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  2. Rin says

    I will admit to something…

    The other day I was saying how the Girl Scouts don’t do any of this and blah blah. Then I found an old MSNBC story out of Texas where two girl scout chapters DID bring in Planned Parenthood to talk to the girls about sex education. I was shocked and disappointed. I delved further and ended up calling both Girl Scout headquarters in New York and the Commonwealth’s GSA headquarters.

    The New York chapter did not deny that there are some connections at local chapters but they are not enforced, and the Commonwealth GSA headquarters (VA) said that ours does not.

    Bear with me…

    I worked with an HIV/AIDS nonprofit. We handed out needles, talked about condoms, sex ed, etc. Our charter was one of public health and therefore any associations we made had to likewise be relative to public health and specifically HIV/AIDS.

    Habitat for Humanity is an organization that I adore, but I would no more join forces with them than I would FFA because it would violate the ethics of our charter.

    People have a right to understand where their donations go to, and expect that when their child is joining GSA that they will learn about camping –IE “scouting”, public service, sisterhood, etc.

    It is out of place and out of order to teach sex education as it compromises the mission. GSA is not a public health mission.

    I explained that I had no problem with lesbian scout leaders (they’re girls) or transgender children because inclusive is the very nature of scouting. I DO have a problem with Planned Parenthood, a reproductive health organization, being involved with my children’s public service organization. I don’t want them to learn about sex ed in girl scouts.

    So while this dude is crazy, I’m eating my words on scouting and will be VERY careful about my kids participation in the future. It is up to me–well, and my responsibility, to teach them about safe sex, reproductive decisions, etc.

    On a side note, because I’ve worked with HIV/AIDS organizations I can say strongly that PP does less to promote condom use than post-facto solutions. Yes, they offer education on both, but by no means do they push solutions that are along the lines of disease prevention.

    Okay…done with my rant.

  3. Rrhain says

    @Rin: Um, the Girl Scouts most definitely are, in part, a public health mission. They are there to help foster girls to grow up to become responsible, confident women. Part of that mission is learning about your body including health and hygiene. How can that not include sexual health? If you don’t want them to learn about sex ed in Girl Scouts, then you are defeating the purpose. You would rather than remain ignorant, it seems.

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