Gay Former Congressman Jim Kolbe Endorses Sheriff Babeu

Pinal County Sheriff and congressional candidate Paul Babeu, who yesterday asked for an investigation into claims by his ex-boyfriend Jose Orozco that he threatened him over exposing their relationship, has received support from gay former Arizona GOP Rep. Jim Kolbe.

KolbeSaid Kolbe to Chris Johnson at the Washington Blade:

“I endorse Paul Babeu based on his distinguished record of service to his country both in the military and as a law enforcement officer,” Kolbe said. “I think he has a solid understanding of the short and long-term economic problems that face this country and is willing to make the necessary, tough decisions to tackle them.”

Kolbe, who came out in 1996 after being hit with criticism for voting in favor of DOMA, said he knew Babeu was gay prior to last weekend when Babeu announced it in response to the allegations.

Added Kolbe: “I knew he was gay. That is the only thing that I can say that I knew. We had several little discussions about that in my conversations with him. That’s all I would say about that.”


  1. says


    Kolbe endorses another testicle-free coward who was dragged kicking and screaming from the closet.

    if Gay Conservatives are so freakin’ great why don’t they inspire each other to Come Out? all they ever do is give excuses for Stayin In.

  2. jim says

    Oh dear, perhaps it wasn’t just a threeway at the Heinz house…

    Wth, let’s take this and run with it!

    “We had several little discussions about that.” That’s got to be the queeniest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Kolbe sounds like the Dowager Countess.

  3. Artie says

    Babeu is a Persian Gulf war veteran. How many of you queens can say that? So easy to criticize while sitting at your computer. Meanwhile, how many of you have put your lives on the line for your country or community? Oh yeah. None.

  4. says

    Umm, Artie:

    Just because we are all gay, that doesn’t mean we didn’t serve. Despite what you believe, myself (I also served during the Persian Gulf War) and a few others here did in fact serve.

    Don’t let your prejudices blind you from reality.

  5. says

    speaking of “So easy to criticize while sitting at your computer”, have you got the URL to your own page or video where you show the utterly upstanding example of a Gay Man that you are, for all to see?


  6. says

    “Meanwhile, how many of you have put your lives on the line for your country or community? ”

    Actually, Artie, every person on here who is fully 100% OUT is doing just that.

    i came out when i was a teen in highschool. i stand a shade under 5’7″. i’ve been bullied, i’ve been attacked, i’ve had the looks on the streets, i’ve had the threats, i’ve stood up without fear in the face of all of them.

    so, while you criticize people for “criticizing people while sitting at their computer” i’m genuinely curious as to how much YOU are putting YOURSELF on the line in this country and culture of anti-gay prejudice and intolerance?

    you can simply provide the URL to a personal webpage or perhaps a youtube video you’ve made where you show us how.

    thanks! 😀

  7. says

    @ FRANK and others:

    I’m not a service member nor a citizen but I respect what members of your military have endured, especially those of you who had to serve as if you “dare not speak your name”……as my fellow countryman, Oscar, once said.

    As regards the rest of us here, there are many who have stood up in their work places, their communities, who have endured being passed over at work, who have been campaigned against, who have watched sneering groups in the corner, and who know that there are many colleagues who will not have anything to do with us even today.

    Many of us have endured ridicule; but as Milton said ,
    “They also serve who only stand and wait”. And out standing and simply existing and not being ashamed made us soldiers “in our fashion”.

    Serving in the military is not the only way in which we gay guys have stood up proud and absolutely determined not to be bullied or put-down by anyone………and that includes fellow gays.
    And there are generations just gone before who stood taller than any of us; Harvey Milk, ACT UP and others.They should not be dismissed as not having served in the military either.

    Hmmmm, I may have strayed from the point…..

  8. Z says

    The thing I’m having trouble believing is the “7 inches cut” part. It was common knowledge in AZ that Babeu exaggerated every statistic he ever cited about illegal immigration by a factor of two. Chances are that, at the very most, we’re talking 3.5 inches. Which would explain a lot.

  9. Bill Perdue says

    ‘Artie” is a warmongering right wing troll. No wonder he likes pigs like Babeu. And no wonder he likes bigots like Obama, who pigheadedly refuse to support marriage equality even though most Americans do.

    The US military brass don’t serve up anything but platters of murdered civilians and GIs.

    Don’t be a bootlick for the .01% parties like ‘Artie’. On November 6th vote left, write in gay/antiwar hero Brad Manning or just sit it out because elections don’t create change, mass actions do.

    Obama is a Republican in drag. ‘Artie”, who refuses to tell us his real name, is just a Republican.

    Nobama, Noromney.

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