Sheriff Paul Babeu Raises $14K, Adds 2,200 New Facebook ‘Likes’ Since Scandal Broke

Sheriff Paul Babeu is weathering the storm brought on by the recent scandal over his ex-boyfriend, Politico reports:

Paul_babeuIn the six days since the Phoenix New Times first reported that Babeu had allegedly threatened an ex-lover with deportation, the campaign has raised nearly $14,000 online. Not one of Babeu’s estimated 10,000 donors has requested a refund; his finance team remains intact; and the campaign has tallied 2,200 new “likes” on Facebook.

In addition, the executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans penned a favorable editorial in The Washington Times standing by Babeu and former Arizona Rep. Jim Kolbe, another openly gay Republican, endorsed the sheriff, calling him a “very honest person.”

Jose_orozcoIn other news, Jose Orozco's attorney says his client is not guilty, KTAR reports:

Attorney A.D. Horan says, "Jose adamantly denies these criminal allegations. He is presumed innocent. This is not about what Jose did, this is a matter that started as a personal relationship which soured, resulting in a civil matter and has now escalated in a criminal allegation."

Jose was not in attendance at the news conference and Horan says there will be no further comment from Jose until the investigation by the Attorney General has been completed.

"As of today we have not received any police report supporting allegations made against my client have been general and to that extent Jose adamantly denies them and will cooperate with the Attorney General."


  1. metroptomist says

    A cop and a hot latin boy… I freely admit how shallow this is, but I kind of want to watch them do it.

  2. says

    Gee GOProud has a lot of money to throw around.

    Are we to believe that Sheriff Tattoo is going to win the election and that the totally homophobic Republican party is going to support him?

  3. jim says

    So typical of the LCR, lauding Babeu for being “very honest,” after he was FORCED out of the closet by a scandal. Why are people like Babeu and Kolbe heros, when they hid who they were, as long as they possibly could, for political gain, and only acknowledge things honestly when forced to? Sorry, that’s not “honest,” that’s pathetic and completely lacking in integrity.

  4. zeddy says

    As much as I want to dislike him because of his general anti-immigrant political rhetoric, he handled the situation quite better than most people in his position. Most law people, when caught red-handed, act like a surprised kid and deny EVERYTHING.

  5. Jeff says

    So the guy who swears he’s legal says he was threatened by someone who says he not legal. That someone is “outed” during this whole charade.

    All very confusing. The guy who was outed gained nothing but lost his privacy. The guy doing all the claiming for something that he himself says is inconsequential is crying victim. One minute he says he here illegally, then the next minute his lawyer says he is here with a legal Visa. What’s next? The dude’s going to say he’s really straight and the sheriff made him do it?

    Seems to me a lot of queens in Arizona have too much time on their hands not that so many soaps have gone off the air. (And Gary Towel can’t find anything new on Fonda or Manning.)

  6. zeddy says

    ALSO, this really brings to light something, such as being gay, is no longer being held as taboo among the “mob.”

  7. say what says

    all log cabinites and GOProuders

    ah well waste of $…..he has no chance now of surviving the repub primary against the other 2 repubs

    zeddy BS

    the mob is still anti-gay his 2,200 likes and 14k (not much at all for a campaign) is just from fellow closeted gays

  8. anon says

    $14K is nothing compared to all the free press he’s received. Can anyone name one of his opponents?

  9. RenoSteve says

    Babeu is deceitful. He should not be in a position of trust, such as law enforcement or politics. Of course he threatened the boyfriend with deportation. Guys like him are into control and mixed with deceit, abuse their power. He should be fired and forgotten.

  10. Chitown kev says

    LOL, and this messy drama continues.

    I’ve always thought that one of the best things about gay marriage would be the episodes of Gay Divorce Court and all the shade that two queens would probably throw back at one another (and being queens, you know they would be playing to the cameras)

  11. say what says

    anon U don’t matter and nobody outside of the district in arizona matters

    the people of the district who will vote do matter and do know who the people are

    the incumbent repub is paul Gosar the 2 challangers (always hard to unseat an incumbent) are babeau & Ron Gould

    In Jan babeua was raising more $ than Gosar but now Gosar sees his $ pouring in and Babeua sees his drying up

    again Gosar is the incumbent Repub and amongst repubs especially arizona babeuas scandal nixes any hope of him unseating fellow repub incumbent

  12. Rick says

    “Why are people like Babeu and Kolbe heros, when they hid who they were, as long as they possibly could, for political gain, and only acknowledge things honestly when forced to”

    You mean like Barney Frank and Gerry Studds and presumably at least a dozen currently closeted Democratic Congressmen on Capitol Hill?

  13. say what says

    rick nice try BUT 1987 Barney being forced out of the closet is far different from babeua and others today

    Oh maybe 25 yeasr!

    2.5 decades

    a huge difference between then and now

  14. Rick says

    @Say What OK, then how ’bout we “out” all the Democratic Congressmen who remain in the closet, which presumably is the majority of them since there are only 2, other than Barney, who are out, as we speak, in the year 2012?

    Shouldn’t sauce for the goose be sauce for the gander?

  15. say what says


    if such exist in this day and age then I would bet you they are over 50 in age

    repubs are the party in the modern era of closeted gays of every age

    the dems are the party that support out gays and any closeted ones are from a much earlier more homophobic generation

  16. Contrarian says

    There is a former NJ Gov.Jim McGreevy angle here. Both the NJ former Gov. and Babeu asked for his alleged ethical violations and alleged abuse of office to be overlooked because they were gay men conflicted about public disclosure of their sexuality.

    This argument is raised to deflect inquiry into the manner in which they have carried out their duties. It is using one’s sexuality as a sob sister defense: Boo Hoo, they’re picking on me because I’m a ‘Mo. No, it’s your conduct in office schmuck!

  17. FunMe says

    Shouldn’t the headline read?:

    “Sheriff Paul Babeu … adds 2,200 New Facebook ‘Likes’ from his friends/workers and fake FB accounts Since Scandal Broke”