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'Ultimate Fighter' Contestant Says 'Gay for Pay' Past was Mistake

Ultimate Fighting Championship has come under fire in recent months for its homophobic past, with LGBT groups calling on Anheuser Busch to drop its sponsorship of UFC over the organization's failure to address homophobic behavior by its leaders and athletes. Which may be why Dakota Cochrane, a former Sean Cody actor who has reportedly been in more than 16 gay adult films and is now a contestant in the reality series The Ultimate Fighter, is getting attention. Cochrane, who performed under the name "Danny" for Sean Cody, says he is straight.

CochraneMMA Fighting reports:

"It's definitely a decision I regret," he told MMA Fighting. "If I would have known what would happen I definitely wouldn't have done it. But I had money issues and I needed help. I went there to do pictures, and they started throwing pretty high numbers in front of me. I didn't really think. It was a big mistake."

But no matter the size of the mistake, it was one he made no effort to escape on the eve of his biggest opportunity. On his audition tape for TUF, he included an introduction that mentioned all about his past. Everything.

"I think it's a little bit courageous for both of us," he said of the UFC's decision to include him on the show. "I could just hide in a hole and no one would know except for the people close to me. And to them, I was up front. I let them know right away so it wasn’t anything that could come back and bite them in the butt. I think maybe they respected that a little bit. I think some people judge against it, some people will be OK with it. Some people will want me to get my butt kicked, and hopefully others will respect what I'm trying to do."

Said UFC Dana White last October: "I'll tell you right now, if there was a gay fighter in UFC, I wish he would come out. I could care less if there's a gay fighter in the UFC. There probably is and there's probably more than one."

Yahoo! Sports asks: "What will be the reaction from fans, hardcore and casual one this blows up on the blogosphere? The 25-year-old Cochrane is 10-2 in MMA and posted a win over former WEC lightweight champ Jamie Varner in September."

Dakota Cochrane Discusses Controversial Past as He Prepares to Chase UFC Dream [mma fighting]

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  1. i'm not irritated because "i think he's gay" (because i actually dont' think he's gay), i'm irritated that in 2012 a man who engages in (let's be honest) a violent combative sport has to "apologize" and "express regret" for participating in consenting sexual activity with other males, produced for the sexual gratification of others.

    it's not "hey, btw, i made some adult vids"
    it's "Hey, btw, i made some adult vids and i really regret it, because the last thing i want my fans to think is that i'm comfortable enough with myself to enjoy sexual contact with other males. i hope they'll see that despite my shameful past i'm dedicated to kicking ass, rather than licking it, in the present and future"

    no thanks.

    anyone else looking forward to the day when a guy like this will just say "yeah. i did porn. it felt good? got a problem with it?"

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Feb 29, 2012 1:36:29 PM

  2. @Paul R : That phrase always jars my ears (because the speaker who "could care less" obviously gives no thought to what the words mean.) but in this case, I thought, well, it's clearly true that he COULD care less of someone's gay, because he cares enough to want them to come out.

    Posted by: Gregv | Feb 29, 2012 1:38:20 PM

  3. His response is not particularly enlightened or progressive. He claims to be straight, which is ridiculous, considering the number of male-male acts and same-sex partners he had onscreen. Moreover, in most people’s mind, the fact that he was penetrated by a male onscreen for all the world to see in perpetuity is indisputable evidence that he is not straight. Bi, probably, but certainly not straight.
    Further, he claims that he was miserable filming the scenes. I know he was paid 80k, but he is not that good of an actor. His performances did not reflect any significant discomfort; in fact, they reflect his pleasure. He looked pretty engaged in his consensual hardcore male-male scenes. It seems he is trying to distance himself not just from adult movies, but specifically from same-sex identity and activity, which is not admirable. He needs to be called out for that homophobic response.

    Posted by: Malcolm | Feb 29, 2012 1:42:03 PM

  4. Oh, and he was not just penetrated by any male. He was penetrated by huge musclebound, well-bounded strapping dudes, at that.

    Posted by: Malcolm | Feb 29, 2012 1:43:04 PM

  5. guys, come ON - enjoying anal sex doesn't mean you're GAY.

    it's not as if only gay or Bi men have prostates, you know. we're all capable of finding pleasure in these acts.

    guys should be able to get off with other guys without the fear or societal implication that they're GAY or BI.

    straight men know what a hard penis looks like. and feels like. they're surrounded by images of highly-aroused males in straight porn. locker rooms. their own mirrors. simply put - there is no "ick factor" in real straight men being sexual with other males - why would there be? a straight man cannot be "turned off" by seeing other aroused naked males because the sight of HIMSELF would then also turn him off! this is why it's a different situation with gay/lesbian people and members of the opposite sex - the reality of Foreign Anatomy comes into play. it doesn't come into play with straights.

    i was very sexually active with females during my adolescence. i also went to more than my share of bar mitzvahs. neither things made me straight, nor bi, nor jewish.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Feb 29, 2012 1:49:56 PM

  6. Honestly, I remember him well from SC and was never a fan BECAUSE it was quite clear to me that he was gay for pay. But I agree with the others who are disappointed that that he felt the need to apologize or regret that he made 16(!) films. Dude, suck it up, no pun intended.

    Posted by: David | Feb 29, 2012 1:53:03 PM

  7. To the numerous commenters who claim he's gay or bi:

    I don't know why it's so hard for you to stretch your imaginations to see how a man can have sex with a partner whose gender is inconsistent with his orientation.

    I've done things with girls in the past knowing full well that I was gay. At a certain point, it doesn't work. Maybe with viagra it could. But I have gay friends who have had sex with their wives for a decade. All they had to do was fantasize about a man. (I tried that when I was younger and sometimes with the lights off it could work, up to a point, for me. But I couldn't have pulled it off for a decade. Maybe some of my friends have a more vivid imagination or are more susceptible to purely physical stimulation without being as turned on as I am by actually being attracted to someone.

    Some straight guys can get an erection with each other when they have certain kinds of stimuli. Maybe for him, watching girl porn, taking viagra and getting 80,000 dollars was enough to achieve a hard on.
    That shouldn't be such a surprise to anyone.

    Posted by: Gregv | Feb 29, 2012 1:54:32 PM

  8. Gregv, why is it so hard for you to see that, while there is strong societal pressure for men to have sex with women and identify as heterosexual, there is no such analogous pressure for men to have sex with men or identify as bisexual or gay. People who compare gay men who have sex with women/girls to men who have sex with men are living in another word, deluded, not wisely accessing the realities of society. Men who have sex with men or are attracted to men (bisexual or gay) routinely go to great lengths to deny and suppress their same-sex interest, from childhood to elderly age. IN fact, the pressure to not identify as gay is so strong that men in many cultures still identify as straight even though they habitually have sex with; many cultures devised a way to say that men who only penetrate men are not gay/bi; and men like Larry Craig deny being gay even though they have been caught in the act and subjected to public exposure. Finally, the stigma is so great that people kill themselves for being gay/bisexual and not being able to handle it more than just about any other reason. There are no comparable forces working against heterosexual identity and activity. Get real, apologizers of the gay-for-pay myth.

    Posted by: Malcolm | Feb 29, 2012 2:12:01 PM

  9. Just because a man has sex with another man does not make him gay. You're coming from the point of view that people only have sex for pleasure, when in reality, people have sex for many different reasons. Whether it be financial, situational, or for security. Studies have shown that most heterosexual men get aroused at the sight of an erect penis, that does not make them gay or bi.

    Gay for pay is a reality, whether you want to believe it or not. Just because he had sex with men and appeared to enjoy it means nothing, just that he wanted money and has the ability to act. Heck, I'm gay and I've acted my way through a few sessions myself.

    Posted by: BEAHBEAH | Feb 29, 2012 2:21:02 PM

  10. I'm sorry but a straight man getting an erection in not just one gay porn film doesn't make any sense. Just as many of us couldn't get an erection for a hot looking woman. There's something else going on with him. He's either bisexual or gay and refuses to accept it.

    Posted by: Robert in NYC | Feb 29, 2012 2:21:08 PM

  11. Beah, again your analogies to gay men acting heterosexually is inapposite. As stated, there are huge, overwhelming, institutional incentives for gay men to do heterosexual things and act heterosexually. It is foolish to even compare the two situations.

    Posted by: Malcolm | Feb 29, 2012 2:25:36 PM

  12. I find it peculiar, and weird, and somewhat disturbing, definitely amusing and complex, that this guy is into putting his body in potentially abusive situations, or situations that would not provide him pleasure... or what we all traditionally understand as pleasure...

    even more so, he does these things while being documented and broadcast, all for a financial gain, allegedly....

    gay straight bi, whatever, he is probably, above all, a masochist with exhibitionist tendencies... not saying this in a judgmental way at all, to each it's own...

    one more thing, I think the response the UFC person gave was way more satisfactory than his apology...

    Posted by: V-8 | Feb 29, 2012 2:28:15 PM

  13. And for a broke straight man who wants easy money, there's a HUGE incentive to do gay porn. Because it pays far more than straight porn.

    The same goes for stripping, escorting and hustling.

    Straight men do these all the time for the financial incentive, capitalism at its finest.

    Posted by: BEAHBEAH | Feb 29, 2012 2:31:00 PM

  14. hahahaha malcolm: so, based on what you write, you agree then, in principle, that someone gay can have sex w/ the opposite gender.

    why is it then oh soooo hard to understand that, upon high enough pressures, for instance money issues, some straight men will have sex with someone of their own gender????

    i really fail to understand what seems like a desire for validation from other people's behaviors.

    Posted by: daftpunkydavid | Feb 29, 2012 2:33:49 PM

  15. I think this just goes to show that you're more of a real man to take it up the rear and make no apologies for it, than to be a UFC fighter.

    Posted by: atomic | Feb 29, 2012 2:38:16 PM

  16. the reason that straight men can enjoy sexual activity with other men while it's DIFFERENT for gay people is simple: gay people interacting with opposite-sex partners are dealing with FOREIGN ANATOMY.

    men have no reason (other than societal pressures) to be "turned off" by other aroused males; it's not foreign, all (ALL!) males have a phallically-focused sense of arousal - look at straight porn.

    if seeing another man naked was a turn off for straight males then all heterosexual porno would simply be made up of females.

    it's not. why? hardons are contagious.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Feb 29, 2012 2:39:50 PM

  17. I don't think we have enough info make an informed decision as to his motives here. The pro wrestling world used to be filled with guys forced to have sex with promoters in order to get a chance in the ring. I don't know about the UFC, but perhaps there is pressure on guys there to do the same and he's trying to ward that off.

    Posted by: anon | Feb 29, 2012 2:54:21 PM

  18. @Malcolm: I am very well aware of the pressures society puts on gay men to pretend to be heterosexual, and never suggested otherwise. Everyone is an individual though, and that pressure will be exerted upon, felt and dealt with differently for each individual, even for different gay men growing up in the same town.
    That's why someone like Little Kiwi felt confident enough to acknowledge he was gay as a teen while another guy who went to high school with him might keep up a straight charade until their 30th high school reunion.
    Likewise, every straight person is an individual. Some react to homophobia by adopting violently homophobic attitudes and others by standing up for their gay friends' rights.
    Some straight guys are terrified of sex with a man, and some would try it just like they'd try brocolli with chocolate sauce if a friend offered it.
    Some grew up absorbing homophobic messages and for others they barely registered. I've had some straight friends who are terrified of gayness and others who really couldn't care less if anyone mistakes them for gay.
    This guy is an individual and it doesn't matter how much pressure the average straight man from Peoria feels, he is subject only to the pressures he encounters.
    For him, those pressures have included a large sum of money. I wouldn't do what he dis for that much money with a guy OR a woman, but that's not because it wouldn't turn me on, it's because of pressures I'm reacting to which clearly weren't such a factor to him.

    Posted by: Gregv | Feb 29, 2012 3:05:46 PM

  19. No amount of money would make me straight for pay. I don't get it. No wonder people think gay is a choice, when what it's really just bisexuality.

    Posted by: michael | Feb 29, 2012 3:14:39 PM

  20. Seems to me this guy is an exhibitionist. He gets off on people watching him. So it really doesn't matter if it is gay or straight sex or nearly nude fighting. It is in the being watched that his sexual thrill lies. There are more orientations than just the few we acknowledge.

    Posted by: Joey | Feb 29, 2012 3:19:49 PM

  21. ok people, do some research into the porn profession. gay for pay does happen...some may be bisexual but others might be able to have sex with anything. how many guys out there have sex with really unattractive people just to have sex? i can't do it, but some people can. There have been straight guys doing porn for ever...not even gay for pay, but full blown porn stars. they keep female fluffers on set for that purpose. once erect, a penis can do anything. there is always straight porn in the back group, fluffers on hand and some guys get off on pure voyeurism.

    if this guy that has been over 16 gay for pay videos says he's not gay, i think he's not. he's at least tried it…which is more than i can say for not being straight. he could be bisexual, but again he doesn't identify that way. Who are you bitter queens to tell someone how they should identify?

    Posted by: DRG | Feb 29, 2012 3:20:17 PM

  22. also, how many guys wrinting in these comments are gay? how many have had sex with women? how many times? guess a lot of you must be straight...

    Posted by: DRG | Feb 29, 2012 3:22:41 PM

  23. Dear Queens: If someone offered to pay you over $80,000 to be in straight porn films and have sex with girls, and you did it, you would not be "straight." You would be "straight-for-pay." many, many, many of us were "straight-for-pay" throughout High School, but instead of cash the currency was acceptance and peer status.

    Granted, not everyone can do it, but I had no problem sleeping with girls in school. I was thinking about the Varsity baseball players at the time, so it wasn't difficult. The best litmus test would be if offered the same amount of money to sleep with women or men, which would he choose? It sounds like he would have chosen women, which makes him straight. same with escorting, the hookers don't always enjoy it, it's a job. The fact that he got it up could be a good imagination, pills, or both.

    Kudos to him for being up front. NO ONE wants to do porn and everyone probably would be ashamed of it if they became a big star afterwards.

    Posted by: Hollywood, CA | Feb 29, 2012 3:32:47 PM

  24. Please don't feed the trolls, everyone. Malcolm is just Rick/Jason under a different moniker.

    Posted by: sugarrhill | Feb 29, 2012 3:38:29 PM

  25. Despite the gullible adherents of the Gay-for-Pay Myth on this thread, the reality is that the huge majority of people, whatever their sexual orientations, would laugh in disbelief and ridicule if a dude who has had sex with multiple dudes over 16 times claimed to be hetersexual. Especially a dude that has had his ample buns poked by huge penises on camera for the all the world to see forever! There is a reason why he is trying to claim he is straight. The only widespread-held, logical conclusion is that he is not.

    Posted by: Javier | Feb 29, 2012 3:39:23 PM

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