1. Alex Parrish says

    Stewart is a comedian and I suppose ridiculing fat people is an easy fallback schtick, but the LGBT community doesn’t do ourselves any good by mocking Christe because he is fat. It doesn’t relate to our issues and just distracts from the real issue here — one of justice and equality. Stewart can be forgiven because he is a comedian; it is his job to say stupid stuff and make people laugh any way he can, but some of the nasty remarks aimed at Christies girth posted in the comments section of this and many other sites just serve to dumb-down real discussion. Leave the fat-jokes to the comedians and focus on justice and equality. Christie’s failure in these areas far exceeds any mileage to be gained by mocking his obesity.

  2. endo says

    You’re a complete idiot, Alex. And I assume, fat.

    Obesity, left-handedness, red hair, any other personal traits that are often the object of ridicule and persecution are completely legitimate comparisons to being gay in a discussion about equality.

  3. David in Houston says

    I appreciate the fact that Jon brought up the issue. But only 2 minutes on the subject? …and fat jokes is your response? Not impressed.

  4. DocJay says

    It was satire. Quit being so damned liberal and whining about fat people. Jebus, some of you guys are too stupid to deserve equality if they handed it to you…which they wont.

  5. pdxblueyesxblueyespx says

    JESUS! We have gotten so PC that NOBODY has a sense of humor any more. LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE – FAT AND THIN! Relax! Why can’t we just look at it for what it is… and Stewart called it – “it makes as much sense as his stand on Gay marriage” JEEEZ!

  6. Vern Dufford says

    I believe Stewarts point is that when your a bigot like Christy you better look in the mirror first and make damn sure you don’t have anything to be defensive about before you practice your bigotry.

  7. Pete n SFO says

    Making “fun” of fat people is just another form of bullying.

    It’s a distraction from the very real issue of a Gov denying equality despite numerous court decisions.

    I love The Daily Show, but this is a misstep.

  8. stevenelliot says

    obese people pose a threat to national health. Obese men have lower testosterone and obese women can have erratic menstrual cycles. Obese people intrude on others’ rights of personal space. Obese people are a drain on resources. Obese people usually raise children who are obese and that fact shows they are not fit for parenting…….Sound familiar?

    If obesity is not fair game as an issue of discrimination, likewise, whom we as gays prefer to sexualize and cohabitate with shouldnt be one either…

  9. Adi says

    The point he was making, so far as I saw it, was that it would be ludicrous to deny the overweight marriage, and to mock them as do many conservative Christians. He wasn’t mocking Christie for being overweight, he was saying it’s stupid to make fun of people.

  10. says

    Since banning marriages is supposed to be for the protection of children I can easily make a case that fat marriage is much worse than same-sex marriage.

    Sarcasm Alert: We need to identify all types of marriages that are actually worse for children than same-sex marriages and ban those first. Only then can we justify banning same-sex marriages.

  11. says

    Those of you who are appalled at Stewart “making fun” of fat people are missing the point entirely. When he says Christie lives openly as a fat man, it implies the governor is comfortable with his size. The comparison of fat and gay in marriage terms emphasizes how stupid Christie is for discriminating. Thus, a very valid argument. And for the record, I’m a fat gay man.

  12. Superboy says

    it is in the same bible where it says that gluttony is bad and that is more of a choice than being gay is, I know there are some medical exceptions, genes etc. So the way I see it is that people point it to him not because we care “I don’t” but to show him how it feels to be pointed at and to see if he can get some empathy out of it.

  13. Reggie777 says

    Have we lost our intelligence? To those who are upset about his comments, he is NOT belittling fat people. He is showing how ludicrous Christie’s position is. C’mon, people. It’s a well worn rethuglican ploy to “get upset” about straw men arguments, to divert attention from the real point.

  14. Caliban says

    I get what Stewart was trying to do but I don’t think it was a particularly effective way to address the issue. The most likely takeaway for the audience is (I think) “HuhHuhHuh, Jon Stewart called Chris Christie fat,” not a reasoned rebuke of Christie’s veto.

    The Daily Show addresses gay rights and marriage equality fairly often but I’ve never gotten the impression it’s high on their list of priorities. I’m not really criticizing them for that, just saying that’s the feeling I get. Oddly it’s Colbert, the devout Catholic, who I think is more devoted to the issue. Since his advocacy is masked as disapproval in the fun-house mirror of his right-wing punditry, so it’s hard to say exactly what he thinks. He also may be somewhat afraid of being criticized by the church and since he apparently teaches Sunday School that means something to him.

  15. Monte says

    Haha i thought it was funny…it was a cheap shot, but why do we care soo much about jokes anymore…its like we’re back in the sixth grade…………. but isnt being fat definitely a choice?