St. Petersburg, Russia Bans Gay Pride Events, LGBT Organizations, and Any ‘Promotion’ of Homosexuality


St. Petersburg, Russia's Legislative Assembly passed the draconian anti-gay bill under consideration there on its third and final reading today. The restrictive law bans and impose fines ( $16,000 on individuals and up to $160,000 on legal entities) on all Gay Pride events, LGBT organizations, and anything considered to be "promotion" of homosexuality.

The bill also officially equates homosexuality and pedophilia.

RIA Novosti reports:

"Twenty-nine of 50 legislators voted for the law with five against and one abstention. It follows similar bans in the southern Astrakhan and central Ryazan and Kostroma regions in Russia."

The bill now goes to St. Petersburg governor Georgy Poltavchenko, who is expected to approve it. It is then printed and goes into effect 10 days later.

"It's a collapse of the policy of gay groups collaborating with authorities in St. Petersburg for several years. GayRussia and Moscow Pride have been fighting against similar laws since 2009 without anyone's helps. We have always said that this case can only be legally resolved when the UN Human Rights Committee and especially the European Court of Human Rights delivers a binding verdict against similar laws in Ryazan region in the case initiated by activists of GayRussia and Moscow Pride who were harshly criticized for their actions against these laws by organizations in St. Petersburg" said Nikolai Alekseev, Founder of GayRussia and Moscow Pride, on Facebook.

Similar bills are being considered in Moscow, and proposed nationally.


  1. uffda says

    I’m so sorry to learn this, sorry for the very heroic gay rights leader Nicolai Alexseyev and the many gay people of Russia. This, however, is not the end, that is reserved for freedom.

  2. Rin says

    They should claim political asylum and leave. It is incredibly naive to think the UN will do anything to help. Unless you’re some podunk country with zero nukes and a crappy army the UN will just talk a lot and never send in troops. And without troops…no one cares.

    Russia has oil. Saudi Arabia has oil. China makes every product we buy in stores. No one, not one nation will ever get rough with any of those countries because we still drive automobiles, use plastic for everything, and require cheap useless crap.

    Its pathetic and ridiculous. Leave Russia by boat, cross into Alaska, and claim political asylum in the US.

    That’s the reality, unfortunately.

  3. says

    Rather snarky comment from Alekseev. Does he really think that winning a few lawsuits in the West will have any effect on the Russian government? So now that he has his decision re Moscow parades, those parades are allowed?

    Exactly the opposite: the more the West supports the gay activists, the easier it is for Milonov & Co. to present it all as Western imperialist interference. They’re proud they’re being criticized by Hillary Clinton and officials from the UK and the Europarliament. They can be proud Russian nationalists and stand up to the Western bullies.

    Alekseev’s tactics may look good from the West, but have they produced any positive results for actual gays in Russia?

    The hearings in Petersburg actually were the first time gay activists participated in a parliamentary session — that never happened in Moscow. And that was the Petersburg activists: Kochetkov and Vykhod. Alekseev was on TV, sure, but in the actual hall of government it was Kochetkov (Alekseev was on his way to Thailand at the time…)

  4. Jack says

    Really, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything about Russia that would make me think “gee, I can see why anyone would want to live there.”

    What a miserable hellhole.

  5. peterparker says

    I visited Moscow about 3 years ago. I’ve traveled on 4 continents, and Russia was by far the strangest cultural experience I have ever encountered. I described it as feeling like a post-apocalyptic Europe with a sprinkling of Asia and the Third Reich.

    My (straight, heterosexual, female) guide told me that social life revolved around saunas and that the gay community had its own saunas. She suggested I go to one particular sauna which she said was the nicest in the city. It was in the basement of a giant apartment building located in an even larger courtyard in the middle of a block ringed with commercial storefronts. I had to walk through the pitch black, unlit, unpaved courtyard/parking lot in order to get to the sauna. The only signage was a rainbow flag sticker measuring about 3 inches by 4 inches on the front door which was at the bottom of a short flight of stairs about 6 feet below ground level. Clearly, it is *not* cool to be gay in Russia. But my guide did get a kick out the fact that she’d managed to convince me to go to what amounted to a bathhouse with a fully stocked bar serving absinthe as well as some of the most beautiful boys I’d ever seen.

  6. Jesse says

    madonna’s concert is Aug. 9 in St.Petersburg. Now, doens;t that look like a great opportunity for Madonna to champion her gay audience (around the world) by threatening to cancel her concert there? Even better, leading a boycott by all major international artists that have or will play there? someone spread the word to make that happen. Challenge Madonna to cancel her St. Pete concert. remember, “I’m not gonna play Sun City (S. Africa)”? That should be the case for St. Petersburg (and other places with such Draconian laws).

  7. RusskiGay says

    The restrictive law bans and impose fines ( $16,000 on individuals and up to $160,000 on legal entities)
    Please, get your facts straight… individuals $170.00 – legal entities 17,000.00. Not that it makes it any better, I just don’t like lousy work. And how hard it would be to put the right city on the picture?

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