Texting While Muslim

Picture 16Those who toil in competetive industries often discuss their work using hyperbolic language. (Recall Mitt Romney's recent promise to bloody the nose of President Obama, and Newt Gingrich's subsequent promise to not just bloody the First Schnoz, but to knock the President unconscious.)

Well — if you're a Muslim, hold your tongue. According to the AFP, a Muslim businessman in Canada was recently arrested and briefly imprisoned after authorities intercepted a text message in which he told his sales staff to "blow away" the competition at a New York trade show.

From the AFP:

Moroccan-born Saad Allami, who works as a telecommunications company sales manager, was arrested three days after he sent the message in January 2011 and detained while police searched his home, said the Muslim Council of Montreal.

"The whole time, the officers kept repeating to the plaintiff's wife that her husband was a terrorist," said court filings in a lawsuit filed by Allami, cited by local media. Allami was released after four hours of questioning.

Mr. Allami's colleagues were reportedly detained at the border en route to New York.

Mr. Allami's not taking this treatment lying down. He's not seeking over $100,000 in damages from the Quebec provincial police. His day in the Quebec Superior Court arrives in early March.


  1. Hue-Man says

    I thought every “Patriot” knew that the phone companies divert all communications to the government snoop machine and that speaking, texting, e-mailing, etc. certain words would earn you a visit from law enforcement, particularly if you have an Arab or Iranian sounding name. What border? Canada is spying on its citizens too.

  2. J Ascher says

    It’s disgusting to think that governments in the US and Canada have gotten so paranoid that a phrase like “blow away” in the context of a sales team meeting could possibly, in any rational way, be considered a threat!

  3. chuck says

    I teach at a University. After getting one excuse after another at the U Library, I got mad and said that “I was going to explode” if they didn’t correct the problem. A student immediately texted the U President that I was a terrorist threatening to blow up the University. I was called into the administration office…the VP in charge was laughing his head off. If they hadn’t know me better I would probably have been arrested.
    So anything you say in public these days is the same as joking about a bomb on the plane. Especially if you are on a ‘watch list’ such being a Muslim. Assume everything you say will be used against you.

  4. Max says

    Maybe if Muslims didn’t actually blow things up all the time, authorities wouldn’t have to take benign false alarms so seriously?

    Betcha there’s more to the story.

  5. New-new says

    Max, your privilege is showing. So is your ignorance.

    Please have a seat somewhere and read a book. Enlighten yourself.

  6. Max says

    New-New, what did I say that is ignorant?

    “Muslims actually blow things up” – TRUE
    “benign false alarms” – OFTEN TRUE
    “more to the story” – MAYBE TRUE

    And what indicates privilege?

    Speaking of books, perhaps you should read the Koran. It explains a lot.

  7. RyanInSacto says

    Max, there are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. What percentage of the Muslim population do you think has ever blown anything up? Before you answer, let me do some quick math for you:
    – If just 1% of that 1.5 billion people had blown just one thing up, that would constitute 15 million blown up things.
    – If we were to spread that out over a decade, that constitute 4,110 blown up things per day. Is that the current rate of things being blown up by Muslim people?
    – OK, let’s spread it out over 20 years. That would constitute 2055 things being blown up every single day. Hmmmm. If that’s the rate of stuff being blown up by Muslims, the news must be missing something! Gee, it’s a wonder my apartment has been blown up while I was typing this comment!

    In your opinion, what percentage of a population must “blow things up all the time” to justify treating the rest of that population like criminals regardless of their actions?

  8. Max says

    Ryan, it’s simple. When someone blows himself up, it’s a Muslim. It doesn’t matter how many or what percentage. It’s always a Muslim. Sad, yes, because of course not every Muslim would even consider doing something like that.

  9. RyanInSacto says

    Max: Now you’ve changed the argument. Your earlier comment was that Muslims “blow things up all the time.” Now you are arguing that they are the only people that blow themselves up and you concede that not every Muslim would consider doing something like that.

    At any rate, you still haven’t answered the question: In your opinion, what percentage of a population must “blow things up all the time” [change it to “blow themselves up all the time” if you prefer] to justify treating the rest of that population like criminals regardless of their actions?

  10. Acronym Jim says

    But Max, when someone blows someone else up (or tries to) in the U.S., it’s an Eric Rudolph, Timothy McVeigh, or even the failed Spokane bombing by a white supremacist. Yet we seldom hear generalizations about Christian terrorists, even though they have a much higher incident of domestic terrorism in the U.S. than Muslims. That’s probably because people don’t wish to engage in that kind of hyperbole when it’s their own or their family and friend’s faith.

    BTW Your original statement was:

    “maybe if Muslims didn’t actually blow things up all the time, authorities wouldn’t have to take benign false alarms so seriously?”

    So either you think Muslims are things, or you’re being shifty with your argument. Care to move those goalposts a little more in honor of the upcoming Superbowl?

  11. Max says

    Ok, whatever. Believe what you want at your own peril. Muslims never blow anything up. Muslims never try to kill anybody. It’s all a right-wing fantasy, obviously, because it never happens. Go have fun in Somalia.

  12. Acronym Jim says

    @Max:”Ok, whatever. Believe what you want at your own peril. Muslims never blow anything up. Muslims never try to kill anybody. It’s all a right-wing fantasy, obviously, because it never happens.”

    Who has argued the above? The only right wing fantasy that anybody is debunking is that Muslims as a whole have a predisposition to blowing “things” up as a main tenet of their faith.

    Try again. You’re failing miserably.

  13. johnny says

    Yikes, Max, huge FAIL on all counts.

    Kudos, RyanInSacto & Acronym Jim, I want you guys on my next debate team or at the very least, legal council.

  14. Kevin says

    Gee,I wonder where some Muslims got the idea it was okay to kill people in the name of their religion?
    Maybe from Christians who spend centuries killing anyone who dared to speak against the Church or their ideas?

  15. Eric says

    I’m with Max, I thought the same thing, definitely more to the story. People are sheep and like to think things aren’t as bad as they are, it’s a coping mechanism.

  16. RyanInSacto says

    Eric: So you’re saying that there actually HAVE BEEN over 2,000 things blown up by Muslim people every day of the past 20 years? If that’s the case, I guess that coping mechanism of ours is working really well. Holy cow! That must be one really well-constructed little mechanism.

    Also, you should probably work for the FBI or the CIA or something. Your ability to sniff out unknown details of a case using nothing but your Spidey sense would be an incredible asset to Homeland Security.

  17. Eric says

    RYANINSACTO – who are you and why are you mentioning my name? Haven’t you exceeded your daily maximum comments?

  18. RyanInSacto says

    Eric: Who are my? I comment on posts on this news blog on a weekly basis. There’s a keyword search in the right column. You can search “ryaninsacto” and see that I am a frequent commenter on Towleroad.

    As for you – you are a person who responds to criticism with ad hominem attacks apparently because you are unable to defend your opinion on the topic at hand. I mentioned your name because I was responding to you. That’s how blog comment threads work, FYI.

  19. Acronym Jim says

    RYANINSACTO, It’s even more absurd than you state. Eric, the self appointed Towleroad comment policeman, thinks one comment by you exceeds your daily maximum.

    Eric, why do you hate Ryaninsacto’s right to free speech?

  20. RyanInSacto says

    Acronym Jim: Maybe he thinks I’m a Muslim and, thus, automatically ineligible for free speech. đŸ˜‰

  21. Eric says

    RYANINSACTO-I’m very glad you comment on a weekly basis, good for you.
    No thanks, I’ll take your word for it, it’s quite obvious judging by your
    multiple comments and attacks on other commenters.

    Ad hominem attacks? That would be you. Don’t quiestion
    my intelligience when you do not even know me, I’m fully
    capable of defending my opinion but choose not to because
    I didn’t come here for a debate. You’re opinion of me was
    not welcome so don’t call people out for you’re own
    amusement, find a new hobby. Blog comments are just
    that, comments. This isn’t your blog and I don’t play
    by your rules.

    Acronym Jim-no one asked you, buh bye.

    If you want to chat some more find someone else.

  22. Shannon says


  23. Acronym Jim says

    @Eric: “Don’t quiestion
    my intelligience”[sic].

    Fear not Eric. After that post, most questions about your intelligence are answered.

  24. Eric says

    ACRONYM JIM-It’s called a typo, look it up, they have nothing to do with intelligence. Go suck a nut you bitter old queen haha You and Ryanwhoever are one in the same, it’s quite obvious now, sad & pathetic.

  25. RyanInSacto says

    Jim, it looks like Eric’s Spidey senses are firing again! First he knew, without any evidence, that there was “more to the story” of a sales manager arrested for texting a motivational phrase that sales managers probably say to their sales teams on a friggin’ quarterly, if not weekly, basis. Now he knows that you and I are the same person. The only question left to ask is, why is Eric wasting his time, un-spellchecked comments, and unhinged anger here when he could be saving the world with his powers of clairvoyance? I mean, the rest of us know why we’re here. Namely, we have no Spidey sense and must therefore learn about the world through observation of it. Towleroad is one of the places where we can do that.

  26. Acronym Jim says

    Ryan, I’m thinking it’s less a case of Spidey-sense, and more along the lines of Sylvia Brown. Oh well, he did get one thing right. I’m a proud sucker of nuts. It just goes to show you a broken clock is right at least twice a day.

    For you whipper-snappers out there, the clocks I’m referring to are the pre-digital kind. In the old days, they all came with at least two hands and as few as four actual numbers…and we had to walk uphill through deep snow both ways to get the time.

    Now get off my lawn!

  27. A Friend says

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