Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1071

TOM DALEY: The British Olympic diver, recreated in wax.

SUCKATORIUM: A sex shop owner talks about his Sydney business, which just burned down (Warning: language).

ZZZZ: A hummingbird snores in Peru.

DEMOCRATS FOR SANTORUM: The Second City urges you to rise!

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  1. Mike says

    If I lived in Michigan I would definitely be voting for Santorum… it would be amazing if he could win the nomination…

  2. Secret Identity says

    As funy as the Vote for Santorum piece is, this is exactly the type of campaign Rush Limbaugh asked his listeners to undertake. He begged them to vote for Hillary in open primary states to keep the primary alive and the spending at a premium.
    California just went back to open primaries which I normally hate. But if he’s around when voting time comes, count my vote for Santorum.

  3. Tom says

    I LOVE that sex shop owner! If only everyone could be so transparent and forthright and unapologetic for who they are and what they do! Suckatorium – hahahahah – that was probably his idea. :-)

  4. Tyie says

    I suppose I’d appreciate the sex shop owner more Tom. But he’s Straight, and apparently quite homophobic. That’s the reason I can’t appreciate him.

    Oxford Street in Sydney has become a gay strip run by unapologetic, money hungry, party scene Heteros. Now whilst I’m all for inclusion, I take offence at my community being used as a cash cow.

  5. JC says

    As cute as it seems, the hummingbird is not acting normally. This is a typical response that hummingbirds have when they’ve been handled too much by humans. Notice his tongue is sticking out.

  6. Charles Lemos says

    To those who think that voting in a GOP primary simply because it’s either hilarious to prolong the GOP’s contest or that having Santorum as the GOP nominee serves Democratic interests in the long run, well that’s a Machiavellian ends justifies the means argument.

    It’s also true that both Rush Limbaugh on the right and Markos Moulitsas on the left have encouraged their followers to so manipulate an election in the past and presently. Moulitsas, owner of the Daily Kos, is currently telling Democratic voters in Michigan to vote for Santorum.

    As much as I would welcome Santorum being the GOP nominee manipulating elections in this fashion is not something I can condone. It’s unethical and a corruption of what is a matter of conscience. There are still billions of people who are denied the right to vote including many here in the US who have disenfranchised and yet folks like Limbaugh and Moulitsas see politics as a zero-sum game. To me, this is an anathema. We’re losing, if not lost, our once deep civic culture and while I do believe the right is largely responsible for this disturbing trend, emulating the right is hardly the solution. The meme that if you can’t beat them join only in the end leaves both broken and beaten. And philosophically, I long ago came to the conclusion that the ends do not justify the means.

    The other caution I’d make is that as much as I’d like to think that Obama is destined for re-election, this election, no matter who the nominee on the GOP is, is likely to be close. It is rather disturbing to me to have to remind Americans of this fact: you the voter don’t elect a President, the Electoral College does. Obama’s re-election team is certainly worried because they are fully aware that states like North Carolina, Virginia, and Indiana are going to be tough to win. And of the states that McCain won only Missouri and Arizona are possible offsets. Meanwhile the three critical swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania (no President since 1960 has been elected without winning 2 of these 3 states) are all likely tossups. In addition, this election has a reapportioned Electoral College based on the 2010 Census in which red states (with one exception, Louisiana due to Katrina) gained ECVs at the expense of blue states. So be careful what you wish for. Obama will likely win the popular vote but that matters not but the Electoral College vote will be tight.

  7. MichaelJ says

    If the Democrats for Santorum campaign is at all effective in making Romney and Santorum fight it out, it is playing a dangerous game. If the two have to fight it out, it is not at all clear that Romney will win. And if Santorum gets the nomination, it is not at all clear that he will lose to Obama. All it will take is another recession, and another recession may be beyond anyone’s control if European economy slows down much further. As much as I loathe Republicans, Romney would not damage the US anywhere near as much as Santorum would.