1. Joey Y says

    I thought this was hilarious, and of course security was there. That’s part of their job, but Ryan CLEARLY wasn’t in on it because he continued to whine about it for the following hour or so on the air. All of his interviews after this also were really awkward, so it totally threw him off his game. The fact that Kelly Osbourne basically laughed right at him on camera the second it happened probably didn’t help, and you could tell by the way he complained to JLo that his feeling were hurt. Poor little Princess.

  2. SFRowGuy says

    So, even though the Oscars committee told him not to, this a-hole still shows up to the red carpet dressed as the dictator. Why was he even invited?

  3. MarkUs says

    Oh, please, how gullible. Ryan Seacrest was IN ON IT or Cohen would have been tackled by security. You don’t go to a high profile event and dump powder on people. Twice.

    I’m embarrassed to say I watched the E show from the beginning and they were hyping “The Dictator” arrival all through the first hour. It’s E, people. You know? The ones who bring you The Kardashians and their scripted show????