1. TC says

    Let’s just be clear…if you actually watched the interview, she was talking about the song, “Born This Way” and it’s clear similarities to “Express Yourself” and not GaGa herself.

  2. OMNOMNOM says

    Now that Madge has taken a stand, let’s just hope the rest of the music industry who Gag has stolen from will expose her as a farce too.

  3. Polyboy says

    Funny how she doesn’t mention that Express Yourself’s chord progression also borrowed heavily from the 70’s.

  4. Bosie says

    STOP with Madonna & GaGa bash….you guys keep complainign fo bullies and bashers YET…here you are ding exactly that.

    Can’t two powerful women be in the same biz?? can’t we F***ING MOVE ON?

  5. Greg says

    “Borrowed heavily from the 70s”?? Copying a chord progression from one song is not the same as referencing an entire decade.

  6. Gonzalo says

    To be specific, Madonna copied the chorus from the song Respect Yourself from The Staples. So What Who Cares(Joy Behar/SNL).

  7. David says

    Madonna calling someone reductive is rich. This from the lady who flat out stole Vogueing from working-class gays. Of course when Madonna does it she’s making “citations” but Gaga is a “reductive.” Yeah, okay.

  8. Anonymous for this one post says

    “She still owe money to the guy she stole ” ray of light” from…”

    What about Arthur Lee & Love, whose song “She Comes In Colors” *cough* inspired *cough* “Beautiful Stranger”? There’s being inspired by something and then there’s flat-out ripping off.

    I like some of Madonna’s music but for her to snark at someone for stealing isn’t reductive, it’s hypocritical.

  9. hfjyv says

    gaga and madonna are allies of the LGBT community WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET!!!
    put aside your stupid fueds