Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1067

CHARLIE MORGAN: Lesbian Iraq war vet with breast cancer discusses her visit to John Boehner's office to talk about the difficulties her family faces because of DOMA.

THE GRIZ: Pick-up gets an unexpected visitor.

PARENTING: Dog becomes parent to piglets.

SKRILLEX: Bangarang.

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  1. willbnyc says

    The Skrillex video is awful. It promotes violence, it’s not cute, it has no social or musical value. Why was it posted? You really missed the mark on that one. Shockingly bad and mean-spirited.

  2. jaragon says

    All veterans deserve to be treated equally…the pig story was cute…I like how the street kids turn into hot young men in the video but the song is awful.

  3. Nathaniel says

    Charlie Morgan was a teacher at my High School. Pendleton County High School. Growing up as a gay youth, there wasn’t very many people to seek advice on matters of my sexuality in small town Kentucky. In fact, only two people really, Charlie being one. I remember the first day I met her and she asked me “Are you ‘family’?” She would always listen to me and understand where I was coming from. She is a very real person, under going an even more real situation right now. I’m upset more people have not signed her petition. Let’s blow it out of the water! I love Charlie. – Wade Howell

  4. Brian says

    The Skrillex video was ugly, violent and a waste of precious time. If that who Skrillex is, I do not need to to experience him again.

    And the song sucked too!

  5. gayalltheway says

    I do not understand what is so funny about having a grizzly bear on the back of your truck. It is dangerous and if they think they are safe inside the truck and that the bear couldn’t get in, they are seriously underestimating the animal (assuming that they are driving a regular pick-up truck and not one that has been reinforced with steel bars for security). Their action not only put their lives at risk but also the animal’s.

    It was like when I visited Yellowstone a couple years ago and while we were driving around to sight-see, we stumbled upon a grizzly mother-cub duo. I was shocked to see that the other people who also noticed the bears, stopped their cars, got out and went to take a closer look. They were taking pictures and making sounds to get the bears’ attention – I assumed it was so that they could get better face shots. We are talking about 200 feet between the bears and those very, very stupid people.

  6. Derek Pearce says

    1) The Skrillex song is f*ing awesome and the video very very cool.
    2) Gayalltheway is right. Those idiots should get the hell away from a grizzly bear and not let it get used to being around humans, that’s a recipe for eventual disaster.

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