1. @z0mKi says

    What a flipping’ NUT!! She didn’t feel violated until she found out about the tranny lawyer?!

  2. says

    One reason I left my job working for a state college in Georgia was that I was threatened by my boss’s boss because she knew that the state could fire me just for being gay. I doubted it would ever get that far, but was glad to find a better paying job in South Carolina where the university does protect LGBT employees.

  3. rayrayj says

    This woman is a teacher? If she is an example of someone qualified to teach, it is no wonder Americans students tend to perform so poorly in the sciences.

  4. Demian says

    Nowadays, I think maybe this kind of stupid bigotry helps us more than it hurts. And that includes the Georgia Legislature.

  5. Vern Dufford says

    Santorum’s running mate perhaps?
    She’s a women (only for political points) a bigot…ridiculously stupid…why not!

  6. Matt26 says

    I feel so sad to her students, who are forced to listen to her. She is truly confused. Where did she study and has she ever travelled outside Georgia and met anyone except her Concerned Womed for America (what a name!) groupies.
    Once again, people full of hate like her look unloved and unpleased.

  7. Leroy Laflamme says

    A disgusting rant to be sure, but not without its lighter moments. You have to love ‘pedophiliacs’! And this from a teacher in the public school system. Puts me in mind of those divalicious ghetto girls you see on Judge Judy. You know the ones – Well we wus jus’ sittin’ aroun’ conversatin’. Frankly, America has less to fear from coss dressing lawyers in its women’s restrooms than from assassins of the English language in its classrooms.

  8. jim says

    There are 23 “sexual orientations”? Are pedophilia, necrophilia, exhibitionism now orientations? Did I miss something, or is someone’s “well-documented report” skewing things? Also, has there been a sudden rash of cross-dressing child predators abducting vulnerable children AND WOMEN (according to Tanya) in public restrooms? Is this why she’s so weirded out and threatened by potential passage of a bill banning LGBT discrimination among GA public employees?

    Tanya Ditty…do they make up these names?

  9. Jack says

    Ok, so obviously I think this woman and her ideas are moronic and she can go straight to hell.

    BUT: Andy, you don’t do the cause any good by flagrantly misrepresenting what she said. She didn’t say that gays are necrophiliacs, pedophiles, etc… She said that those things are ALSO “sexual orientations” and could conceivably be protected under this law. Now could they really? No, it is indeed just thinly-veiled bigotry.

    HOWEVER, what you said that she said, she did not. She may wrongfully equate us with those perversions on a moral level, but she never said that gays ARE those things.

  10. says

    for those who don’t know, “Concerned Women for America” are staunchly anti-Evolution and insist that the world is less than 10,00 years old and that the story of the Garden of Eden is a literal historical account of How The World Came to BE.

    how can people like this get jobs in the education field?!?!

  11. Rance says

    Isn’t it time to reconsider the ill-conceived strategy of lumping gay rights in with transexual rights? Not only does it draw the crazies out of their caves, but it has proven to be losing political formula. They are separate issues which should be considered separately.

  12. says

    Andy didn’t misrepresent what she said…her whole point was to lump them together as the same thing. This is still a personal blog so I don’t think he’s done harm to “us” but simply stating what she meant. It wasn’t subtle exactly. And yes… what a miserable hateful moron…

  13. jason says

    Oh, shut up, Tanya Titty. While it’s true that some men act in a predatory fashion in rest rooms – I’ve seen it myself – it doesn’t mean that gay men are defined by the act. Perhaps what’s needed is greater monitoring of rest rooms – I’m all for that.

  14. Alex Parrish says

    (sarcasm) Give the old girl a break; she had to grow-up with the name Tanya Dity fer crysssssake! And the rhymes for ditty are endless! No wonder she’s a moron and a mess! (/sarcasm)

  15. Scott Rose says

    Ditty’s hostility and bullying non-acceptance of gay human beings is a matter of public record. See this link, for example: for a previous interview with Tanya Ditty:

    What is your greatest concern?
    “There is a great concern with the radical.
    homosexual agenda aimed at Georgia,
    especially in the middle schools where.
    there is a rise in homosexual.
    administrators and counselors. Counselors
    have a tremendous influence on.
    students—they are sent to talk with them.
    when a disaster occurs or when the.
    students simply need to talk.”

  16. Artie says

    A school teacher? A frigging school teacher?! This monster should be nowhere near schoolchildren or students of any kind.

  17. Dale says

    Did she file a complaint against the cross dresser since it is against the Georgia state law for using the restroom? If not, her testimony concerning the issue is without merit and should be stricken from the record.

  18. Jack says

    @ Tanya Ditty – why don’t you light your tampon on fire, cuz it’s the only bang your gonna get in any bathroom anywhere.

    @ Rance – sexual expression equality rights are what binds the L to the G to the B to the T in our community. I understand why it might help advance some if we separated out, but how would you feel if YOU were the minority within the minority? If we don’t stand up for them, why should anyone stand up for us?

  19. Sean Maloney says

    She stated she felt violated by sharing a restroom with a transexual. I feel violated by her bigotry and homophobia.

  20. Crysta Williams says

    @Rance: Sure, throw us “nasty trannies” under the bus if it forwards your ideals… If LGBT did do that, it would make you no better than Ms Ditty here.

    MANY of the issues are very similar, and everyone in the rainbow is breaking down gender barriers, we are just using different methods.

    Don’t stoop to their levels to get what you want, stand strong, stand proud, stand together!

  21. pdxblueyesxblueyespx says

    Pedophiliac? So, If I cut you, you bleed CHILDREN? For a teacher, she’s pretty lame in her research AND her pronunciation. Obviously, not a patron of the English Speaking Arts.

  22. Adam says

    If you are upset about her testimony, please let her know…AT HOME. Her home phone number is (770) 579-2472.

    Her home address is 1950 Beaver Brook Ln NE
    Marietta, GA 30062-2640.

    Order pizzas. Lots of them. Something tells me she likes sausage.

  23. Yuki says

    Andy, I second the above comment; her personal information should be removed. Any business info I don’t think is that bad, but her address?

  24. Big Gay Jason in Topeka says

    Biddy is mighty ignorant for a school teacher. She really ought to know the difference between a Sexual Orientation and a Fetish. The world must be a terrifying place for idiots like her. That said, she has no business being around kids. She is a threat to the health and well being of vulnerable kids who already are tortured by bullies.

  25. says

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  26. Rick says

    @DannyEast Village No, she’s not a lesbian–just part of an increasing number of straight women who are scared of men being liberated from emotional and sexual dependence on them….and are speaking out accordingly…..

    You will notice that the focus of these women is always gay men, not lesbians… again, the myth that so many of you perpetrate–that straight women have some sort of affinity for gay men is proved absurd.

  27. RobbDallas says

    I sent her a message letting her know that I disagree with her and that her arguments lacked logic.

  28. Michael says

    Currentyly the children are safe fron Tayna Ditty,she is not assigned to a class room. . She is in Tech support at East Cobb Middle School.

  29. Jerry6 says

    Come on Lady! Cut the act. Only a disgruntaled old woman would have a hair style, wear such a Dress, and pair of glasses in public.

  30. jack says

    She looks like Lester Maddox in drag. For youngsters info: he was a Georgia politician and bigot of yesteryear.His hatred was directed at blacks. Her’s is directed at gays. You can bet the farm that if it was still possible to publically spew hatred at blacks,she would be all over them too. And she would throw Jews in for good measure. A hater is a hater!

  31. rguasco says

    Call me an “American, Concerned for Georgia”. My favorite of her 23 flavors of sexuality is “voyagerism”. Is that sex with crew members of a Federation starship that has been flung into the Delta Quadrant?

  32. Alessandra says

    Good for her! More power to Ditty. It’s time someone had the guts to bring public attention to how many deformed and dysfunctional people there are in society concerning sexuality. Liberals are always lying about how many harmful attitudes and behaviors they have concerning sex. Lots of sexuality pigs around. It’s time to point it out. We don’t want sexuality pigs as teachers, so people with a homosexual don’t qualify.