1. says

    This is a beautiful story. I served in the US Army for 6 years from 1992-1998 under DADT and had to hide who I was. I am so happy it has been repealed. Between this happening and marriage equality being passed in one state after another, we are on our way to an America upon which we were founded on, Equality For All.

  2. stevenelliot says

    @ JERSEY Yep. i agree. Gay men do love to be semi-dressed at all times. however, this is one hot service man. As far as Im concerned he can stay unclothed.

  3. honestly says

    he’s also a guy trying to build a career as a writer and creator – this is his opportunity for exposure.

  4. TampaZeke says

    Just another example that not all Marines are mindless fighting machines.

    Proud to call you “brother” Brett.

    Hoo-rah! Semper Fi!

  5. Ted says

    @JERSEY AND @ stevenelliot … I just don’t under stand your comments. He is wearing a sleeveless jacket. How exactly is he not fully clothed?

  6. says

    Brett, thank you for your story, the site, and support of fellow servicemen and women.

    I encourage people to watch the whole video–it’s an articulate description of the source of the marine kiss picture.

    And as a former airman (89-95), celebrates a reality that I dreamt of often but regretably never realized.

  7. Bob says

    The stupid, sniping, homophobic queen comments from 1970!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you LISTEN to the vid, he seems to be a friend of Dalan, meaning he lives in HAWAII, not Noo Fuckin Joisey, so what he is wearing is normal for a Gay man in winter.

  8. Robert says

    What? Thinks he would’ve been taken serious in a shirt with sleeves and a collar?

  9. says

    I thought the pic was so joyful and loving. I wonderful if I could somehow be a support person to a gay marine? Maybe someone, anyone, who needs a letter or birthday card, anything that I can do.

    Most Sincerely,