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NBC, NFL Apologize for M.I.A.'s Middle Finger 'Super Bowl' Salute: VIDEO

M.I.A.'s middle finger is this year's wardrobe malfunction, and has the network apologizing, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

Bird_mia"The NFL hired the talent and produced the halftime show," NBC said in a statement to THR. "Our system was late to obscure the inappropriate gesture and we apologize to our viewers."

For its part, the NFL released a statement that seemed to blame the fault delay system for the airing of the gesture. "There was a failure in NBC's delay system. The obscene gesture in the performance was completely inappropriate, very disappointing, and we apologize to our fans."

M.I.A., known for her rebellious, brash persona and music, performed in a cheerleader outfit for a performance of Madonna's latest single, "Give Me All Your Luvin,'" on which she and Minaj -- also onstage in a pom-pom girl uniform -- are featured rappers.

Watch M.I.A.'s middle finger moment, AFTER THE JUMP...

If you missed the entire Madonna performance, watch it HERE.

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  1. The NFL is blaming a "failure in NBC's delay system" for this?! Wow! How about blaming MIA for...uhh, you the country the middle finger?!?!

    Posted by: Ian | Feb 6, 2012 8:54:53 AM

  2. You honestly have to wonder about Madonna these days. If MIA wasn't bad enough, she went and chose a collaborative partner in the form of Nicki Minaj. Nicki's latest single, for those who don't know, is something called "Stupid Hoe".

    Demeaning women is obviously not something that Madonna finds offensive.

    Posted by: jason | Feb 6, 2012 8:55:54 AM

  3. I suppose NBC can come up with the MTV Andrew Dice-Clay solution: "You're off our network for life."

    Recall CBS and the Grammys threatened to bar Justin Timberlake that year after the Janet Jackson nip slip which prompted "It was her! It was her!" from his camp.

    Posted by: MarkUs | Feb 6, 2012 9:00:04 AM

  4. With all the spectacle, I never noticed the finger. Madonna's performance was terrific (yes she's getting older), one of the best half-time shows.
    Let's hear it for the Giant's and Eli Manning.

    Posted by: RobWest | Feb 6, 2012 9:03:38 AM

  5. Andy of Towleroad,

    There have already been five major stories on Madonna on your website in the last few hours. Have you gone insane?

    We, the grassroots, are sick of it. You're losing touch, Andy.

    Posted by: bruce | Feb 6, 2012 9:05:23 AM

  6. The funny thing is that MIA, Nicki Minaj and Madonna were all lip-synching. Nothing about their performance was genuine. I'd rather listen to the Andrews sisters than Milli Madonna and her milkmaids.

    Posted by: jason | Feb 6, 2012 9:13:20 AM

  7. Uh, Bruce, this post is not about Madonna. And you could always leave. We, the grassroots, wouldn't miss you.

    Posted by: endo | Feb 6, 2012 9:21:58 AM

  8. Yeah MIA what a statement! I could totally feel her artistic intent bs through flipping off the camera. She is such an artiste! *gag*

    Posted by: Toto | Feb 6, 2012 9:23:29 AM

  9. bye Bruce!

    Posted by: truthiness | Feb 6, 2012 9:25:03 AM

  10. Andy of Towleroad has given an abnormal amount of coverage to Madonna recently. It's beyond the pale. I also find it offensive that he would promote and publicize a woman who followed a homophobic religion, was married to a homophobic man, and who clearly exploits gay men for their money.

    I'm starting to wonder if Andy supports the gay community or whether he's simply a conduit for Madonna's marketing machine. It's not a good sign for Towleroad.

    And I haven't even started on her miming or use of AutoTune yet!!

    Posted by: bruce | Feb 6, 2012 9:30:54 AM

  11. Aww, poor Brucey... did your mommy forget to put a cookie in your lunchbox?

    Posted by: JNJ | Feb 6, 2012 9:36:47 AM

  12. this M.I.A person is obviously just trying to get her name out there. I had no idea who she was until this lame "controversy."

    "I knew Janet Jackson. And you, miss, are NO Janet Jackson!"

    Nipplegate forever!

    Posted by: tom a | Feb 6, 2012 9:40:55 AM

  13. Every single artist that performs at the Stupor Bowl pre records their track. Even Whitney's iconic performance of the national anthem was pre-recorded.

    Posted by: ChristopherM | Feb 6, 2012 9:43:02 AM

  14. M.I.A. is such a D-lister with zero talent. Go get a nose job, you ugly troll.

    Posted by: Artie | Feb 6, 2012 9:43:18 AM

  15. If you didn't know who M.I.A. was before last night, it's probably because you're old.

    Posted by: endo | Feb 6, 2012 9:47:01 AM

  16. Bruce likes its royal "we" a wee much. And just who is the grassroots it believes it represents?

    Posted by: Sean in Dallas | Feb 6, 2012 9:48:11 AM

  17. M.I.A. is an amazing artist who gets far too little credit for everything she does. Granted, I take issue with some of the imagery she chooses to use in her videos, but she's a pretty forward-thinking person when it comes to style and sound. I think this whole "controversy" about a middle finger is ridiculous and anyone who is wagging their finger at her should be ashamed of herself for policing the rest of us further into pointless, irresponsible censorship.

    I'm sure we've all seen a lot worse on Family Guy anyway

    Posted by: Jesus | Feb 6, 2012 9:51:08 AM

  18. Him or herself*, I don't know why I just referred to the Towleroad readership as female. My b!

    Posted by: Jesus | Feb 6, 2012 9:53:44 AM

  19. Wow - I didn't even notice the gesture, but I guess now the TV pundits will have something to act alarmed about for a few months.

    Posted by: Butch | Feb 6, 2012 9:55:10 AM

  20. "Every single artist that performs at the Super Bowl pre records their track".

    That's simply not true and I'm already tired of it being repeated over and over to excuse Madonna. The classic rock bands that they had after Nipplegate didn't lip sync because they don't have to; they just stand there and play, they're not doing a gymnastics routine like the BEP or Madonna.

    Jeebus, go to YouTube and listen to The Who from two years ago, I WISH they were lip-syncing, the singing was embarrassing, it's why I stopped going to see them live.

    Posted by: Henry Holland | Feb 6, 2012 10:05:33 AM

  21. Umm, who cares? Everyone learns this "offensive gesture" by the time they're about 6. Some of us are just better at doing it than others. I didn't notice it.

    Posted by: Paul R | Feb 6, 2012 10:13:36 AM

  22. @Jesus

    Sorry Jebus, you dont get a pass for your hipster, indie taste. The chick was given an opportunity to perform in one of the largest American events that is also viewed internationally and this is what she does? Im no Nancy homemaker who was shield'n ma' babies from filth but what exactly was the point of using an insulting gesture to millions of people? ART? At least Justin Timberlake had the line "have you naked by the end of this song!" before Janet's bizongas went bouncing. Unless she was born 2 days ago she would know without a doubt her actions would cause the wheat shucking puritans of mid-America to fly into a frenzy.

    Sometimes being radical tool bag is JUST THAT.

    Posted by: Toto | Feb 6, 2012 10:15:56 AM

  23. MIA was disrespectful to Madonna and the the American public. If she wants to be in-your-face, there are better places and times to do it.

    Posted by: Jack M | Feb 6, 2012 10:16:18 AM

  24. Oh dear, the middle finger! So much pearl clutching going on here today!!!! Madonna (or her people) sought out MIA to participate in the song/video/superbowl to try and make Madonna relevent to younger peole. MIA's gesture will ensure that people talk about Madonna's show for a couple more new cycles - I bet she is thrilled.

    Jack M - do you really think Madonna feels disrespected? The same woman who flipped the bird to the Catholic church over and over again? The same woman that fellated a water bottle in her documentary? Sheesh.

    Posted by: ChrisB | Feb 6, 2012 10:38:50 AM

  25. What on Earth is everybody buggin’ out about Madonna’s performance? That was Madonna giving high-fashion glamazon and doing what she does best… holding court. MIA giving the world the finger was fantastic. She took the words right out of my mouth… and hand. Here are the facts:

    Posted by: I Mean What | Feb 6, 2012 10:53:04 AM

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