1. Vern Dufford says

    What a strange time we live in where women in their 50’s like Madonna and Demi Moore think they need to look like a 20 year old high school girl to be current or desirable to me it looks just bad. Just caught Madonnas new music video, I think it proves my point. Be elegant, age gracefully…please.

  2. JNJ says

    In the first clip, she says about Nicki and MIA, “They are unique and have individual voices.” Now she doesn’t care for Lady Gaga, but she’ll collaborate with Nicki, MIA, and Britany Spears. I think she’s on the wrong side of talent.

  3. dms says

    I have lost interest in her music over the years, was baffled by the whole British accent thing, and actually know from experience that she can be kind of an unpleasant person (that can be said of most people who are that driven), but I can’t understand why she’s the center of so much negative feedback here. You’d think she was politically aligned with Ann Coulter. Jeez.

  4. Alejandro says


    I am just amazed at the vitriol lately.

    And, Vern, I think Madonna and Demi look great. What the hell do you think people in their 50s should look like? How old are you?

    If Madonna was wearing her Like a Virgin or True Blue getups these days you may have a point. But she looks completely appropriate befitting a pop diva her age. Do you complain about the clothes Mick Jagger, Bono and Bruce Springsteen wear?

  5. says

    I think many dislike her for a variety of reasons but primarily because she lacks any real talent other then being able to market, remarket and re-market herself. Think about it. Ten years after she fades from the limelight will you be able to recall and/or sing one song she has ever released? Many gays clung to her because she saw, used and dupped them into being her a base to make money and become infamous but she has never really helped the plight of gay people. Yes, she openly kissed another women but she did that for publicity’s sake, for shock value and the financial attention the act would draw to her.

    She was the only openly female “icon” of a generation which produced few if any classic singers or actresses. No matter what film she acted in she was always panned by the public and the critics. She is little more than a pop singer, someone who knows how to promote a popular repetitive tune. She’s a known meglomanic, control freak and has left a wake of detractors throughout her career. As history goes she will be noted as a blip in the music industry and not in a good way.

    You’ll forgive me, of course, for I hope I’m not being too tough here. 😉

  6. Alejandro says


    She’s been around for 25+ years and has an incredible body of pop singles that are classics–hello, Holiday, Into the Groove, Like a Virgin, Material Girl, Borderline, Papa Don’t Preach, La Isla Bonita, Open Your Heart, Live to Tell, Like a Prayer, Express Yourself, Vogue, Take a Bow, Secret, Ray of Light, Frozen, Music, Hung Up. I’m sure most people who know pop music know these songs. Not to mention her iconic music videos.

    Um, Elvis Presley was just a pop singer who could promote a popular repetitive tune and we still remember him. I think history has already shown she will be remembered alongside Elvis, Michael Jackson, and Prince as one of the great pop stars.

    I don’t love everything she does, but I feel that the Madonna hate is the new straight acting. We just need to prove “we’re not that kind of gay.” Can we hate someone more deserving like Katy Perry?

  7. Henry Holland says

    “Ten years after she fades from the limelight will you be able to recall and/or sing one song she has ever released?”

    I’m not a huge fan at all, I have almost zero interest in her as a personality and I’m totally tired of the gay = Madonna fan thing, but c’mon, the woman has been involved in some really terrific records: Like a Virgin, Material Girl, In to the Groove, Papa Don’t Preach, Vogue [lost track of her at that point until >] Ray of Light (my favorite), Beautiful Stranger and Music spring to mind.

  8. endo says

    @Alejandro: You’re arguing with a guy who thinks that gay characters can only be played by gay actors. Don’t waste your time… not exactly a real deep thinker.

  9. UWSGUY says

    Alejandro, Demi doesn’t look great. She looks the opposite of great. She is anorexic and allegedly drug-dependent and existing on an energy drink for nutrition. She is the opposite of the picture of health – at her or any age.

  10. says

    im just not sure what Good comes from making a point of letting everyone know that you dislike madonna.

    i’ve listened to her music for as long as I can remember. She’s contributed an incredible amount to the catalogue of great american music.

    my gay ass has always loved Madonna, and hearing Ray of Light at age 16 inspired me to Come Out.

    How well has “not liking Madonna” served some of you gay men? truly.

    Os2Guys comments are weird. for someone who claims to care so much about Gay this and Gay that, you have to wonder why when you click “about me” on his own page you get jackoff material called “Amateur Straight Guys”

    call me crazy, but i thought us gay guys liked other gay guys…

  11. Vern Dufford says

    At a point with these women it would be interesting to see the real woman inside them.Rather than the youth obsessed “ion” You can be over 50 and look good with out looking like you can’t move on from the that past image of your self.

    Alejandro I am also 50’s and do not in any way think the material girl looks good. In many recent getups as you call them,she seems to vacillate between May West and Britney Spears As far is what she should look like herself of course what ever that is.

    But really beauty is in the eye of the beholder…so enjoy her.

  12. says

    Funny Irony Of The Day: gay men who hate Madonna for “not doing enough for Gay Rights” who, for some reason, have no problem voting Republican.

    riiiiight. 😉

    *massive eye-roll*

    every generation sees the same argument from lame-ass insecure homosexual males.

    “”i’m not one of those gays who likes Madonna!”
    “i’m not one of those gays who likes Lady gaga!”
    “I’m not one of those gays who likes Kylie!”
    “I’m not one of those gays who likes Cher!”
    “I’m not one of those gays who likes Barbra Streisand!”
    “I’m not one of those gays who likes Dame Shirley Bassey!”
    “I’m not one of those gays who likes Judy Garland!”

    no, you’re just one of those gays who feels a need to let people know that you’re not like “__________” because you have no sense of security in any form of gay identity. You’re still living each day trying to tell people what you think you’re Not.

    what a lame way to live.

  13. Henry Holland says

    “Can we hate someone more deserving like Katy Perry?”

    And once again we have the gay equivalent of two drunk straight dudes arguing about the Yankees and Red Sox. I think that’s sad, female pop singers as tribal marker, but whatevs.

  14. Alejandro says

    Henry, I think divas as tribal markers is a great gay tradition. You should hear some opera queens go off on the Callas vs. Tebaldi thing. It’s all in good fun. Katy Perry though I despise. Despise. Cherry chapstick fauxbian whipped cream titted firework(s?) but willing to tell an ex UR So Gay that she is.

    Little Kiwi . . . xoxoxoxo :)

  15. TJ says

    ‘Take a Bow” – probably my all-time favorite. Others have been fun, too, even the one I sprained my ankle to during a dance contest in the 80’s (or was that the Pointer Sister’s “I’m So Excited”? So long ago…). But my point is, I find her extremely annoying, personality-wise. Not a fan. If you are, well, it’s a free country. I don’t think that ought to make me the enemy of all things gay. I don’t think personal preference equates with self-hating or trying to appease the straights. Even with all of my Bette Midler CD’s, and actually having enjoyed the two concerts I attended (25 years passing between them), I don’t worship her. Stars may occasionally brighten my humdrum life, but I don’t depend on them or find my purpose in them.

  16. Molc says

    She’s a fraud. She has no musical talent-everything about her is manufactured. And we know why Nicki Minaj is there (as was Justin Timberlake, Timbaland etc)-to sell the damn record. Teenage girls don’t even know who she is.

  17. jamesintoronto says

    Nothing like a Madonna article to bring out all the haters. I will never understand why, if you hate her so much, that you watch the videos and take the time to comment. I am proud to be a Madonna fan and I think Andy Towle is a sly little puss who knows he’ll get a whole bunch of page hits from a Madonna posting. Well played Andy, well played!

  18. Maverick69 says

    @ JamesInToronto Well said. At one point I would just pass this up just to not read the shyt that’s said of Madonna. Now I’m amused by the vile comments. As the old adage goes, Even bad press is good press to paraphrase. Want proof? Read the haters comments

  19. Kay says

    It’s funny she calls Nicki Minaj, MIA great talent while Gaga who can actually sing and has talent “reductive.” She cannot stand the fact she was replaced by Gaga. Madonna, I enjoy your music, but you have to realize your not the center of the universe.

  20. says

    I used to be a huge fan. I still think she’s a great support to the gay community and a talented songwriter, performer and promoter, but I am perplexed by how people suck up to her. Clapping at almost every comment she makes like it’s some wise, reflective statement? I just don’t get it. She articulates things that seem like obvious no-brainers and everyone claps obediently like they’re afraid not to worship her. I think it’s because people get excited when they realize someone this rich, famous and powerful is just kind of a snarky, defensive and needy regular person.

  21. FunMe says

    I used to love Madonna. Her music from the 80s and 90s are great and lots of fun. The last 12 years, I don’t really like her anymore. Not her music, and definitely not her. She’s turned into this pretentious bitchy person. I mean, for a person who is out there promoting Kabala to make her a “better person”, you would never know that, especially when she was bad mouthing her soon-to-be ex-husband in front of a concert audience back when she was about to get a divorce. And this woman has kids! Does she think her son will appreciate what she said about his dad?

    And Madonna talking bad about Lady Gaga not only makes her look jealous but also pathetic.

    As far as doing things to help gay rights, dancing at the AIDS danceAthon is not being a fierce advocate. Doing what Lady Gaga does with her new foundation, speaking up for the end of DADT, and talking about the GLBT community and giving young people hope, now that’s fierce! (Yup I prefer Lady Gaga over Madonna now.)

    So hey . . . some people like Madonna, some people don’t anymore (like me), so who cares about fighting about it. It’s not a debatable issue, it’s just someone’s opinion.

  22. Henry Holland says

    “You should hear some opera queens go off on the Callas vs. Tebaldi thing”

    I’m a HUGE opera fan and I have been trapped at parties where that nonsense is talked about and I’d rather watch paint dry. The whole “OMG! Maria’s life was so tragic and my [safe, middle class] life is so tragic, play the Lisbon “Traviata” for the 409th time!!!!” thing bores me to tears.

    See, here’s the thing Little Kiwi, I’m not “insecure” because I don’t give a jot about any of the females you listed, I JUST DON’T CARE. As Morrissey sang “Burn down the disco/Hang the blessed DJ/Cuz the music he constantly plays/Says nothing to me about my life”. The Smiths song “There Is A Light” says more to me than anything all those women combined have ever produced.

    If I listen to non-opera/classical, I want walls of loud guitars, virtuoso musicians, great songwriting, a live show with spontaneity and improv.

    I was knocked out by Hendrix and Cream and Zeppelin as a boy in the late 60’s and that’s never ever changed. My favorite bands now are Opeth and Mastodon, not some woman who’s just a front for male writers/producers and who looks fab in videos.

  23. ajjanthony says

    Although I am not a huge Madonna fan I will say this: Back in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s she was one of the very first (I think second only to Elton John)musicians to donate all proceeds of her stadium concerts to AIDS research. Her concerts back then were bringing in major $$$ so that is saying something. No other musicians back then would even touch the subject of AIDS. That is a fact and one of the reasons that older gay guys are gratedful to her.

  24. Scites says

    People crack me up. She is still relevant or you wouldn’t be talking about her. She is an ICON…She is very talented, writes movies, songs, performs, dances, designs and sings. What do you want? When she goes on tour again, Thousnds will pay 400 to 500 dollars to see her, and its worth it. She is f’n great. I have seen her 4 times and every time its better than the last. Haters keep hatin, but she laughs all the way to the bank. Check out her pre-order album on itunes. Number 1 already and its a pre-order… DEAL WITH THE DIVA OF ALL DIVAS!

  25. madge says

    I find it disturbing when gay people say “Madonna has done nothing for the gay community.” Madonna was fighting for equality before Elton John was officially out of the closet. She did the first AIDS walk and AIDS dance a thon. She was there when other celebrties walked away. Today, she is on a bigger project helping AID stricking orphans in Malawi. She has also taught her daughter to stand up for gay marriage. And the list goes on… Before making negative comments about anyone, please do your research. And when I say research I dont mean the GOSSIP page

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