Nancy Pelosi Supports Freedom to Marry Plank in 2012 Dem Platform

Yesterday I mentioned a push by Freedom to Marry to include a marriage equality plank in the 2012 Democratic Party platform, using the following language:

Sayido"We support the full inclusion of all families in the life of our nation, with equal respect, responsibilities, and protections under the law, including the freedom to marry. Government has no business putting barriers in the path of people seeking to care for their family members, particularly in challenging economic times. We support the Respect for Marriage Act and the overturning of the federal so-called Defense of Marriage Act, and oppose discriminatory constitutional amendments and other attempts to deny the freedom to marry to loving and committed same-sex couples."

PelosiHouse Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is on board, Metro Weekly reports:

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill tells Metro Weekly, "Leader Pelosi supports this language."

Said Freedom to Marry founder and President Evan Wolfson:

"Freedom to Marry is proud to have Leader Pelosi joining our call to put the Democratic Party squarely on record in support of the freedom to marry as part of the national platform.  A strong majority of Democrats and Independents support the freedom to marry, and standing up for all families is not just the right thing to do morally, it's also right to do politically.  I hope more people will quickly join Leader Pelosi by signing Freedom to Marry's Democrats: Say I Do petition so together we can get the party, and the country, where the majority of Americans already are."

The 'Say I Do' petition campaign can be found HERE.

In related news, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been selected chairman of this summer's Democratic National Convention.