1. Chris in SF says

    The fact that it’s still taboo in 2012 for two dudes to kiss on TV gets to me. I guess if the most powerful man in the world(Obama)thinks we are second class citizens why should the rest of the world feel differently? He usually sticks up for all other minorities except us. His evolution is taking forever.

  2. Mary says

    We can disagree about whether seeing two guys kiss is hot, but in terms of neutralizing the opposition it surely is effective. It was due to the Noah-Luke-Reid gay love triangle on “As the World Turns” that I started getting more interested in gay issues overall and ended up a regular reader of Towleroad. Interestingly enough, seeing Luke and Reid kiss was not at all awkward (I was like “WTF, aren’t I supposed to be BOTHERED by this?”) but hearing one gay man call another gay man “baby” felt somewhat awkward. Although I’m not sure it would feel that way if I heard it again.

    So I can tell you from experience that campaigning for gay relationships to be portrayed on TV is a far more effective strategy than calling all opposition “hateful” or “theocratic.”

  3. Mike Lewis says

    Thats hot! I’ve never watched DOOL but I’m glad they have a gay storyline going.

    @Chris in SF. What’s your obsession with Obama. A kiss on a soap has zero to do with politics and POTUS. smh

  4. Robert says

    This show moves painfully slowly, but it’s still nice to see gays on daytime. Nothing will ever match the intensity of the Luke and Noah As The World Turns storyline — and the show banned them from kissing for nearly a year — but I applaud the effort.

  5. nhuixnhuix says

    Actually Jason 2, as someone who watches the show and has for decades, it is kind of nice that they didn’t go the obvious route by pairing the already out character (the black haired cutie) and his friend (the blond boy) who is still finding himself. Instead Sonny (black hair) is being a friend and a guide and I think it is both a more original route to go and I think it is nice to have friendships on telly that don’t end up in sex. I Hope one day they will be paired but it is nice that they chose to go more subtle for Will’s slow coming out.

  6. David in Houston says

    It looked like two drunk straight guys pawing at each other. The fact Will had to be drunk before the kiss was pathetic.

    …and whatever you do, don’t let Mr. Roper find out, otherwise he’ll kick Will out of the apartment, and Janet and Chrissy will have to find a new roommate!

  7. John says

    A. My grandmother did NOT look like that!
    B. Why do guys who kiss on tv look like they are trying to smash each other’s face off with their mouth. I prefer to do it with my tongue. Mind you, I would take whatever I could get from either of those hotties.

  8. Syrax says

    Yeah, that looked like an attack, not a kiss.

    Also, I see no problem with the location. I kissed one ex in similar circumstances. Granted, she followed me there and at first I thought she was a little obnoxious but decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. It payed, for a while.

  9. Jason 2 says


    Well, honestly they are both just so cute I wanted to see them kiss nicely (i.e., not how the kissing ended up in the end anyway). Disappointing, I say!

    The blond one has an adorable smile though.

  10. Sam says

    Oh brother…just alot of head banging and no steam! Even mouth-to-mouth CPR has more passion than that! Hope the actors didn’t get a nose bleed during the taping!

  11. Ricco says

    On a scale of 1 – 10 . . . a negative 10. BORING!! Who was it that said: “Don’t let them catch you acting?” Whoever it was, you can bet it was someone who had never been caught at it . . . which you cannot say for all the guys oin this crappy soap. A whole studio of HAM actors. Painful, and the kiss, well as over-acted as everything else they say and do.

    The kiss looked like two straight guys who just wanted to get it over with, like plugging your nose and trying to get your spinach down . . . or two ham actors who thought sexy was head banging, or that head banging would go over better with the homophobes who might be watching than a tender, very sexy kiss.

    If the release of nervous sexual energy was what they were going for then perhaps they should have rented Brokeback Mountain to see how real actors do it.

    This silly scene was about as sexy as me and my sister (14 and 13 respectively) being goofballs at Safeway and embarrassing our mother by locking lips in the aisles, moaning and groaning in a most silly manner, pretending we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Maybe it is time for this show to go the way of All My Children and that other one.

  12. BreckRoy says

    For those criticizing the acting, remember DAYS shoots seven episodes a week. Seven hours of television in one work week, compared with one hour of television per workweek on a primetime show. The actors have no rehearsal other than a blocking rehearsal and get one take. One take and moving on, short of major mistakes. A scene in Downton Abbey or Castle or Grey’s Anatomy is shot multiple times from multiple angles, and sometimes varied takes on the same scene until the director is happy with it. These, as in movies, are then edited together to get the best acted, most polished edit of all the angles and takes for what we see screen. Soaps are a lot more like live TV or stage…without the rehearsal time. Its amazing the actors accomplish as much as they do…memorizing 40+ pages daily for lead actors and discarding and doing it again the next day. The acting, when judged by its own standard, is fairly good. Most great primetime and film actors would be just as “bad” if given 40+ pages a day, no rehearsal time, and only one take to get ot right.

  13. Eric says

    I am a loyal Day’s fan and am loving this storyline. The soaps are getting fewer and fewer and instead we get copy cat reality crap. That cannot happen to the soaps we have left. Soaps are also good for actors starting out to get experience, something they will not get on some View rip off!

  14. Andy G. says

    Breckroy, I agree 100% with everything you said. To put out that quantity of programming 52 weeks a year, without reruns or hiatuses–with apologies to the late James Brown, I think it’s the soap folks who are the hardest working people in show business.

  15. Keith says

    somebody needs to tell these guys, and their acting coach, that gay guys do not kiss by grabbing each other on the scruff of the neck like a mother grabbing her pups and crashing into each other like smashup derby cars. i have never kissed anyone like that. the guys are hot but the kiss was stupidly acted.

  16. x man says

    @ CHRIS IN SF: Obama is not treating anyone like 2nd class citizen’s you can thank the GOP and an election year for this, but I can tell you this. If he loses the race and the likes of Romney or Sanatorium get into office I guarantee that you wont be seeing anything gay on TV or for that matter a big push to reinstate DADT…you be the judge…
    Besides Im tired of seeing to breeder’s kiss on TV anyways its about time its our turn let the F’n parents say something…

  17. al says

    Can’t deny that it’s soapy, over-wrought melodrama, but if you actually watch the show, the actor’s and some of the writers’ choices with regard to the kiss make sense.

    The drunk blond, Will, is an angry teen with family issues and still in full blown denial about his sexuality. He’s also shown propensity for violence when emotional.

    Given this characterization, of course Will’s first gay kiss happens when he’s drunk. There’s no “passion” because he’s just kissing some stranger that he just met. And the kiss SHOULD look awkward, forced, with almost violent pawing and grabbing, because he’s sexually confused. He’s letting go, but still fighting himself.

    There’s no drama if he doesn’t struggle with being gay. The dark haired guy, Sonny, also already fills the role of a confident, openly gay role model.

  18. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    My God, is Marlena *still* on the show? dang, she still looks good.

    I remember her and Roman first getting together way back in the early 80s when my Mom and I would spend our lunch hour together watching it. In fact, I bought her and my Dad their first VCR so Mom wouldn’t ever have to miss her soap.

  19. TomJck says

    Would be nice if there were a clear link to when to watch this on the repeat SOAP net channel.

    After 20 mins of frustrating searching, it looks like it will air again tonight (Feb 24th) on SOAPnet cable channel. 8pm and 11pm.

    They don’t list episodes by episode number, just “when previously aired.” (This was orig broadcast Feb 23).

    No thanks to NBC or Soap net or Cablevision for their lousy web page guidance to newcomers. What shoddy sites! All you get are episode “spoilers” which mention nothing about this storyline.

    But a HUGE Thank You to you, Andy, Towleroad and Days of Our Lives for what looks like a great start!

    I’ll be watching tonight.

  20. Mary says

    “Oh Mary always so eloquent.”

    Well, Stu, look at it this way. The producers of that show were trying to make me more pro-gay. And as you can see, they succeeded. And the funny thing is that I was orignally going to stop watching the show when I found out there was going to be another gay storyline. But it had less than a year left before it ended, so I thought “what the heck?”

    FWIW, if these gay characters had all been angels who were portrayed as victims of homopobic attacks I probably would have stopped watching due to the overt attempt to politicize them. But because all 3 characters were portayed as complex human being who were partly flawed (and not all loyal to each other despite being gay) the story seemed more reality-based and I found the characters sympathetic.

  21. Malia says

    I’ve been watching Days for almost 25 years now, and I have never been so impressed or so moved as I was the past two days of this show as Will experienced his first kiss and subsequently came out to his Grandmother. Their acting was phenomenal and honest. As Marlena listened with open ears and compassion, espressed only support and no shock, and I still get tears when I remember how “will” asked “am I gay? WELL DONE!

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