Student Faces Six Months in Jail, $1,000 Fine for Glittering Romney


Peter Smith, a University of Colorado Boulder student, has been charged over an attempted glittermbombing of Mitt Romney on Wednesday which was thwarted by the Secret Service.

Reuters reports:

Denver authorities detained Smith for questioning on Tuesday night, and he was cited on misdemeanor charges of creating a disturbance, throwing a missile and an unlawful act on school property, Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said.

Smith, who faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted, said he has no regrets about his protest.

Smith said he was protesting not only Romney's stance on same-sex marriage but his "general political philosophy" and added that agents questioned him about the act of glittering: "They just mentioned this act was an issue that they've been trying to deal with more and more."

Meanwhile, a D.C. optometrist is warning of the dangers posed by glitterbombing: “If it gets into the eyes, the best scenario is it can irritate, it can scratch. Worst scenario is it can actually create a cut. As the person blinks, it moves the glitter across the eye and can actually scratch the cornea.”

I've reposted the attempted glitterbombing, AFTER THE JUMP...