1. Francis says

    Oh look, another story of Christians and their everlasting Godly love in action.

    Glad to read this young man was rescued. Hopefully all of the children forced into this disgusting program aren’t completely broken beyond repair as a result of the abuse.

  2. KP says

    How is something like this even legal? A people taken in the middle of the night without their consent is kidnapping in my book, regardless of whether their parents gave their consent or not.

  3. says

    I would like to hope that when any victim like this finally reaches legal age that they obtain a lawyer and sue his parents as well as the church and those involved in his kidnapping and abduction. And sue for millions. If you’re going to be forced into such slavery then you might as well be paid handsomely for the criminal act.

  4. uffda says

    This cultural/orientation war we’re in with fundamentalist Christians really is a war. It takes hostages. Where is Camp Force for wingnuts? An extermination camp with no hostages!

    There’s a delicious scify film here. Get a roundtable of writers and it will tumble out like white water.

  5. uffda says

    Imagine a plotline with punishment for Maggie Gallager and Rick Santorum. We’d get to see it! Revenge is sweet, so sweet that now, oh God I’ll be thinking about this all day.

  6. bozemanmontana says

    this is heartbreaking. How could a parent do this? I swear, I wanna start a reform school for idiot parents. Or a big camp for the kids that are so unloved and reviled by their sheep-like parents.

  7. uffda says

    OK so it’s a Road Warrior setting with Ehrenstein the Get’s Even queen in the tower overlooking the reprocessing camp for evangelicals. LITTLE KIWI walks around in tall stockings with a whip and I get to be the Examiner Physician who close quizzes new captives and then removes the goddamaged areas of their brains.

    Tell us who you want to be.

  8. Steve says

    That’s just one of hundreds of such camps, thought it was one of the most notorious and harshest ones. But similar psychological and physical torture is standard in these “troubled teens” camps.

    You can find plenty of horror stories with Google. A while ago a lesbian posted a report on Reddit about the time she was held in such a prison in the US for example

  9. Andrew says

    This place actually let in a film crew, and allowed them to conduct interviews?? I won’t judge a film by its trailer…but for the moment, something about this doesn’t exactly pass the smell test.

    That said, the charges alleged here are truly horrifying.

  10. Shane says

    I went to school with Julia (the blonde author featured in the trailer) I knew her family and was shocked to read her book. JESUS LAND is an amazing and heart wrenching story. To think all of this is done in the name of God is deplorable.

  11. Steve says

    This is nothing new. This camp is notorious and well-known even among similar camps. If you search the internet about the “troubled teen” industry you will find plenty of similar horror stories of abuse. There are entire websites dedicated to it

  12. BobN says

    “This place actually let in a film crew, and allowed them to conduct interviews??”

    Yes, first you do the interviews where you appear to be interested in the “good work” they do.

    It’s Documentary Film Techniques 101.

  13. Randy says

    Alright, where do I start? If you read this and you know people under 18 years of age, pass this on to them. First of all, just because they are under age, doesn’t mean that they don’t have rights. These kids can and do have the right to have their parents arrested and sent to jail. Kidnapping, conspiracy to commit a kidnapping, a Class A Felony and punishable to 15 to 30 years in prison. also, if they are taken across the state boarder, then the FBI get involved. Secondly, they have the right to sue their parents and the group that is sponsoring this therapy, for violation of civil rights. Once these parents find out that, not only can they be arrested and sued, but should be arrested and sued, they will change their tatics. Things like this just piss me off, because we don’t educate our children enough. Parents of LGBT kids should start thinking about what’s best for their children instead of the parents reputations and what other people will think about them for having a LGBT child. We are all different in one way or another, get over it!

  14. Bob says

    “We put them through hardships so they will see what they put others through”

    Yes, your child being Gay is about YOU
    — ask Jane Clementi and ask the mormons

  15. Brian says

    @Andrew – I know David. Trust me, this is a very real story. When he disappeared (literally disappeared — no one had any idea where he went), everyone he knew was scrambling for information and his parents wouldn’t tell anyone anything.

    I didn’t know that he was filmed during his time there, but I look forward to seeing the film to learn how David was brought back to the US.

  16. jack says

    To me the saddest things about this story after David’s miserable treatment is: 1) that his parents were so twisted by religious B.S. that they could subject their own son to such horrors; 2) I have little doubt that this concentration camp is being staffed by self loathing homosexuals also twisted by old testament religious B.S.The real enemy is that collection of books called the bible. People should expose these books for the myths and horrors that they contain.

  17. Dave says

    This is child abuse and in the case of David, conspiracy, kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment without due process, and unlawful crossing of state and national boarders to commit a felony. All of the people involved in this crimes need to go to jail and their victims freed today.

  18. Marlene says

    Many years ago, during the height of the cult movement, there was a brave man who took it upon himself to rescue people from these destructive cults — Ted Patrick. He wrote a book called “Let Our Children Go!” which detailed his fight.

    Unfortunately, the people he deprogrammed were legal adults, and the fanatics from the Scientology cult was able to have him shut down.

    When it comes to the rights of children, there’s a gray area. A parent has been given the leeway to do raise their children as they see fit.

    However! When the child reaches the age of consent — usually around 16 or so, *then* there’s a legal line crossed, and the youth is allowed to sue for emancipation from their parents.

    Furthermore, these so-called “camps” could come under child endangerment and child abuse laws.

    It’s time the TLBG community begins a legal assault on these indoctrination and internment camps.

    If you know one in your area, report it to your county’s Child Protective Services agency! If you’re a survivor of one of these places, do the same!

    If you have the means, contact Lambda Legal, and ACLU, and the NCLR and sue these places out of existence!

  19. KIMBERLY says

    First of all, this is not a camp. It’s a school. I was there for two years, and hardly can qualify as a camp. It was an extremely hard thing to go through, and I feel for anyone who has gone there. I cannot wait to see this film.

  20. Bat says

    I hate this! I have gay friends, and to think that they could have been one of the teens in this film enrages me! I would get the FBI on the parents tail, and break those kids out of that PRISON even if it resulted on me going to jail.

  21. mary says

    I can’t see people forcing kids into prison camps in an attempt to change them. I understand parental rights, but at the same time minors are not lab rats. These places ought to be shut down by the government.

    On a lighter note, UFFDA, I loved your scenario about a reform camp for evangelical parents who would force their kids into one of these places. Yes, you would love to work on these people. But Little Kiwi is the one who’d really change them. A few weeks of his tirades and they’d change for REAL (a la the novel “1984”!) All these people would then be marching with their sons in gay pride parades, donating to GLAAD, and form a new organization (AAREBNOT – American Association of Reformed Evangelical Bigots Now on Towleroad!)

  22. Alice says

    NOT about the new film (which I can’t wait to see!!) – about the survey to “learn more about Towel Road readers” – I got half way through and clicked OUT. It’s WAAAAAY too much. Please consider making those a LOT shorter. It obviously was a marketing survey and I understand business. I respect it. But this survey was SOOOO long. I wasn’t willing to do the whole thing.

    I believe you’ll get more people to complete the entire thing if it isn’t so long, so detailed, and doesn’t ask so much about sooo many things – and so many angles on it. It really was annoying.

    Love your posts – but that survey is a problem. Look into it please. Thank you!

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