1. Daniel says

    They have TWO out gay members (Will Schwartz, also of hey willpower). A great track from my favorite band!

  2. randomguy says

    Yeah, both of the guys in Imperial Teen are gay. Their first record, “Seasick,” came out when I was 16 and pretty much defined the feelings of high school sexual confusion I was having at the time. They’re a great band with a really consistent string of albums that have always tackled queer issues.

  3. Daniel says

    Randomguy: I was 14 when, “Seasick,” came out. It changed my life. Hearing Roddy Bottum sing, “you kiss me like a man boy,” over and over made me feel like everything was going to be ok. It was my mid 90’s, “it gets better,” moment.

  4. Adam says

    They are fantastic live, check them out. I remember seeing them in L.A. years ago and they did a fantastic Belinda Carlisle cover as an encore.