1. Abie says

    What galls me, besides Rick Santorum’s continued existence in general, is how he and other Republican conservatives have decided that the founding fathers did not believe in a separation of Church and State, which is patently false. They clearly believed that citizens should practice their faith however they liked, but that religion and churches should have no place in government whatsoever.
    Santorum is propagating a lie, and I’m waiting for someone to have the nerve to confront him and call him out for this lie in a way that that will force him to answer for it without evading or dismissing, like at a debate or in a live TV interview. Most major press are too polite to people like him. He doesn’t deserve the courtesy.

  2. uffda says

    If possible this creep gets creepier and creepier. Behind his whole shape-shifted face and torso I can sense a writhing mass of alien tube worms struggling to emerge, which he struggles to keep hidden. Soon everyone will get the drift and he’ll be thown out completely and forever by everyone except the soiled creeps he feeds. Day of the Living Dead.

  3. Munro says

    It doesn’t just go one way, Rick. Along that same line of logic, state involvement in religious matters is not out of the question. I’d love to hear his opinion about that. Also, someone needs to check his pulse. Those dead eyes? Totally a zombie.

  4. albertam says

    well there goes his chances for being future President. so what was his platform on politics again? shoving the hate and making god laws views to the American peoples by going by speaking or spewing whatever that makes senses to him.

  5. stevenelliot says

    What r the repblican’s vision for the economy? Oh thats right I forgot they dont have a vision or a plan or even a hunch about what to do with our miserable economy, and jobs, and infrastructure.

    Their plan is to simply change the subject and hope nobody notices.

    Santorum is a vote pandering crook

  6. john patrick says

    A line from Bernstein’s Mass: “I believe in one god, I believe in three, I’ll believe in twenty gods if they’ll believe in me.”

    Faith is just that – faith. Faith is belief in something we cannot see, something we cannot prove. Santorum wants his beliefs to be the basis for government policy. He expects us to just take his beliefs in things he cannot see or prove as a basis for laws and policy in this country. Notice he wants his beliefs, not the beliefs of Muslims or Jews or other Christian groups to be the basis for the law of the land. He wants his beliefs to be the basis.

    That is why we need separation of church and state. That is why we need the First Amendment. The colonies were founded and settled by people of various Christian denominations who often moved to this continent to be able to be free to exercise their religious beliefs free from persecution. But those same denominations often persecuted other religious denominations when they set up their colonies. The First Amendment allows for the free exercise of all or no religious practices, and it prevents the imposition of the will of one religious group on all the others.

    JFK understood this. Santorum, whose intellect is nowhere near that of JFK’s, does not. So Santorum can vomit all he wants. His vomiting says more about his narrow thinking than it does about what the First Amendment means and what this country is all about.

  7. Bill in Oakland says

    Should we just start calling him Ayatollah Santorum? I thought the Republicans were all for establishing democracy in place of religious dictatorships. Maybe that’s just in the Middle East.

  8. jack says

    Rick should move to a Muslim nation where they are not at all concerned with that pesky notion of separation of church and state. Mullah Santorum sounds just about right.

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