1. Butch says

    Yeah, Steven Tyler did a better job with the Star Spangled Banner than Romney does with his vocalizing, but I still question whether this glitterbombing stuff is really (and I hate myself for using this word, but) productive.

  2. Paul R says

    The left has got to stop glitter bombing and the right has got to stop singing.

    And though I never thought that I’d compliment Mitty on anything EVER, that was a pretty good response.

  3. Paul R says

    @David: I agree that he’s dumb as dirt—he gave his cult $4 million last year—but he contained his emotions and pretended like it was a compliment. He’s being the anti-Gingrich. It was a wise move. He knows all about glitter bombing since it’s happened to pretty much every GOP candidate, and he took it down by pretending it was cool.

    Makes him look like he takes the high road, and gave him a chance to insult Obama. Pretty good politics, instead of having goons take down the guy who did it.

  4. Opinionated says

    Glitter bombing is so beyond ridiculous can we please stop?? Can’t we hold some homo forum and vote to ban this??? So distracting, so pointless, so ineffective.

    P.S. Hate you but great response to this Romney.

  5. Eric26 says

    Can all politicians stop singing? I found Romney’s and Obama’s recent singing deeply embarrassing.

  6. says

    you think Glitterbombing is ineffective? i’d love to hear what specific actions you think will change the mind of a right-wing pious hypocritical Mormon worth 200 million dollars.

  7. PDX Guy says

    Everything this guy does is rehearsed and calculated. He probably would have hired someone to glitter bomb him if it didn’t happen soon so he could play this line. And the singing? He must’ve gotten good feedback on that so had to do it again. Just another mormon, they always have that weirdness about them like everything is an act. I keep waiting for one to pull its face off and be an alien underneath.

  8. Michael Bedwell says

    Canadian “Kiwi” keeps insisting on telling LGBT American’s how to fix our country when he’s simply sucking at the teat of equality achieved by activists up North who came beforehere. As stupid as the Glitter Bomb Queens are, I can’t imagine they’re imagining they’re going to change Romney’s mind about anything. The purpose of such actions, Mon Petit, has traditionally been to call attention to the other person’s bigotry or whatever.

    BUT the idea that glitter is the way to do it could only come from those with the mind of a five-year old. Such a faggy symbol reduces us to the trivial, silly stereotype so many still want to believe. Imagine those at Stonewall just throwing glitter at the cops. Imagine Harvey Milk just throwing glitter. Etc. Etc. Etc.

  9. says

    imagine michaelbedwell taking time away from masturbating to the images of a dead soldier whom he’s harboured a lifelong obsession with to remind us all that he’s also a self-hating ‘mo who gets insecure about things bigots describe as “faggy” or “queeny”


    special kudos to the LGBT Activists and Equality Advocates up here in Canada, whom I’m proud to call Family 😀

  10. Paul R says

    Wow, what crappy responses Kiwi. If you can’t imagine something better than glitter bombs, then you have no imagination. And the assault on Bedwell is just pure stupidity. For someone who spends so much time talking about family, maybe you need to get some friends.

  11. Patrick says

    @Little Kiwi: You ask about “what specific actions…will change the mind of a right-wing pious hypocritical Mormon?” I don’t think changing this single man’s mind is really the point, but I do think a more productive use of time and resources would be registering oneself and others to vote Democrat, organizing fundraisers/donating to progressive LGBT causes, speaking at one’s church/synagogue/community group, and on and on. Rommey’s cheerful and unflappable response instantly took any sting away from the bomber and made the bomber look like a frivolous, insubstantial gadfly. Unfortunately, the score is Romney 1, Glitterbomber 0.

  12. Continuum says

    Enough with the glitter bombs.

    They express nothing except childishness.

    Now that Romney has secret service protection, I expect that throwing anything at him will merit a swift reaction.

    How would anyone know that someone is throwing just glitter, and not something worse.

    Carry signs, do mic checks, shout . . . stop throwing things.

  13. Michael Bedwell says

    Projecting your personal sexual fetishes on others, Kiwi, is amusing. As for AGAIN trying to smear me by injecting my longtime friendship with the late Leonard Matlovich—who did more, sacrificed more for gay equality in the last 13 years of his life than you will in 90—into the discussion reveals what pond scum you really are. And for the record, he was an airman not a soldier.

  14. Jack says

    I totally agree wit Patrick’s response to Little Kiwi.I couldn’t have said it any better, so I won’t try.

  15. Nat says

    It’s funny when two of Towleroad’s biggest blowhards square off against one another.

    Now all I’m waiting for is Rick to tell us how glitter-bombing is part of a heterosexual female plot to emasculate gay men.

  16. says

    I think it’s reached the point where right-wing politicians hire their own glitter bombers in order to gain credibility with their followers. Time to retire glitter bombing to the tool box.

  17. uffda says

    Kiwi, who can think so clearly sometimes, may now be considered persona non grata for his several creepy and idiotic remarks here. Too bad, a lot of us used to like this once fierce pixie from Canada who’s flapping pie hole has now, with time, shown him to be both viscious and small. Go away.

  18. TJ says

    Who’s Leonard Maltovich? GEORGE M, Google, please, now.

    And the KIWI backlash… Hmmm, hard to address, given my recent proposal of marriage from him. Sometimes, I suspect, he can be a bit confrontational. It’s a delicate balance: Make someone uncomfortable so that they question their position, but not so uncomfortable that they back off completely.

    So totally overstepping my bounds, because I can’t really speak for KIWI, but also because I agree that the glitter is kinda silly (but hey, it was a category on Millionaire tonight – seriously, I heard it while I was cooking dinner): What he keeps asking us is, if you don’t like what’s out there, what would you do instead? And why aren’t you doing it, if you aren’t?

  19. Nat says

    “Sometimes, I suspect, he can be a bit confrontational. It’s a delicate balance: Make someone uncomfortable so that they question their position, but not so uncomfortable that they back off completely.”


    When was the last time he made any sort of positive comment that didn’t also direct vitriol at someone or something else? He reflexively attacks every position that minutely differs from his with overwhelming (and completely unearned) self-righteousness. He displays no compassion for anyone who’s circumstances differ from his own. His endless boasts about his own peace of mind betray a deeply insecure persona, who compensates for his own inadequacies by lashing out.

    He’s a bully, plain and simple. And often saying or thinking the right thing doesn’t make him any less a bully.

  20. TJ says

    NAT – the good that men do, the evil they leave behind… On balance, I tend to view KIWI in terms of the former, rather than the latter. But it is a delicate balance. For you and others, the scales tip in the other direction. I am guilty of going nuclear on occasion, but I do try to reserve those weapons for the truly deserving. Deserving, of course, is in the eye of the beholder.

    I learned a lesson years ago when I posted comments on a decidedly less political forum. I made snarky comments about trailer trash (I thought I had the right, not only because my family lived in one for a few years but also because I thought the comment was funny). A fellow poster (and sorta cyber pal ) pointed out that some of the people reading the forum might actually live in trailers (ahem – “modular homes”) and that it didn’t necessarily make them trash.

    Empathy for circumstance is important. Ideologues come in all stripes. They run the risk of not seeing the trees for the forest.

  21. thedavidvbf says

    So many Gay Men and Lesbians do not know their own history and the sacrifices made by our heros for all of us. I cannot believe people do not know who Leonard Matlovich is, and what his contribution was. Maybe we have just done a very poor job passing the knowledge on.