1. Chadd says

    Does anyone older than 15 think he is funny…?

    Good for the Oscars. I watch that show because I want to see actors and real people, not the characters they are playing and promoting. There are many ways for Cohen to advertise and the Oscar stage is not that place.

  2. Mike C. says

    Ha, nice burn at Hillary Swank.

    Say what you want, I think Cohen’s Borat and the Borat series on Ali G is one of the funniest, smartest things I’ve ever seen. He’s brilliant.

  3. Drake says

    Cohen is trying to hijack the Oscars for his own promotion. He is only out for his own self, and not supporting Hollywood or the Oscars. I say, let him go back to England.

  4. Village Elder says

    I’m 66 years old and think he’s funny as hell. Senility you may think, Well up yours buddy! Ha! The guy takes being over the top to a new level of over the toppness.

    With his absurd humor he does manage to stick it to a number of people who need stuck. I couldn’t handle a steady diet of him but I appreciate his style.Loosen up and laugh, it can’t hurt ya to laugh can it?

  5. Davelandia says

    The Oscars aren’t meant to be a publicity stunt for him. He needs to be respectful of the Academy, and his peers.

  6. benwick says

    Of course – the Oscars are no place for promoting things đŸ˜‰ Please…! This show is the biggest infomercial ever. The only reason it exists is to promote stars and movies.

  7. Randy says

    The Oscars used to be about glamour and talented movie stars. Now it’s all about who kisses the Academy’s ass. They have failed to evolve with the times and franly they have made themselves irrelevant. And now we are back to Billy Crystal hosting. Come on, I can’t remember the last thing that I saw him in. This is a nightmare in the making. Shame on you Academy for continuing to have a tree branch up your asses. A stick up their asses is too small. You have really f*cked this one up! Better luck in the future.

  8. says

    I’ll be worried about Sacha Barron Cohen not wanting to support the Oscars when the Oscars starts worrying about wanting to support good movies. Did anyone see the nominations this year? It’s a JOKE!

    Truly crap movies were nominated in the top 10 (Extremely Loud? Seriously?!), while some of the year’s best — from 50/50 to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — were completely snubbed. And, where the hell was Michael Fassbender? He’s probably going to win the freaking BAFTA and not even be nominated in this country, all because he showed peen on screen. BFD!

    Then, awarding movies like Crash and King’s Speech over Brokeback Mountain and Social Network (or even Black Swan) is another outrage. And these are just from the past few years.

    Seriously, why on earth are people upset that he’d be lighthearted in the presentation? What’s the worst thing that could have happened? An actual 2 minute funny bit? The Oscars, if they were smart, would have given him that bit and tried to work with Cohen, instead of against him. Like or hate Cohen, he’s damn talented (even when he plays it straight), very smart and has some brilliant characters.

    Suffice it to say, the Oscars is *entirely* about promotion… and the movies they pick and choose to promote has little to do with those that are deserving of the award itself.

    That others would try to use the Oscars for promotion too is nothing new — and at least Cohen is being *honest* about it, instead of doing everything behind the scenes, like Crash did when it bought the thousands of Oscar voters a free copy of their DVD, and other behind the scenes shenanigans that go on *every year* to rig the system. I’ll take transparent motivation over behind-the-scenes manipulation any day of the week.

  9. Jerry6 says

    Unfortunately, Hollywood thinks that the Oscars show is serious television. If it was, it would be on Public Television along with “Downton Abbey”. It is really only a boring version of “Saturday Night Live”.

  10. ThomT says

    The Oscars backed down and he’s going to be there in character. Glad to see however, that I’m not the only person who doesn’t find him funny.