Virginia House Passes Adoption Bill Allowing Agencies to Deny Gays Based on Religious Beliefs

Earlier today I posted about the discriminatory adoption bill pending in the Virginia legislature. The bill allows private adoption agencies to deny service to gay people based on religious or moral beliefs.

VirginiaIt passed the House and a Senate panel, the AP reports:

The state House voted 71-28 to pass the legislation Friday. Earlier in the day, a Senate committee endorsed its version of the Republican-backed measure on an 8-7 party-line vote. Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell is expected to sign the bill.

Supporters say the measure protects religious freedom. Opponents argue that the government, which contracts with dozens of private, state-licensed child placement agencies, should not sanction discrimination.


  1. KP says

    The law is the same as the Adoption Board’s rule: gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation and family status can now legally prevent someone from adopting. Wow, Virginia sucks.

    I imagine there has to be some sort of lawsuit. The state is saying adoption agencies can discriminate willingly against people because they are 40 or are Jewish or bisexual or are deaf or are divorced or are a man. I’m surprised they didn’t allow discrimination based on race as well. This just take bigotry to a whole new level.

  2. luminum says

    I feel sorry for the kids who wind up in the hands of those agencies. Fewer placements, and potentially being placed with Christian nut-jobs deemed “outstanding” by an org that would deny to gay parents, but probably considered insane by other agencies.

    Those poor kids…

  3. Adam Mathias says

    The State has no interest in placing kids in decent loving homes, just politicaly correct ones that will reliably vote republican. Once again I add to the pile of reasons I moved from VA to MD. Much of VA is a very intolerant place. If I didn’t work her I would try NEVER to spend a dime in this state.

  4. Robert in NYC says

    Hmmm, religious beliefs now having the monopoly and dictating who can and cannot have rights. I want to see all government funding stopped for adoption agencies discriminating against gay tax-paying couples without exception.

  5. Alex Parrish says

    I feel confident that the courts will eventually step-in and correct this situation — it is to egregious to ignore. Once again, the only real winners will be the lawyer$.

  6. Paul R says

    Wow, yet another reason I’m so glad to have moved away from that petty, awful state. It really should split into two, because the northern and southern parts are different worlds. Charlottesville and Arlington are basically the only bastions of decency and tolerance.

  7. Peter says

    Virginia is definitely the most racist, anti-women, anti-gay state of all. Virginia needs to be boycotted severely. If they are hit strongly in their wallets they will break. The hypocrisy is appalling!

  8. Peter says

    This is exactly what Virginia wants: I.E.
    1. to get rid of everyone who is not a so-called christian.
    2. to definitely get rid of all LGBT persons.
    3. to outlaw abortion completely.
    4. to get rid of minorities and all others on welfare.
    5. to reinstate all laws from 1860! (no joke)
    6. to make Robt E Lee’s and Stonewall Jackson’s birthdays state holidays.
    Isn’t this pathetic?
    Don’t spend your hard-earned money in Virginia.

  9. Bill Michael says

    The Supreme Court needs to put a stop to this. If you are a doctor or pharmacist or social services provider who is licensed by the state to deliver services then you have no right to deny any of such services based on your personal religious beliefs. If you disagree with this then you should be doing something else for a living.

  10. says

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