1. Michaelandfred says

    …..or instead of a “free drink” and coming back another time, asswhipe, you can get national coverage for being a bigot! Let’s see…Free drink….vindication for bigoty and ruining our anniversary… drink….vindication for bigotry and ruining our annivrsary….. NO, we’ll take the national media coverage of you and the Hilton being handed your head on a plate!

    Give ’em hell ladies!

  2. Robert in NYC says

    So freedom of expression guaranteed in the constitution only applies if you’re straight? We get it! I never knew kissing was illegal or an unprotected expression last time I checked albeit in a public or private venue.

  3. endo says

    Downtown Phoenix as well as the Starwood brand are both gay friendly.

    This is a no-brainer: Fire the damn manager.

  4. NaughtyLola says

    @Robert in NYC, nothing in protected in a private venue, public accomodations laws being the exception. The Constitution delinates the rights you have with respect to the *Federal government*. It says nothing about rules and restrictions that private institutions may impose on their own property.

  5. endo says

    @NaughtyLola: It’s a bit trickier than that! The Sheraton Phoenix Downtown hotel is not exactly a private institution. It is owned by the city of Phoenix and managed by Sheraton.

    Also, this incident screams for a kiss-in.

  6. Ray Sager says

    Seriously…the manager told the couple to “get a room”? Oh you just didn’t go there! If that had been my partner and I and the manager had told us that I would not only be in the managers face about it, I would stand up and ask who was the coward that reported it to the manager. My partner and i have just as much right to kiss in a public place as heterosexuals do. And if they have a problem with it…HEY that’s just too damn bad!

  7. says

    I gotta give it up to these classy, classy ladies. They would have every right to demand a firing – and the company probably would have fired that manager to manage their PR – but instead, these women had the empathy to recognize a teachable moment out of such a demeaning and insulting act.

  8. Yeek says

    I actually think they handled it perfectly and with a lot of class. Once you have a tantrum you’re just another “crazy faggot.” If you just walk away you’re backing down. These women found the right balance.

  9. QJ201 says

    Turnabout is fair play or so they say.

    So how about if rally our community and supporters to complain everytime we see heterosexual PDA in restaurants and bars.

    As a former waiter, I can tell you I have caught men fingering their dates under the table, busted up sex in the men’s room, and of course seen kisses from light pecks to slobbery tongues.

  10. Francis says

    Major respect to Mrs. White and Mrs. Diaz in handling this case of discrimination with class. Also, although the manager erred initially, I will say that he recognizing that these ladies were upset and wronged by and trying to make up for that with the free drinks offer (albeit in an ignorant way) as well as the restaurant seemingly taking this incident seriously and making amends by meeting with the couple and educating their employees on how to react in situations such as this, hopefully means a lot of positive can come out of this in the end. Ultimately, it’s the bigoted men who complained who deserve the most criticism.

    Businesses across the country need to be teaching their employees how to react correctly in occurrences such as this, as much for their own reputations than the obvious desire to avoid unfair discriminatory practices against LGBT citizens.

  11. GregV says

    @QJ201: It would make no sense to complain about random people whose attitudes you know nothing about.
    I’d be all for complaining the next time THIS particular manager gives HIS spouse a hug on their anniversary (because of the double standard but NOT because I’d care if he was affectionate with her).

  12. NaughtyLola says

    @Endo, still not a First Amendment issue. The City of Phoenix is not an arm of the Federal government.

    If it is indeed owned by the city then the restaurant is almost certainly subject to the city’s public accommodations and anti-discrimination laws, but the US Constitution has nothing to do with it.

  13. JoeDE says

    I agree with DANSWON above.. if someone complains about a simple public display of affection in a restaurant or bar or airplane or wherever, the complainer should be offered the door.

  14. Hollywood, CA says

    The group of men who have been jerking off to “lesbian” porn for most of their adult life were “offended?” Republican hypocrisy at its very best. FTA!

  15. Michelle Dolo says

    It was caught on cameras that the ladies were straddling each other…there are always 2 sides to the stories, unfortunately with such a sensitive subject the Sheraton can’t tell theirs.

  16. Hollywood, CA says

    Guaranteed, if a couple had been kicked out of that restaurant because they were BLACK, the axe would have not just fallen on the IDIOT who started the whole deal. It would have been a top to bottom ass kicking, as it should be for GAYS. The only difference is that the gays don’t seem to care as much as a whole… makes me so angry.

  17. endo says

    @NaughtyLola: I wasn’t referring to the First Amendment; I was pointing out that it’s a more complicated situation because the hotel is not a private institution as you insinuated.

    But you seem intent on defending the hotel’s right to discriminate, so there’s probably no reasoning with you.

  18. vanndean says

    @Michelle Dodo. It was caught on cameras that the ladies were straddling each other.

    I would really like to see the footage from these cameras. I would really like to see how it is possible for ladies (plural) to be straddling each other. I can understand how it is possible for one of the ladies to have straddled the other. I can not picture how it is possible for them to have been straddling each other. It is possible that this straddling incident is a figment of someone’s imagination? I call Dodo duedue.

  19. DN says

    Sometimes I wonder if I was right to leave Phoenix… and then I see something like this. *This* is why I hated living there.

  20. rb says

    These women are super-classy and have a wonderful approach to resolving this unsavory scenario.

  21. Janet Vandenabeele says

    One of the worst experiences of my life was in a college class in 2005 of all adults on, of all things, “Critical Thinking.” We were doing an exercise in listening and incorporating the views of others. The question was: “Should gay marriage be the law of the land?”

    The teacher specifically said we should take the question literally. But person after person in the class said “No” because of two reasons: 1. the Bible and/or their church did not approve and 2. they didn’t want their kids to see two men kissing in public.

    Because of the constraints of the exercise and because *I* know how to follow rules, I could not point out their stupidity or the fact they weren’t listening to the question which was about the rule of law, not their particular beliefs. Or why they obsess so much about other people kissing.

    I will note that I am a straight woman married to a straight man (who feels the same way I do). We love being married, kissing in public, holding hands and think that is something all adults should be able to do without this bizarre prejudice that is more befitting pre-teenagers than voting adults.

    Can you imagine what these idiots would do if they ever went to France, where two straight men will kiss each other as a greeting? I weep for this country and its supreme stupidity and hatefulness.

  22. contragenic says

    Oh big mistake, I live in Phoenix, folks here are not as nice as they may be in the midwest about such things. I predict a kiss in or something of the like.