1. john patrick says

    The support he got from the crowd is more a reflection on the quality of the mindset of the people there than on the rightness of his bigotry. He draws people who don’t see LGBT people as worthy of equality.

    Good for the hecklers who are willing to call him out in such a crowd.

  2. Francis says

    I know some people think these types of protests are a bad look for our community, but personally I think it shows quite a bit of bravery to go into an environment you know is anti-gay, potentially violent towards you for being gay, and speaking out and making your voice heard and letting these bigoted politicians know we wont allow them to railroad our community. I appreciate those who will not take discrimination laying down.

  3. tom a says

    Very cool! I’m impressed that people are willing to go heckle him- although he has ZERO power and will continue to have ZERO power- other than being a mouthpiece for bigotry. He has very little support even in his own party. They through him out on his ear in the late 1990s.

    Lets put this energy to better use on actual elected officials!

  4. Kevin says

    Totally agree with Francis. These haters with their 1950s mentality think that they can demonize gays and lesbians because they assume that no one will stand up and say “You’re talking about ME.” So, congratulations to those who have the ability to remain unseen but choose visibility.

  5. jack says

    Where is Newt’s sister? Isn’t she gay? If my brother had views like his and was seeking the office of president i would follow him from state to state publically revealing all his weaknesses in order to undermine his chances of being elected.

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