1. RESOFFLA says

    I don’t wanna move back to Russia, but US won’t let me stay here with my naturalized husband (( It is also much harder when you have a child involved who goes to a public school here and even at her age she is already having hard times reading texts in Russian. I wish there was someone who could answer how much longer we need to wait, it would make our life much easier…

  2. me says

    @Resoffla, if somehow the DOMA cases win in the Supreme Court, then it would be when they hit the Supreme Court which would be in about 3 years. If they don’t win, you’re probably looking at about 15 years.

  3. Guy says

    Wow. This hits close to home. My partner and I have been completely playing by all the rules and still are hassled at the border each time he tries to accompany me back into the US from Canada. He does not work in the US, does not use our “wonderful” healthcare system, nor does he stay here longer than 6 mos. But we live at the whim of immigration officials who say they owe him no explanation. So he is in Toronto today and I am in the US. I have no idea what underlying anger and resentment would make anyone say “Good riddance” to anyone who was trying to make a life in their native country with someone they love. Melodramatic? Before you judge so harshly, try to walk in their shoes and show a little compassion. How sad to hear fellow Americans say such things, but especially someone from my own tribe. Want persepective? You got it–how much time ya got?

  4. MICHAEL108 says

    LISA G: Clearly the issue is that they can’t stay in America. Bitchy much?

    I am currently living in Canada with my husband who is Chinese. There was no way he could immigrate to the States, so I immigrated to Canada and sponsored him to Canada as my spouse. It was our only choice for being together, unless I moved to China. We would love to return to California, but currently there is no way.

  5. Zlick says

    My heart goes out to all the couples torn apart by our country’s backwards ways.

    My heart goes out to Lisa G, who obviously needs some love.

    My kudos go out to Matthew for leaving the U.S. to be with Yoav. Pfft, I’ve often thought of leaving this wayward country of my birth for less lofty, but still principled reasons. So huzzah for love, and doing whatever it takes to live love!

  6. Danny says

    Tel Aviv is an amazing city, and while Israel doesn’t have gay marriage, it is recognized as legal and binding if the couple was married in a jurisdiction where it is Legal, so good luck, enjoy the weather, the culture, the beaches, and being recognized by the state as married!

  7. Name: says

    It’s a bad situation and I wish them luck. Hopefully soon thing s will change in the U.S. But the video just looks like they miss dancing in clubs and wearing cute sunglasses and hats together.

  8. Micheline Hilpert says

    I am thrilled they will be together again. I am disgusted that our country will not recognize their marriage. Hopefully things will change. Each subsequent generation since Stonewall has raised awareness of gay issues & every year the rights of the gay population are recognized. It will take time, but full rights will be achieved.

    Every gain in human rights has been hard won by those brave men & women at the forefront of the cause. Like all pioneers they must stuffer the hardships in order to pave the way. I am so sorry they have to go through it. But it is people like the gentlemen in the above video that make the world a better place. I wish they were able to stay here with us. We need strong and good people in our country. But where ever they are I wish them happiness.

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