1. mini says


    Love this series.

    Question: how important is the word “gay” (“gay couple”, “gay wedding”, etc.), particularly in the context of a “gay” site?

    Obviously, it’s fine to use descriptors, but, in these instances, I’m not sure if the word “gay” is needed.

    With legitimacy, are we not allowed to simply be couples who get married?

    I guess there’s something about the word “gay” and how it’s used here that makes me think “other”.

  2. K in VA says

    Lovely ad! We Americans need to figure out how to make equivalent ads to this one and the great Australian ad. Most of our ads have earnest but, frankly, boring talking heads talking about how people should have what we see displayed here.

    One down side, though: I’m hungry after watching those people eating what was undoubtedly delicious Italian food! Oh, well …

  3. Joey says

    Been with the same man over 40 years, never felt or currently feel the need to marry; but these videos bring tears to my eyes. Seeing these men and women express their love for each other so openly, that is what moves me. To me that is the true message of marriage equality. Love=Love and love is always a beautiful thing.

  4. Jexer says

    @Mini- I agree. I dislike the term ‘gay marriage’.

    Marriage is a permanent exclusive commitment between two intimate people regardless of gender. In the U.S. the government and religious bigots should no right to declare these marriages false or non-existent, imho.

  5. John says

    Reminds me of the day I married the love of my life – such profound joy! If only the rest of the country would follow suit… I just hope I get to see it soon. Now, I feel the need to look at our photos and video, so we can relive that day.

  6. jamal49 says

    Marriage is marriage. Period. Ain’t gay. Ain’t straight. It’s simply two people, in love, who wish to commit themselves to a lifetime together and have their union recognized civilly. Hate the “gay marriage” label.

  7. mikeflower says

    Thank you for posting this series. Yes, I wish there were American equivalents but unless it featured Chelsea clones & WeHo zombies it wouldn’t get produced.

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