1. Ian says

    The NFL is blaming a “failure in NBC’s delay system” for this?! Wow! How about blaming MIA for…uhh, you the country the middle finger?!?!

  2. jason says

    You honestly have to wonder about Madonna these days. If MIA wasn’t bad enough, she went and chose a collaborative partner in the form of Nicki Minaj. Nicki’s latest single, for those who don’t know, is something called “Stupid Hoe”.

    Demeaning women is obviously not something that Madonna finds offensive.

  3. MarkUs says

    I suppose NBC can come up with the MTV Andrew Dice-Clay solution: “You’re off our network for life.”

    Recall CBS and the Grammys threatened to bar Justin Timberlake that year after the Janet Jackson nip slip which prompted “It was her! It was her!” from his camp.

  4. RobWest says

    With all the spectacle, I never noticed the finger. Madonna’s performance was terrific (yes she’s getting older), one of the best half-time shows.
    Let’s hear it for the Giant’s and Eli Manning.

  5. bruce says

    Andy of Towleroad,

    There have already been five major stories on Madonna on your website in the last few hours. Have you gone insane?

    We, the grassroots, are sick of it. You’re losing touch, Andy.

  6. jason says

    The funny thing is that MIA, Nicki Minaj and Madonna were all lip-synching. Nothing about their performance was genuine. I’d rather listen to the Andrews sisters than Milli Madonna and her milkmaids.

  7. bruce says

    Andy of Towleroad has given an abnormal amount of coverage to Madonna recently. It’s beyond the pale. I also find it offensive that he would promote and publicize a woman who followed a homophobic religion, was married to a homophobic man, and who clearly exploits gay men for their money.

    I’m starting to wonder if Andy supports the gay community or whether he’s simply a conduit for Madonna’s marketing machine. It’s not a good sign for Towleroad.

    And I haven’t even started on her miming or use of AutoTune yet!!

  8. tom a says

    this M.I.A person is obviously just trying to get her name out there. I had no idea who she was until this lame “controversy.”

    “I knew Janet Jackson. And you, miss, are NO Janet Jackson!”

    Nipplegate forever!

  9. ChristopherM says

    Every single artist that performs at the Stupor Bowl pre records their track. Even Whitney’s iconic performance of the national anthem was pre-recorded.

  10. Jesus says

    M.I.A. is an amazing artist who gets far too little credit for everything she does. Granted, I take issue with some of the imagery she chooses to use in her videos, but she’s a pretty forward-thinking person when it comes to style and sound. I think this whole “controversy” about a middle finger is ridiculous and anyone who is wagging their finger at her should be ashamed of herself for policing the rest of us further into pointless, irresponsible censorship.

    I’m sure we’ve all seen a lot worse on Family Guy anyway

  11. Henry Holland says

    “Every single artist that performs at the Super Bowl pre records their track”.

    That’s simply not true and I’m already tired of it being repeated over and over to excuse Madonna. The classic rock bands that they had after Nipplegate didn’t lip sync because they don’t have to; they just stand there and play, they’re not doing a gymnastics routine like the BEP or Madonna.

    Jeebus, go to YouTube and listen to The Who from two years ago, I WISH they were lip-syncing, the singing was embarrassing, it’s why I stopped going to see them live.

  12. Paul R says

    Umm, who cares? Everyone learns this “offensive gesture” by the time they’re about 6. Some of us are just better at doing it than others. I didn’t notice it.

  13. Toto says


    Sorry Jebus, you dont get a pass for your hipster, indie taste. The chick was given an opportunity to perform in one of the largest American events that is also viewed internationally and this is what she does? Im no Nancy homemaker who was shield’n ma’ babies from filth but what exactly was the point of using an insulting gesture to millions of people? ART? At least Justin Timberlake had the line “have you naked by the end of this song!” before Janet’s bizongas went bouncing. Unless she was born 2 days ago she would know without a doubt her actions would cause the wheat shucking puritans of mid-America to fly into a frenzy.

    Sometimes being radical tool bag is JUST THAT.

  14. ChrisB says

    Oh dear, the middle finger! So much pearl clutching going on here today!!!! Madonna (or her people) sought out MIA to participate in the song/video/superbowl to try and make Madonna relevent to younger peole. MIA’s gesture will ensure that people talk about Madonna’s show for a couple more new cycles – I bet she is thrilled.

    Jack M – do you really think Madonna feels disrespected? The same woman who flipped the bird to the Catholic church over and over again? The same woman that fellated a water bottle in her documentary? Sheesh.

  15. says

    What on Earth is everybody buggin’ out about Madonna’s performance? That was Madonna giving high-fashion glamazon and doing what she does best… holding court. MIA giving the world the finger was fantastic. She took the words right out of my mouth… and hand. Here are the facts:

  16. ChristopherM says

    Henry, so you’re saying the few times someone did a live vocal in a venue with no time for a sound check and terrible acoustics, they sucked. That just proves the point. I mean damn, if Whitney Houston at the height of her skills chooses to lip sync, these bitches have no reason to go off on Madonna for it.

    As for MIA, good gawd people, grow up. You’re acting like she flashed her vag in church or something. Take your smelling salts and stop acting like the Church Lady.

  17. Jesus says

    @TOTO, you know, nothing validates your point better than making an assumption about my “hipster” status and my music tastes because of a single statement I made about an artist.

    Also: “The chick was given an opportunity to perform in one of the largest American events that is also viewed internationally and this is what she does?”

    It’s M.I.A., what did you expect? It’s cool though, a woman of color giving the public the middle finger is totally OMG HUGE NEWS!

    “Unless she was born 2 days ago she would know without a doubt her actions would cause the wheat shucking puritans of mid-America to fly into a frenzy.”

    Exactly the point!

  18. gregory brown says

    I’ve lived my life without ever watching a Super bowl. The over-hyped spectacle of heavily armored men bashing into each other and throwing or carrying a ball with constant interruptions for commercial breaks and whatever business they conduct on the filed is what Daniel Boorstin called a “pseudoevent”. Basketball and soccer are livelier, though I regret that bball players gave up sexy shorts for culottes.
    Given that there is an element of violence in the game, why do folks get het up over a naughty gesture or a bit of female flesh briefly exposed? those must be the most human parts of the whole show.

  19. Tonic says


    You can have all those with nose jobs if that’s what you prefer. I know nothing about MIA but her nose looks fine – much better than it would sculpted with rhinoplasty.

  20. says

    I have a question…..

    Between MIA’s middle finger and Janet Jackson’s nipple, what about each of those things poses a specific cultural threat to America?

    I’m just puzzled as to why there’s freaking out and talk of fines, over these women, and yet Rick Perry was allowed to make national television ads that existed to do nothing but promote and fan the flames of anti-gay bigotry. I can tell you specifically what harm those ads of Perry’s have on society and millions of Americans.

    I’m not sure what MIA”s finger is going to do to that will negatively impact American society……

  21. Ivan M says

    Big deal, showing the finger is offensive but it’s not as offensive as other things happening in the world that are real problems, like war, human rights violations, etc. Plus, it wasn’t that noticeable. Get over it!
    And BRUCE,is this website the only thing you read? Well, I am ok, as many other people, with notes about Madonna in this website. And Madonna is everything but homophobic, come one! Please towleroad, keep it coming!

  22. Paul R says

    Prince wasn’t lip syncing when he did the halftime show.

    As for the Madonna coverage, big surprise. Did you know that there are writers other than Andy on weekends? Here’s a tip: if you don’t like reading about Madonna, then don’t.

  23. Henry Holland says

    “Henry, so you’re saying the few times someone did a live vocal in a venue with no time for a sound check and terrible acoustics, they sucked. That just proves the point”

    No, I’m saying that The Who sucked, because Roger Daltrey’s once-incredible voice is shot. It’s why I haven’t gone to see them in over a decade, even though they’re one of my very favorite bands.

    The classic rock bands didn’t lip-sync, they don’t have to because they’re not putting on dance spectacles, they’re just standing there singing.

  24. says

    Why has no one brought up that her middle finger move was choreographed? Watch the music video, she does it at the same point in the song. NBC screwed up by not censoring it in time.

    And Bruce, whether you like it or not she’s a gay icon. And she’s being talked about on a gay blog. Not sure how you could be surprised. There’s nothing abnormal about it.

  25. says

    there will be 30,000 deaths this year in America from gunviolence.

    there will be no deaths in America this year from “giving the middle finger”

    amazingly, politicians that are photographed with guns aren’t criticized and people choose, instead, to get worked up about a woman giving the finger.

    messed. up. priorities.

  26. Todd says

    Ummm, folks, why is anyone surprised? If they are then people need to start delving a little further into the work history of the music artists they hire. She is not known for her “Christian values”. So you get what you pay for. A potty mouthed musician that every now and then has music which makes us dance.

  27. James says


    Psh, you guys are sounding like old farts. MIA makes fantastic music, and I got a kick out of her flipping the bird to the whole country. People can be such prudes.

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