1. Paul in Charleston says

    The importance of messages such as this can never be underestimated. Those who have an irrational and superstitious hatred for non-heterosexuals will most likely never change how they feel, but there are so many others who are either indifferent or unaware, those who naively believe that they don’t know any gay people. These are the hearts and minds that need to be reached with stories from storytellers like this wonderful family.

  2. Dale says

    If at all possible, if I was one of the two boys, I’d have my grandfather marry me as soon as it became legal in WA. God willing his grandfather lives to see it happen. What a loving family.

  3. The Milkman says

    I met that family back when I was living in Minneapolis and singing with the TCGMC. Jacob’s mom, Randi, brought cookies for the entire chorus. That is one spectacular family, each and every one of them.

    Would that all of us were so fortunate. Perhaps one day more of us will be.

  4. says

    The Maryland law will be signed but we can’t get married until Jan ’13 because a republican in the house of dels amended the bill with that stipulation. His public rationalization was that he wanted to avoid a Prop8 situation. I call BS. I think he was actually making it possible for those opposed to the bill to give them time to mount a referendum campaign. The repubs in NY didn’t pull this crap.

  5. Bob says

    If you live in Washington, tell everyone you meet NOW not to sign the hateful petitions that the mormon and catholic machines are putting out.
    I lived through the HELL of the Prop 8 TV ads, now I am in Portland, whose TV market covers southern Washington. I do not want more of that stupid mean HELL of the mormon- created hate ads.

  6. vwdavy says

    as a resident of the twin cities, it is not just a pleasure to have the Reitan family be the driving force behind the equality movement here, but we have their brilliant leadership, and innate sense of right versus wrong to credit the groundswell of public and private opinion that is trending more and more to place Minnesota back on the proper side of history where it (we) belong.
    every state should be so gifted.

  7. says

    Very sweet…but I feel like all these “feel good” ads are worthless. To me, the key to winning this debate comes down to practical aspects like taxes, hospital visits, inheritance of pensions and property if a spouse dies, etc. What works in political ads is scare tactics. And it’s time to fight fire with fire. Instead of all these ads with old happy gay couples we need to put forth the terrible stories of gay people being denied compassion and dignity during life’s tragedies. Stories like the woman in Miami who despite being married to her partner was denied the opportunity to see her on her death bed…or gay people denied the right to attend the funeral of their deceased partners. People need to realize the real world affects of their anti-gay votes. It’s easy for a straight person to say “I believe marriage is between one man and one woman”…it’s a lot harder to say “I think gay people should be denied the right to visit their dying partner in the hospital” but that’s effectively what they are saying with their vote.

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