1. Mary says

    Jack, I don’t know if the person behind the camera zoomed in on this sign to hurt Santorum, but as a social conservative I can tell you that all this will do is help Rick win over more Republican voters. There are two things I wonder about: one, how many Republican primary voters are already aware of the “spreading santorum” website” And two, if Dan Savage knew in 2003 that Rick Santorum would be a serious contender for his party’s nomination, would he have created that website and started the “frothy” definition?

  2. Graphicjack says

    Oh, please… Who in their right mind wants to vote for a President with that name now… Oh, right… The Repubs are mainly out of their minds… So, never mind.

  3. MikeBoston says

    Santorum has little chance of winning the nomination. He is too extreme. He fires up the zealots in the party and they show up at primaries. But, overwhelmingly, republicans are falling behind the somewhat more centrist Romney – 43% to 28% with all candidates; 73% to 27% with only Romney and Santorum (CNN poll).

    While I am only speculating but I am pretty damn sure Mr. Savage would still have defined santorum as the frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex. [please not that the defintion does not mention the gender(s) of the participants.] There is probably a substantial chunk of potential voters that are unaware of the new defintion which makes it all the more surprising the Santorum does hire a group of SEO experts to knock it out of the google top results.

    Of course, I’m going to keep clicking on becase it is exactly what that bigoted, hateful, bible-blinded d-bag deserves.

  4. RyanInSacto says

    Mary, if it helps Santorum win the nomination, then Obama had better call Dan Savage and thank him profusely for handing him automatic re-election. I don’t know if you know this or not, but Santorum’s appeal does not extend past a fraction of the Republican electorate and that fraction will not give Santorum a general election win. Independent voters determine presidential election outcomes and I don’t think the majority of them are interested in electing a theocrat.

  5. says

    @ MARY :

    Gee, I assumed that Dan Savage would be all the more convinced that he hit the nail on the head……given the poisonous filthy bile and venom that Frothy has spewed in the last few months.

    “Social conservatism” is a doomed concept…it flies in the face of everything we have learned from the history of the human race.

    But what is really infuriating is that all you two faced plonkers called yourselves “compassionate conservatives” a few years ago……so now it’s ” social conservatives” !
    Yeah, f**k compassion.

    I can’t remember what you called yourselves under Regan when you went to war against Granada. Was it “bullies”

  6. RyanInSacto says

    Rance: What do you mean? What’s gay about anal sex? Do straight people not have anuses? Do they not have anal sex? Is santorum not sometimes a byproduct of the heterosexual forays into anal sex?

    Santorum has shown himself to be as actively opposed to non-procreative heterosexual sex as he is to homosexual sex. Therefore, I don’t see why this needs to be necessarily tied to “the gay community.” In addition, I’m not entirely convinced of Santorum’s own maturity level considering that he compared same-sex marriage to shagging a dog.

  7. jack says

    I would never vote for Santorum for any office. In fact one of my proudest votes was joining the 59-41 beatdown we Pennsylvanians gave him the last time he ran for the Senate. However, what the immature Savage did to his name on google is disgusting. It has always seemed to me more of an indictment of gay men who don’t no how to prep properly before engaging in anal sex.

  8. Chicklets says

    Santorum is unAmerican and would never get elected for his EXTREMIST views. You need to appeal to the middle voters to get elected and Mr Frothy does not. As others pointed out—he was VOTED OUT of office already.

  9. Mary says

    “Mary, as a social conservative, what exactly are you doing on a gay website?”

    Trying to learn more about a segment of American society that I knew very little about until recently – and trying to give “the other side” politically a chance to make its case to me. Isn’t this ideally what everyone should do – read from a variety of perspectives?

    And as even a diehard conservative will admit… can only take so much of Free Republic before you need to hear something liberal for a while.

    Also, Towleroad is just damn FUN!

  10. uffda says

    Towleroad is “damn fun” you bet…and where is it’s major actor and clown (and your dear friend) Little Kiwi these days? When Rick doesn’t post he disappears (almost). It’s the fighting that’s fun. There’s nothing like a “scene” as long as I’m not in it, and no one throws one better than LK.

  11. Chadd says

    Mary, welcome to our site. Keep in mind that the comments you will receive are not necessarily what people will say to your face. If you do not have a thick skin, I would suggest merely reading the posts and not commenting on them. We come here for news of what is happening in OUR community and most of what is happening is BAD things inflicted by “social conservatives”. I am glad that you are interested in what “the other side” thinks, but you are approaching it as if viewing it at a museum and you have no intention of actually considering our viewpoint as valid. In fact, if you are only focusing on the frothy part of what is here, you are probably only looking down on us to reinforce what you already believe. Most “social conservatives” are not open minded and I doubt you are an exception to the rule. “Social Conservatives” do enough damage to our community as it is, so we don’t need any to infiltrate our comment pages to tell us again why we are wrong.

  12. uffda says

    Mary, CHADD is being just a tad too sanctimonious. This is a public site and anyone is both elegible and with notable exceptions welcome to say anything they want. It’s not OUR site as such but a news and information clearing ground for primarily gay issues. If someone doesn’t like what someone else says they can protest. Say on or go away, but you don’t have to.

  13. Mike says

    I do worry that Rick’s supporters will read this widespread smearing of his name as a badge of honor and vote as a means of repairing the damage the “gay community” has caused. They seem like such simple folk, not too far from the people who keep electing Bachmann & Perry to any public office higher than village idiot.

  14. Mary says

    UFDA, thank you for your support. I appreciate it. Chadd, you’re speaking as if I just started on Towleroad. I’ve been here since last September and posted quite a lot, so I know what to expect. I regret that you have such a negative new of social conservatives. We aren’t all moral monsters, and we certainly aren’t monothilic. I am not here to look down on anyone – and I don’t view LGBT people as curiousities I’d see in a museum.

    Some of the people who post here stared out hostile to me but now treat me with courtesy and have fruitful exchanges with me. They see that I’m not an enemy. I hope you’ll come to feel that way also. But I warn you, if you’re planning to tell me to commit suicide or gloat that I am too old to have children, someone else here has that role filled already!

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