1. Tammy says

    Seriously impressive talent. Which brings me to this question:
    Why do lesbians & gays often impersonate (dress+manner) the opposite sex to which they are attracted to & in some cases are repulsed by? (I understand that gender dress &/or manner can be sociologically determined.) No judgement, I’m genuinely curious. Discuss! 😀

  2. Artie says

    “Seriously impressive talent”? If talking fast (not singing) about crude lyrics is seriously impressive talent, then America is doomed.

    I’m glad they’re out and proud and all that, especially in a historically homophobic and misogynistic music genre, but I fail to see the talent here. They take someone’s M.O., like Wiz Khalifa, and just insert their own crude lesbian lyrics into it.

  3. proud says

    @artie it seems to me that you just dont understand hip hop. u can say the same thing about any major rapper. these girls are very talented at what they do they are equal in my opinion to what we hear on the radio. y is it that because they are lesbian people expect them to be positive? Hip hop is a culture and these girl are apart of that if they did anything different it wouldnt be hip hop.BTW if you check out there other music you will see a different side to them.

    @tammy good question, i would say they are portraying a gender identity, some lesbians feel more masculine/boyish and can relate more closely to males so they fall into that catagory.

    in my opinon Rainbow Noise does amazing work. not just musically but the whole movement inspires many to follow there dreams regardles of there sexuality expecially young people.

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