1. searunner says

    Boehner is more concerned about the headline “Speaker Refuses to Meet with Dying Vet” than anything else.

  2. Patric says

    Your headline and your lead-in suggest that Boehner himself will be meeting with Officer Morgan yet, unless I missed something, neither the article you link to nor the excerpt you include in your post state any such thing. Both seem pretty clear that only “[t]he Speaker’s staff” will be meeting with Officer Morgan. Officer Morgan is to be applauded for her persistance in pressing our cause but let’s not give Boehner more credit than he deserves. This is all show for him.

  3. Gregoire says

    Searunner is exactly right. This is to avoid negative press and will have no bearing on his decision.

  4. K in VA says

    I wish her well, of course, but I hate to see her wasting what may be her precious last days speaking to a man who sees great political profit in denying her any equality.

  5. jack says

    Lets wait and see what comes of the meeting. Don’t prejudge. Surely we of all people know that prejudging is wrong.

  6. Larry says

    Mitt and Newt met with gay vets and smiled in their faces and said sorry i believe in 1 man 1 woman than walked away like we are nothing. Thats what John will do, meet with them and smile in their faces and tell them sorry it’s 1 man 1 woman than send them on their way, we already know how this will end guys, we’ve seen this movie way to many times.

  7. searunner says

    @Jack, I’m sure Boehner will cry (and I don’t think they will be crocodile tears either) just as I’m equally sure he is meeting with her to avoid nasty headlines on the Huffington Post, which would undoubtedly be picked up by other media outlets. There is no other explanation for his office’s sudden decision to meet with Morgan.

    I do hope that Boehner is moved by Morgan’s story and finally realizes the unnecessary damage DOMA does to families. However, given the state of GOP and its base such a public transformation from the Speaker is not going to happen.

  8. MiddleoftheRoader says

    As others have said, someone needs to clear up if she will be meeting with Boehner or his staff — and if it’s with him, whether he will come into the meeting for 2 minutes, or he will stay throughout the meeting. Anyone who knows how things work on Capitol Hill can agree that telling her story to a staff member, with Boehner absent or there for only a couple of minutes, is completely, totally different from meeting with Boehner himself.

  9. KP says

    The outcome will be similar to one in MN when students and parents fron the Anoka-Hennepin delivered a large petition to Michelle Bachmann’s office. They met with one of her staff, who made a concerned face at them and thanked them for their efforts. Then, nothing. I feel for Charlie Morgan and its saddens me that her cancer has progressed to stage IV. I hope Boehner’s office has the decency to actaully listen to her and not just give her the usual political BS.

  10. Timzilla says

    The World’s Saddest Tangerine will blubber tears of commiseration, perhaps offer an embrace, promise further consideration, wipe his orange cheeks and go back to the business of denying equality to gay Americans.

  11. Janice says

    I read she is going to meet with Katherine Haley, who is one of Boehner’s staff. No surprise that he wouldn’t see fit to meet with her himself. It will be the usual old crap. The staff member will nod her head sympathetically (pretending), and nothing will be noted.
    Good luck to Charlie in her efforts though.