Stock Photo Shop Unhappy with Washington’s Anti-Gay Activists, Plus, Referendum 71 Signer Names Now Online


The 'happy young family' in the screengrab above was purchased at Ameridesign, the Austrian company which took the photo, isn't pleased about its use, SeattlePI reports:

When Ameridesign found out what their work was being used for they wrote in an email, “Ameridesign was disappointed to learn our photograph is being used in an effort to take away civil marriage for same-sex couples in Washington by the organization ‘Preserve Marriage Washington.’ The organization purchased our photo from a large database of stock images without any contact with us,” They wrote, “Ameridesign supports the rights of loving and committed same-sex couples to marry.”

In related news, the signers of Referendum 71 are now searchable, Slog reports:

After years in federal courts and months of transcription, WhoSigned.Org went live this afternoon with a searchable database that includes the names and addresses of people who signed Referendum 71 in 2009. The referendum petition, circulated by anti-gay activists with the group Protect Marriage Washington, was an attempt to overturn Washington State's domestic partnership law that granted same-sex couples the same state rights as marriage.

Here's the database.


  1. Chadd says

    The headline of the post is wrong…

    The actual people in the stock photo are not quoted and the company that took the photo Supports Marriage Equality and does not object to it.

    Better headline would be Stock Photo Family Objects to Use of Image by Anti-Gay Group. But even that doesn’t quote the actual people, just the company that took the photo.

  2. luminum says

    Agreed. The title is completely wrong.

    As for the photo, I’m glad they went out there to let people know how they feel about their image being used. If it were me, I personally would want people to know that I don’t support what it was used for. However, there’s also not much you can do. You agreed to sell your image as a stock photo to anyone who buys it, even homophobes.

    There still is a delicious irony, though, in what anti-family, anti-same-sex marriage bigots envision to be the “perfect heterosexual family” is also totally in support of legal recognition of same-sex partnerships.

  3. George McGinnis says

    I would love to find the models in this stock photo and ask them if they would be willing to pose for an apposing ad in equality t-shirts with the subtext, “Not a stock photo: We posed to support marriage equality”. Wouldn’t that just be fantastic!

  4. S.C. says

    It would be easy for these stock photo companies to put a line in their contracts forbidding the use of their photos for anti-gay purposes. If they were serious, that’s what they’d do.

  5. booghama says

    you cant dictate that anti-gay people cant use ur product, thats a simple case of discrimination. Soon every company selling things could say that. Maybe the anti gay people are scared, scared that there son will become part of the gay population with aids, since 54% of tha HIV population is gay, its a valid fear.

  6. Chadd says

    @ANDY: Thank you for updating the headline.

    @ BOOGHAMA: Huh? What does HIV have to do with this post at all? It is not a valid fear, unless you are a Religious right winger who uses statistics out of context to create irrational fear and imply that 54% of gay people have HIV. Secondly, when US states are passing laws that allow discrimination in business against Gay people, then it is certainly reasonable for a company to say it does not want its product used in a manner that does not agree with the company philosophy. Those “legalized discrimination” laws cut both ways. And finally, if “the anti gay people are scared that their son will become part of the gay population with aids”, then banning gay marriage will do nothing to alleviate that fear.

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