1. Kas says

    I thought it was amusing and well executed. It will appeal to the younger crowd and at the end of the day that is who we are really trying to influence. I think I want one of those “Dudes marry dudes get over it” T-shirts.

  2. Rex Mundi says

    If the right ever made a video this brash, this immature, or this obnoxious, we would all be freaking out. Can we not deliver our message without screaming and swearing?

  3. Andrew says

    @Rex : There’s profanity in the name of their organization…so swearing and brash irreverence is sort of what they do. But I agree nonetheless; this is not my idea of helpful or persuasive. As a member of that “younger crowd,” I find FCKH8’s videos thoroughly obnoxious and insulting to people with brains.

  4. Rex Mundi says

    @Andrew: Yeah, there’s something about this video that seems like it’s trying waaaay too hard. There’s nothing wrong with profanity if it’s used in order to be bold and aggressive. But when it’s overused in a loud and grating way, then people will just stop listening.

  5. earthxdog says

    I am a bit embarrassed by this video. Although there are elements that work and I completely agree with the “sentiment” it attempts to portray, it is over-the-top. I realize this is undoubtedly the intention but I guess I question WHY? If I look at the lunacy of what opposes us I would think logically that we do not want to fight that with what appears to be lunacy as well? I support the concept, not so sure about the delivery.

  6. says

    Who’d’ve imagined a bunch of queens being over the top—how rude!

    Look, it took Mattachine AND Stonewall to get us here. Instead of ragging on someone else’s political action, take some of your own.

  7. Jordan says

    Wow, some queens just can’t accept an entertaining video. I don’t recall anyone asking for a critique. It’s not the message you would deliver, then why don’t you try making your own video? It was funny as hell!

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