has as much of a chance of being elected to a national office as Rudy Giuliani, another lowlife piece of excrement.

  15. Randy says

    And when it’s time for the next election cycle in 2016 for president, Christie will give a heartfelt interview explaining his about face on marriage equality. He’ll say that he was sorry for his comments today and sorry for his veto, and claim it was wrong to do so, but now that he is older, smarter and wiser, he realizes that gays just want happiness too. He will ask for forgiveness from the gay community as he places his bid for president of the US.

    I just hope that no gays will fall for THAT political theater, because it’s all that it is. I’m so sick and tired of these politicians who vote against us, and then when out of office they do an about face, and think that we will forgive them for their bigotry.

    I could have done that 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago. But in this day and age, there is NO excuse for hating on gays. From this point on, any politician who votes against us is doing it only to curry favor from the religious right and I will not be patronized later!

  16. stevenelliot says

    gluttony is a sin…but I suppose hes keeping people employed in the food industry by his heavy eating habits. And no, I will not hold off on the fat jibes.
    He’s an ass. He wants nothing more than to ‘hog’ the stage. well coward run for the presidency. We havent had a glutton win office since Harding

  17. Macmantoo says

    What do you expect from the PARTY OF HATE? The Tpubs are going to make Gay Marriage an issue in this election.That’s the only way they can get the people to even come out to vote. Most of their registered members are so frustrated with this election group, they really don’t want to show up. But put a Gay Marriage on the ballot that will riled some up, particularly in the south where Romney or Santarium no mistake in spelling) have a tough road to hoe.

  18. Craig says

    Let me get this straight. As a gay man, I’m supposed to avoid going to court to get my rights. So when the legislature overcomes all kinds of hurdles, some jerk of a Republican bigot will be sure to veto it when it gets to the Governor. Or, I’m supposed to turn to the popular vote for my rights, so that groups like the Mormon church, the Catholic church, and NOM can run ads with unlimited money to demonize me. Wow, Republicans, that certainly SOUNDS fair. Let’s do the same with gun control, whaddaya say?

  19. Micky says

    theater? This from a man ordering all flags fly at half mass during the funeral for a drug addict lesbian? Perhaps if Whitney could have married Robin she would still be alive!

  20. paul says

    Let’s not resort to personal suggests we have no political arguments left. We are worth more than that. Let’s not be defeated by his petty bigotry and MOVE FORWARD…taking issue with his rather unappealing looks doesn’t make us look big or clever. I would feel the same way about him if he did the same kind of work out as Paul Ryan (whose political slimery i loathe). We have to use our brains, strategize and certainly not let him stand in the way.

  21. buster says

    @MiddleoftheRoader — Exactly, not to mention many overweight individuals who are members in good standing of the LGBT community. In case a few of you Chelsea/WeHo gueens haven’t noticed, twink-centric gay politics went out with the 1990’s.

    ALSO – The executive power (Governor or President) includes the right to veto legislation. You may not like how it is used on a specific occasion, but it makes you sound like an uneducated idiot when you allege that Christie’s veto is somehow monarchical or illegal. If you don’t understand how legislation works, there’s a really good Schoolhouse Rock episode you can watch.

  22. antisaint says

    Say what you will about him, but the man does what he says he’s going to do. There was never any question about a veto. He doesn’t change his mind. It would be nice if we could get some democrats in office that had the same gravitas.

  23. anthony says

    Thank you NJ Legislature for doing the right thing and coming down on the right side of history for the people of New Jersey. I, for one, haven’t lost faith and neither have millions of New Jerseyans. Thank God we live in a democracy with three EQUAL, repeat EQUAL, branches of government (not a monarchy) both at the Federal and State level. I believe at least one of the two other branches of our New Jersey government will come through and fulfill the duties they were sworn to uphold and protect all New Jerseyans with full and equal rights. I have faith that most legislators and the judiciary understand the basic tenets of Democracy and will function to protect all citizens equally. I’m also concerned that the NJ Governor doesn’t understand the basic principle of Democracy which is that the “RIGHTS OF THE MINORITY ARE PROTECTED FROM THE TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY”. That is, civil rights are NEVER put on the ballot for a public vote. He should know this. (Did the Governor miss class that day in Civics 101 ??) . It’s mystifying how this Governor was not only voted into office in this state, but how he thinks his pledge to veto a bill that would expand civil rights (again, a function of Democracy) would help him in his future political career. Keep the faith all, because, to revise what the Governor rather arrogantly stated today….This IS going to happen. This issue is NEVER going away, especially in New Jersey. I feel sorry for this limited man and for our state which deserves a far superior Governor than the one we are currently stuck with. Thanks Governor…don’t let door hit you on the way out after the next gubernatorial election.

  24. Mike C. says

    This is a disappointment but I can still recognize the logic. Christie wants a place on a future Republican presidential ticket, this was necessary; being anti-marriage equality will ALWAYS be the winning ticket with Republicans, at least for the next decade.

    And no matter what the opinion polls say, marriage equality will LOSE in any popular referendum. So BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! Once NOM and other hate groups start funneling their money into negative advertising and bring out that Massachusetts couple who claims their son was forced to learn about gay sex in kindergarten, we always lose at the ballot box.

  25. Rob says

    So Governor Christy thinks that the public majority should have the right to vote on the civil rights of an oppressed and stigmatized minority?

    Interesting…perhaps we should see how the public majority would regard the civil rights of people who, through their conscious acts and disregard for healthy behaviors, choose to have a BMI that classifies them into a “morbidly obese” category. After all, why should the majority of us who are healthy and of average size pay to offset the lifelong medical consequences of the obese. Moreover, shouldn’t the obese be routinely denied public accommodation (think of airline seat, broken chairs, and sunken mattresses) because of the discomfort they cause to the majority. After all, it’s their “decision” to be obese, so why should the rest of us have to tolerate and offset their their lifestyle choices.

    Interesting arguments? It’s your turn, Gov. Christy, to fall to the arbitrary mercy of the rabid and prejudiced electorate. Good luck, and don’t let the door hit your *a* a** on the way out of the governor’s office.

  26. FunMe says

    OK, why do I feel it’s redux now on the East Coast?

    Let’s see, California passed gay marriage. The Governur vetoed it. The voters voted against marriage equality. There was a lawsuit. Marriage Equality won. It was appealed. Marriage Equality.

    Meanwhile, in the CA governor CLOSET (all puns intended indeed), we find out that governor was banging the latina maid.

    So can we just get to finding out what’s in the CLOSET of the big bad christie bigot?

    Because no matter what, marriage equality WILL happen in New Jersey eventually.

  27. Disgusted American says

    here’s another thing – Christie is screwing the NJ taxpayers too…..cause in NJ (NOW) IF you marry somewhere else – NJ HAS TO RECOGNISE IT ANYWAYS……so, people are just TAKING thier MOENY going to NY,Marrying and SPENINDING IT THERE – then coming back to NJ- where they HAVE TOO recognise it… NJ LOSES REVENUE,and LOTS of it! $$$$$$

  28. buster says

    @RobertinNYC -No, it doesn’t. That’s only if he chooses to neither sign NOR veto the bill (it’s called a “pocket veto”) If he actually formally vetoes it, the Senate must override with a 2/3 majority for the bill to become law.

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