1. Steve says

    Bisexuality exists. And O’Connor said that she would consider women when she put out her casting call for a partner

  2. Jack M says

    Too bad he was “scared straight” instead of moved to compassion for all human beings by the AIDS crisis. He is a sad man.

  3. Sarina says

    When did Anne Heche ever left homosexuality? I thought she was bi or pansexual. If I didn’t feel sorry for this guy, I’d be angry.

  4. Abel says

    What a sad, damaged, angry and self-hating man. One wants to give him Harold’s speech to Michael at the end of BOYS IN THE BAND.

  5. The Milkman says

    Is that the queen from PFOX? He’s fatter than his stock photo, which apparently was taken in 1993, lets on.

    Poor thing. He’s so twisted up inside that he can’t wrap his addled little brain around the fact that his chosen path is not the only path. Just because some minute portion of the gay community could conceivably live an outwardly heterosexual life doesn’t mean that the rest of us should be compelled to do so, and it doesn’t mean that those of us who find happiness with a same-sex partner should have to abandon all hope of enjoying our full measure of civil and human rights.

    And really… Anne Heche? You’re holding up Anne Heche as some sort of role model? Didn’t she pull a Margot Kidder not that long ago, winding up mumbling and staggering and disoriented in someone’s backyard? And didn’t Sinead O’Connor just get a divorce after 15 seconds of marriage? Something to do with going to a sketchy neighborhood RIGHT after her wedding to score drugs? THESE are your examples of happy, healthy ex-gay lives? Really?

    Anyone who takes this fool seriously is a lost cause to begin with. Focus on the moveable middle, and ignore these clowns as they continue their unstoppable slide into irrelevance.

  6. brian says

    since when did civil rights have to be derived from immutable qualities? freedom of religion is a civil right but one’s religion is far from being immutable or innate.

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    What this guy doesn’t understand is that most of the witnesses for the PRO marriage equality side were “people of faith”, ministers and rabbis.

  8. jason says

    I partly agree with Greg Quinlan. It IS possible to leave the gay male social scene and its associated lifestyle. Personally, I find it a sex-centered scene that is obsessed with body image and porn, not to mention alcohol. Objectively, it is not a nice scene.

    Honestly, I think men would be better off socializing within the mainstream. There, you’ll find a bit of reality and balance. You will meet nice people of all orientations. You won’t get caught in this sexual vortex called the gay scene.

    Where I disagree with Mr Quinlan is his suggestion that one’s innate sexual feelings can be discarded like a shopping trolley. Such a thing isn’t possible. Your sexual thoughts and feelings are automatic. No choice is involved.

  9. says

    Don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but it seems to me that people who claim to have converted from homosexuality to heterosexuality seem angry, while those people who claim to have once been straight, but “chose” to be gay seem happier about that “choice.”

    The heart wants what it wants. Any deviation from that will make one miserable, no matter how vehemently one tries to convince one’s self otherwise.

  10. David in Houston says

    As Brian said above, religious beliefs aren’t immutable. Yet freedom of religion is a civil right. Quinlan is a self-loathing idiot, that has zero credibility.

  11. Verdon Coleman says

    @Jason, I don’t know what gay male social scene you inhabit, but mine does not reflect any of what you describe. Maybe it’s because all of the people in our scene are all adults who have more things to do that drink martinis and talk about Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Glee.

    Also, the sex-centered scene obsessed with body image and porn, not to mention alcohol, is not limited to the gay male scene. Have you ever seen many of the mainstream movies that people consider hilarious, such as “The Hangover”? Have you ever been to Spring Break in Daytona? How about a singles bar? How about folks getting married for 72 days?

    Just an observation. Need more coffee.

  12. TampaZeke says

    Is there ANY evidence that Quinlan was EVER a “homosexual activist” or even ever gay? We know that these people will tell any damned lie to push their agenda. I’m just wondering if he’s ever provided any evidence that he ever identified as gay.

    And another point. Quinlan, if anything, was exactly like, but the reverse of, Cynthia Nixon and was a bisexual who CHOSE to live as straight.

    This is why Nixon’s original, ignorant comment was not only inaccurate but dangerous and why it was necessary for her to correct her mis-statment.

    I honestly believe that most of the rabidly anti-gay people who have homosexual desires and behaviors (Haggard, Wide Stance, Luggage Lifter) are bisexuals who feel that they are making a naughty choice and that everyone who claims to be gay is actually just like them and making the choice, an evil, disgusting, unhealthy, unChristian choice, to be gay and that, like them, could make the choice to just be straight.

  13. Robert in SF says

    A few points, in no certain order:
    re: Civil rights are based on innateness, whether or not you were born that way.
    This statement in inaccurate. Civil rights based on religious expression and beliefs are granted, and no one is born a Muslim, Christian, or of the religious Jewish faith.

    And even if a person did choose to “be gay”….why would that automatically deny them the equal access/protection of the laws regarding civil marriages…marriage is about persons committing to an equal partnership in their lives, supporting each other to help make their lives better…mores stable, more productive, more secure…and those relationships help stabilize the community, and the community reaps those benefits…I just do not understand the rationale.

  14. Verdon Coleman says

    Oh, and can I mention that Quinlan looks like he just had his back blown out the night before?

  15. bruce says

    Verdon Coleman,

    I agree that the straight scene can be sex-centric. But in the gay male scene there is a concentration of very powerful sex drives, which makes it even more sleazy in my opinion.

    In any case, two wrongs don’t make a right. Just because one is sleazy, it doesn’t justify our own sleaziness.

  16. says

    Wrong, Jason, there is no “lifestyle” associated with the gay community except what bigots have pinned to us. No two gay men live the same “lifestyle” because everyone has different lives. It’s naive to think that “socializing within the mainstream” would be better for gay men because most straight men are just as sex and porn and alcohol obsessed as gay men are. If you want a better, more healthy gay community, that will only come from what you contribute to it.

  17. Matt26 says

    This “ex-gay” decided one day he’s straight and hates gays. Ok. Why then he doesn’t look happy?

  18. Leroy Laflamme says

    Anne Heche. Sinead O’Connor. FUTFACTDL!(fall upon the floor and choke to death laughing)

  19. says

    “Jason” if you’re posting in here oyu haven’t left the gay spocial scene.

    Has anybody read Harold’s final speech in “The Boys in the Band” to you lately?

  20. Dave says

    Sad bitter pathetic shell of a man. He would sooner deny others liberty than allow it to himself. He does not have to die to go to hell, he has arrived.

  21. simon says

    “To date, there is zero evidence that anyone is born a homosexual” It is because he has not read a book in 20 years. No definite conclusion doesn’t mean “there is no evidence”.

  22. Pahima says

    im sure kiwi “gets” this guy too. he gets what he means by being gay is a choice a la cynthia nixon.

  23. says

    Now it’s my turn, and ready or not, _______, here it goes.
    You are a sad and pathetic man. You’re a homosexual and you don’t want to be. But there is nothing you can do to change it. Not all your prayers to your god, not all the analysis you can buy in all the years you’ve got left to live. You may very well know a heterosexual life if you want it desperately enough – if you pursue it with the fervor with which you annihilate – but you will always be a homosexual as well. Always. Until the day you die.

    Oh, friend. Thanks for the nifty party and the super gift.


    *elegant curtsy*

  24. says

    a few things….

    we have the sad ex-gay who’s angry and hateful that other men and women are enjoying a freedom and authenticity of life that he will never know. ever. that’s why he’s so angry.

    in reality, it’s the exact same mentality as JasonRick’s hatred toward …well…. we all know. 😉

    it’s a reactionary anger that someone else has the courage and strength to enjoy something that they don’t have the courage and strength to be able to enjoy.

    ex-gays who don’t want gays to enjoy being gay.
    insecure homosexuals who are angry that Out gays have more enjoyable lives. sure, they throw around “sleaze” and join the bigots in saying “you guys are all stereotypical queens and you’re promiscuous and you’re sex obsessed”

    Mary, please. It’s nobody else’s fault that you can’t get laid. it’s nobody else’s fault that you can’t find love. sitting there with your balls in the closet complaining about Other Gays Having Sex isn’t going to make your life better. but keep wasting it, like this ex-gay dunce.

  25. Nat says

    “im sure kiwi “gets” this guy too. he gets what he means by being gay is a choice a la cynthia nixon.”

    Expecting Kiwi to be intellectually consistent is about as hopeless as expecting cruising-free bathrooms at GOProud-attended CPAC.

  26. Rick says

    So has it been proven that “we” are born hetrosexual? Is there a straight gene? If so, where is it? Where is the scientific evidence to prove it? ….What? Oh, no evidence you were born straight? You just always remember bringing that way?? Did someone recruit you to heterosexuality? …. Oh man, where is your logic??

  27. Den says

    It may have been practical and politically necessary but the fight for sexual equality should never have been based on a claim of biological or inate sexuality which basically is a feeble “We can’t help being gay please treat us equally for that reason” argument. The right to have full access to all the privileges and responsibilities of civil society should be available to all regardless of the reasons why you choose a partner or sexual life. Consenting adult sexuality is the civil right – Hetero or Homo is just the technical terminology.

  28. says

    hey Plebes With Obsessions With Me, Ms. Nixon is a bisexual woman who made an empowered statement about how she, with her attractions to both genders, still “CHOOSES” a gay identity – despite the world of anti-gay prejudice around her.

    this ex-gay is insisting that being gay is a NEGATIVE choice – a choice people should not make. he’s approaching it from a place of anti-gay bias. there’s a distinction.

    only the most intellectually feeble folks can’t see that. you show who you are.

  29. GregV says

    “Ms. Nixon is a bisexual woman who made an empowered statement about how she, with her attractions to both genders, still “CHOOSES” a gay identity – despite the world of anti-gay prejudice around her.”

    I’d say that, on the contrary, she surrendered some of her potential empowerment by “choosing” first a HETERO identity (when it was the identity that would give her the most social respect in her situation) and then a gay identity, BECAUSE OF the anti-bisexual prejudice that she perceived to be around her.

    She has chosen the straight and then the gay identities for similar reasons to the choice that most gay people have made at some point to “choose” a straight identity to present to the public.

    I know gay people who still choose a gay identity with their close friends and a straight identity with their family and co-workers.
    “Choosing” an identity that you are not because of prejudice against what you really are is not empowering.

  30. TJ says

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste, Mr. Quinlan. Perhaps if yours hadn’t been so polluted by exercising your civil right to choose your religion, you’d be a much happier man. Remind me to never seek treatment at a hospital where you work. I’d be afraid of your “science,” which might include praying away the broken bones and blood-letting.

  31. says

    some do indeed argue that bisexuals should choose “a straight life” because they’re “capable” of having one (or at least what looks like one to the eyes of Greater Society). Ms. Nixon, who has clarified her statement for less-discerning minds more than enough, has not done that. she’s chosen a gay identity, and a gay relationship, despite the fact that she *could* (for argument’s sake) have waited for “another man” to come along that she was attracted and connected to.

    Quinlan? he’s saying people shouldn’t be gay. there’s a complete distinction.

    gay couples marrying won’t do anything to him other than remind him of all the joys he’ll never know. that’s why he’s angry.

  32. Alan says

    “Civil rights are based on innateness, whether or not you were born that way.” Fine. No one is born of any particular religion. People change their religion all the time. This is such a silly argument if you think that religion should be a protected class.

  33. GregV says

    Greg Quinlan’s statements that civil rights are based on “innateness” is just ridiculous.
    Mr. Loving did not have to prove that he was “innately” attracted” to black women in order to win the right to be free to choose her as his spouse just as other ciotizens may choose their spouses.
    Like Mrs. Loving’s race, my spouse’s gender is likewise innate. If everyone in the world were bisexual then yes, it would be possible to choose a white person or a female but the government has no business looking at those characteristics to decide whether someone deserves the same rights that everyone else has.
    His argument could easily be turned against him to suggest that he has no right to choose his own religion or to express his opinion freely or to be a nurse or to choose what kind of sweater he wears today, because none of that is “innate.”
    And where is the disconnect when he talks about the right to self-determination but wants the government to dictate the personal choices of the individual?

    And his role models for changing orientations are:
    exhibit a: Anne Heche, who around the time she claimed to be gay, also claimed to be an alien from the planet Celestia and subsequently wrote a book about her insanity called “Call Me Crazy.”

    and exhibit b: Sinead O’Connor, who has said that she did not “switch,” but, rather has always been a bisexual who leans about 3/4 toward men and 1/4 toward women, and said she once falsely said she was gay “only to make someone feel better.”

    I think this Quinlan guy is trying to tell himself that he’s something he’s not and lashes out at others to make HIMSELF feel better. But being untrue to yourself and attacking others’ rights will never achieve that.
    Maybe if he’s sad, he doesn’t want anyone else to be happy. Someday if he ever finds happiness in life, he may very well apologize and feel embarrassed for the spectacle he made of himself.

  34. says

    scientific evidence hasn’t stopped millions of nutbags from denying Evolution and choosing, instead, to tout Creationism.

    these are the same people who say “it’s a choice!” as if that instantly explain why people “shouldn’t” be gay, despite the fact that they can’t give any legit reasons for it other than “i think my religion says it’s wrong”

    we need to be aware of this reality, folks.

  35. says

    and GregV, your last post was dead-on perfect. that’s exactly what this is.

    you know the phrase “i don’t what I haven’t got?” – in this guy’s case, and in the case of so-called “ex-gays” it’s more like “I don’t want others to have what i’ve been convinced to deny myself”

  36. uffda says

    Little KIWI – sorry, my comments for yesterday won’t post either here or following your last elsewhere. Don’t know why. You’ll have to eat crow later.

  37. Dan Cobb says

    Sir, you are angry and mean.

    The fact is that religious belief is not immutable. Homosexuality is immutable.
    You are living your life having learned to
    hate who you are. No wonder you consider yourself to be straight –you hate your
    gay self.

  38. Dan Cobb says

    OH God, one of those damaged (by the Catholic Church) Irish types. They are nastier than any other people on earth.
    Greg, since you want to talk science,
    the fact is that until the virus that causes polio was discovered, there was ZERO evidence that polio was caused by a pathogen. People like you would likely have believed that satanic eminations were the cause of polio. And see how stupid such people were who believed that at the time! One day when there is ample evidence that homosexuality IS immutable, you will look be seen as one of those implacable dolts of history.

  39. Dan Cobb says

    This guy is coming from a dark and angry and vicious place. Courtesy of the Roman Catholic perverted Church.

  40. Tom in long beach says

    I think it is wrong for ex gays to equate being gay with being promiscuous. Every gay man or woman can choose to be safe and responsible about sexuality, LIKE to marry ones partner and honor that commitment….. or at least have enough self esteem to practice safe sex. And we do not have to be more perfect than the straits. Also I strongly feel that a few people who really are “bi” can choose. For most of us there is no choice about who we are attracted to.

  41. Rick says

    Is there no way to “lock in” a name on this site? The “Rick” who posted above is not me, the “famous” Rick (LOL). I am sure he was not impersonating me to mislead people–he probably just chose the name without knowing about me….but it can be confusing to people.

    On the topic at hand, again, the solution is to get away from the “Is it a choice?” question and change the male culture to the point that choice is a GOOD thing….in sexuality and everything else.

    I personally believe that men and women were not meant by nature to be each other’s soulmates–they are just too differently wired to ever really understand each other–which is why most male-female relationships are not successful, sexual attractions aside.

    Doing away with any stigmas on any kind of sexual expression would free all the men who would prefer to find their soulmates among other men to do so, whether there is sexual involvement or not…..but there probably would be in the vast majority of cases, given the well-established fact that a degree, at least, of bisexuality is the norm…..

    And that would do away once and for all with the whole “gay”/”straight” false dichotomy that is ultimately so limiting and counter-productive.

    But as long as we are in this “choice/not choice” discussion that assumes that heterosexual coupling is superior (when it is, in fact, just the opposite), we cannot get there.

    Nor can we ever get to the point where male-male relationships are generally successful……the reason for the kind of sleaze Jason refers to is that so few gay men have a truly male identity that is critical to having successful male relationships.

    All these issues are related–it is a big cultural mess that needs a complete overhaul rather than the tinkering that is taking place….and gay men, themselves, are just as big a part of the problem as the homophobic society at-large.

  42. simon says

    What is “biological ideology”? The “researchers and scientists” he is talking about are biological ideologists?

  43. says

    where does his lame “argument” leave bisexuals? does one need to “prove” that their same-sex attractions are entirely exclusive in order to “qualify” for Marriage? does a bisexual person who’s in love with someone of the same sex or gender have “less of an argument” for marrying their partner simply because they’re also occasionally attracted to members of the opposite sex or gender?

  44. mike finn says

    civil rights belong only to categories that are innate? if people are choosing to be straight as he reports then why should they have any civil rights either? his logic exposes his unfairness and unequal treatment. his heterosexuality is not innate, by his own rules, he doesn’t deserve the right to free speech.

  45. Robert in NYC says

    Verdon, I agree. There are many heterosexual “scenes”, swingers clubs, S&M clubs. The majority of heterosexual single men out there are no different than single gay men. Got to a straight bar and watch the men hitting on women.

    Jason always paints the gay community with the same brush. Many of us don’t live in that world that he insists is ours and ours alone.

    Another thing, Jason…..nobody is born religious, it is in fact a chosen “lifestyle”. Our orientation isn’t. Do you really think we’d choose to be gay knowing the discrimination we encounter in our daily lives.

    Quinlan can’t provide any factual evidence to back up his statement. Anyone can marry someone of the opposite sex and pretend to be straight as many bisexual people do. It’s called ‘denial’, stemming from self-loathing. The legitimate science out there is slowly pointing to genetics in regard to sexual orientation. So he’s dead wrong.

  46. Jexer says

    Bigot. Bigot bigot bigot. I apologize. I’m sorry you’re a bigot. I’m sorry that our pointing it out to you is unpleasant to your sanctimonious self-image. Bigot.

    “Freedom” is choosing how one lives their own life. Freedom is not a world in which closed minded bigots like you get to decide how other people must live their lives.

    Go read up on separated identical gay twin studies and explain the statistics found there if we’re NOT born with it.

    And until you get a clue, shut the fraking hell up you insufferably ignorant hateful little greasy turd.
    Shut the hell up you worthless stupid uneducated (go read up on separated identical gay twin studies you

  47. George M says

    Rick are you the example I’m suppose to live up to? Do you have this so called “true male” identity? Id be interested in hearing what makes you more of a man then me or anyone else.

    Jason you don’t have to be a part of it, I just hope in the end you’re with us not against us, I’m just not sure that’s true.

  48. says

    ask Jason/Rick for proof of the Example they pretend to be leading and you’ll get ignored.

    Rick/Jason could very well prove us all wrong by posting a video or providing the URL wherein he shows us all what a strong, empowered, masculine Out gay male role model he thinks he is.

    alas, no such URL will ever be given. because JasonRick is still Closeted.

    hence, his anger toward those who are Out. like this ex-gay’s anger toward those who are gay.

  49. atomic says

    @Simon @Andy Towle: The word is transcribed incorrectly. He says “etiology,” not “ideology.”

    Doesn’t matter, though. He’s misrepresenting the scientific research and conveniently ignoring the psychological and psychiatric consensus that homosexuality is neither a disorder nor a chosen orientation. His choice to ignore the evidence and data is a clear consequence of his self-loathing.

  50. Rick says

    @George M One very simple test is that if you find yourself living vicariously through women, you most definitely do not have a truly male identity. And given that “gay icons” consist almost in their entirety of straight women (rather than men of any kind, including other gay men), I would say that this affliction is suffered from by a very large percentage of the “gay” male population.

  51. vwdavy says

    personally, i’m glad he’s an flame throwing, sissy pants wearing, waitress with a boa ex-gay.
    it’s obvious to me. no self-respecting, flag wearing worshiper of the peen would ever be seen in a Kohl’s sweater, especially a magenta one.

  52. says

    RICK, URL please where you show us all the strong empowered masculine Out gay role model example you’re apparently living.

    nothing worse than a closeted gay man who lives vicariously through his false “straight” alter-ego.

  53. George M says

    Well im not to sure how im living vicariously through women, so maybe I am a real man. Do I like str8 women of course, I’m not the hater. Most of my male friends are str8 if that gives me some extra points. My idols are my mother (a str8 woman) and my dad. I don’t drool over the latest rising star but you know what I don’t think it matters if you do. You need to get over this chest pounding idea of what a man is. The beliefs you hold, and your right to, are no less dangerous to our “community” then those trying to strip us of rights and dignity. It’s picking and choosing what it means to be gay, it’s about the right to be who we are regardless and still have the same rights. You don’t have to identify with anyone or the community as a whole, that’s always been up to you but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re all shooting for the finish line, I hope we all get there together.

  54. Randy says

    To date there is zero evidence that anyone is born a Christian — zero. In fact, it’s Christian researchers and scientists that are proving that Christianity is not innate and has no biological etiology. Christianity is not immutable; people do change. People have a right of self-determination. They can cherries, choose to change from being atheist to Christian. Why can’t they choose to change from Christian to atheist? People do it all the time. There are many ex-Christians: Julia Sweeney, to name one, Dan Barker, and myself. I left the Christian lifestyle almost 20 years ago.

    Oh. Wait. Religion and unbelief ARE civil rights. So much for that “immutability” argument.

  55. uffda says

    Rick/Jason/Kiwi and others, at it again. I’d sort it all out for you but it’s getting late in the day and now it’s hard to care. Good reading though, especially when someone blows his top. If YOU did, welcome to the club. As the only only ass here with balance and perspective, ahem, I’m hoping you will note how KIWI, the repititous chihuahua is driven to fury by RICK who will never respond. It gets more embarassing with time. The wisdom of getting KIWIs goat in this way is something equisite. Not to belittle our elfin boy’s barking pie hole. He has lots to say worth at least grudging respect.

    (And BTW, doesn’t anyone burst out laughing at some of the stuff on this website, especially the melodrama?. Also, we need a forum where we can continue fighting for more than two days at a time before Andy’s conveyor belt leaves us out of touch.)

    OK, but more about KIWI, by far the most interesting reverse bigot with totalitarian instincts to be found on this site. Humorless and mostly ill-humored he is, nevertheless, more of a soul in full view than anyone. And Rick is too though sans the video’s that have given KIWI such luster. If he had anything like KIWIS charm without the storm clouds he would do well to give us some pictures. As for my reputed “obsession” with the Fire-in-Toronto, it’s only because I’m a pyromaniac and storm chaser. I love volcanos, big waves and wild storms. All good, authentic events.

  56. George M says

    It will pass both house’s and the D-ck will veto it and the dems won’t be able to over come it. Our best chance I hope is Washington state. Man I would love one victory at the ballot box

    Maryland is going to suck to, and new Hampshire, the repubs didn’t put repeal on the agenda for 2012… Their up to something. My guess get closer to reelecting a new governor, don’t trust those F-uckers

    A spot to keep fighting would be cool UFFDA, do you agree with anything kiwi says?

  57. MattS says

    Actually, he’s wrong. Civil rights are not based on innateness. Religion is a protected civil right, and people can and certainly do change religions.

  58. TJ says

    I was just wondering: I don’t have an URL. I don’t have a blog, or a website. And I actually limit my Facebook page to people I know. Does this make my “out” life any less significant?

    KIWI, you know I think you walk on water (well, most of the time, but hey, no one is perfect). But I have to wonder about the insistence on cyber validation. The fact that JASON/RICK never talks about how they actually live in the real world (relationships, etc) is pretty compelling on its own, but even then, not everyone exposes themselves on the Internet. Some people, believe it or not, have never posted a video on YouTube . It doesn’t make us bad people.

  59. DeeperStill says

    “People have a right of self-determination”, says this pathetic little man…. And he is, of course, more right than he can comprehend. Incredible…

    And @Jason/Rick: Way to prove yourselve(s) the eternal moron(s). You go, girls (As it were).

  60. says

    Yeah, the guy has definitely been gay. He feels all ignored and neglected, but just think how much he’d perk up if a bunch of people were to clap real loud at him while shouting, “I believe in you. I believe in you!” He leaves a residue of fairy dust whereever he steps or sits as it is. The only difference between now and twenty years ago is that he gets paid to be an activist now, and he’s convinced himself that conviction is the same thing as fact. And, that’s the exact source of his bigotry, too.

    big·ot   [big-uht] noun – a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

    Since when is an honest, forthright and factually based observation an insult? Methinks Gregina Louise oughtta get over herself, or at least quit proving what s/he is publicly.

  61. jamal49 says

    What a sad, embittered, angry, frustrated man the speaker is! I beg to differ and I speak only from being very self-aware: I have no memory-none-of ever having for one moment any physical, emotional, or psychological attraction to the opposite sex. I believe (and I know that one day my belief, my inherent and soul-deep instinct will be proven correct) that I was born gay, that is my natural state, that I cannot change my natural preference for men. If I am to be called a homosexual or gay or queer or whatever it is to provide a word so that society can label me, I will say “so be it”. It is who I am. I cannot change it. If you, sir, are an “ex-gay”, then I suspect that your alleged “change” is simply self-denial and self-delusion. Any of us can have sex with a woman. Some of us can marry a woman, have children with our wife, live what society considers a “straight” or “normal” life. But I will bet the farm, sir, that very deep within yourself, you still harbor feelings for men; that you are still attracted to men. What you do not do is act out on your natural feelings. You deny them. You suppress them. And, if being a faux-straight man allows you to live in a world of heterosexual privilege without outer conflict, then, sir, I am happy for you. But, I am a natural-born citizen of the United States of America. As such, I am entitled to the same rights, privileges and protections as you. You, sir, have no right to deny me those rights, privileges and protections. Honestly, I think you fight against marriage equality because if gays and lesbians are granted the right to civil marriage, it will have the effect of making your entire “straight-acting” life what it truly is: a lie. Sad. Very sad.

  62. says

    There’s plenty of evidence that we’re born gay — tiny studies, rarely more than 90 gay men compared to 90 hetero men — and they each show some different physiological differences between us and them. From finger length, to hair swirls, to serotonin drug reactions, to physical strength, to the fact that some 70% of heteros can identify with 80% accuracy who is gay to who is not — and to the clincher — millions of gay men all over the world giving testimony (as one scientist said “it would be the world’s largest uncoordinated systematic lie and deception if there was not a natural basis to these feelings.”) and to the very fact that in every culture and race and ethnic group on earth the exact same small percentage is gay. Even more amazing is that a recent study of 47,000 European-heritage American men showed there was a gene for caffeine, and to then argue that something far more intrinsic to a person like gayness is merely “caught” or “chosen” is logically absurd. Oh, when will they study 47,000 gay men?

    The problem is that our opponents will not believe a shred of this evidence, will not engage in any logical or coherent thought on the issue, will not look for any more evidence, say that all such evidence is merely faked and “promoting homosexuality” and even work to prevent any more research being done.

    But to also claim that hetero is natural and instinct and that we gays then turn off this instinct so thoroughly is mind numbing, for then the belief must be we have quite incredible minds in order to turn off instinct.

  63. Tarc says

    Newflash: the science as been in for some time now, and all the insane jibbering and religious nutjobbery in the world won’t change the facts. Sorry. Being gay is as natural as air, homosexuals in a society strengthen it, and gay folks are entitled to the same rights as everyone else. Deal.

  64. says

    simple, TJ – i liken it to those who promote anti-gay bigotry and donate to anti-gay causes who then want “protection” for it to be kept private.

    the anti-gay gay males? same thing – spewing bigotry and intolerance from the anonymity of online.

    it’s like those girls in high school who complain about how the school dances always suck yet never join the committee that organizes them. a world of people who complain that Other Out Gays are “doing it all wrong” – yet give no specific example of their own of how they are representing themselves.

    we all know jasonrick the self-hating troll. anti-black, anti-woman, anti-gay. all puked out from a place of complete cowardice.

    there’s a reason guys like him can’t show who they are. they’re not what they say they are. they’re the exact opposite.

  65. jim says

    m’I missing something? Quinlan said he “left the gay lifestyle” but where did he say he doesn’t still crave coq? He’s not one of those uber-stupid who confuse “lifestyle” with “orientation” is he?

    Meh, I bet he still gets a thrill and wood when he has to give a studly hyper-masculine patient a spongebath.

  66. TJ says

    KIWI – perhaps I wasn’t clear with my point. I absolutely get that JASON/RICK is a fraud with no authentic life. It’s the repetative URL meme I question. I know that whippersnappers like you are all about smart phones and videos and blogs. I get that it is very much a part of the culture. However, I have no cyber evidence, and I bet I’m not the only one here. I just think his always pointing fingers at others is pretty good evidence, on it’s own, that putting a finger on himself – the man in the mirror – would show that there’s no “there” there.

  67. simon says

    This guy also surfaced in Maryland’s hearing quoting the French. Unlike the two ladies behind him here, the two guys behind him in Maryland are laughing their heads off.

  68. jack says

    The nurse doth protest too much. I won’t criticize this guy the way i do other anti-gay spokesmen because he is obviously a very fragile individual.

  69. jack says

    I hope Greg Quinlan enjoyed watching Channing Tatum on SNL tonight as much as I did. I’ll bet he did.

  70. Matt says

    “Don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but it seems to me that people who claim to have converted from homosexuality to heterosexuality seem angry”

    They also usually seem to be really nelly .. what is up with that??

  71. jack says

    If you don’t recognize that Greg Quinlan is clearly not a EX-gay then your gaydar has got to be old, broken and turned off.

  72. MKe says

    Wow. Why do people feel like they can sit behind a microphone and yell at gay people for 5 minutes?! This is why civil rights shouldn’t be put up to a vote. That would have been very hard to stomach if I was in that room, it was hard enough just to watch. It’s not that guys place to yell at people. If he wants to never have sex again that’s his choice, not everyone’s responsibility.