1. SononaBill says

    offensive on so many levels I cannot begin to count. Have we become the stereotypes that the ‘strait’ world wants us to be ? Gay peeps come in all colors, shapes, sizes and forms. And a big majority have better taste in music that that horrific soundrack that accompanies the ad. Exactly who are they marketing to ?

  2. Kenny says

    Funny quirky yummy guys and I loved how they showed some that weren’t your typical buff gay dudes.

    It really is tiring also seeing someone constantly make comments about stereotypes this stereotypes that.When will people learn just by them writing something like that means THEY ARE STEREOTYPING thats no better then what the bigots do in that area.

    This community consists of all different kinds of people yes this is true.I love videos like this though because they are proud of what they are and could care less what anyone thinks about that.Its awesome to love yourself and be proud of yourself not giving a crap what others think.More should be that way.

  3. Fenrox says

    “So what is this product he is selling?” you may be asking yourself. It is a MUCH creepier version of couchsurfing or airnub, services that match you with PEOPLE that have rooms for rent in cities you may be traveling to, some are free (couch) others aren’t. It is also about 10-20% more expensive.

    The ads with hot guys doing anything are completely unrelated. It is just a site that lets gay men post rooms or apartments they own, to get other gay men to rent out of them. No hanky panky, no secret prostitution ring, no benefit over using another service. I mean, It’s not like you get to turn away gay people on the other sites.

    It’s just 100% useless. This muscle stud needs to keep his modeling jobs.

  4. Alex says

    This is really sad.

    A lot of gay men have really serious complexes.

    Whether it’s the overcompensating for the years of teasing by getting as big as you can, or the implicit vanity of using the physique to sell a completely unrelated product while simultaneously implying that this is the gay world. I mean “what you see is what you get?” What exactly is this guy trying to say.

    @Kenny…yes, some of the guys were hot. Personally the biggest dudes are not my favorite, I liked the slimmer dude in the red jacket. But this video is not promoting loving yourself for who you are. A bit of a reach.

  5. Kenny says

    @Alex: Look I get that there are different interpretations and opinions to this.Whilst I respect it I just tire of the constant STEREOTYPING done by the very community who should know BETTER then to do that to others .Yes diversity would have been nice in this video but this asinine argument gets annoying after a while its always we want macho gay guys so the bigots dont think we are those pansie type gays ( not speaking from my opinion only speaking from things ive read other gay dudes right about other kinds of gay dudes).Or the more artistic feminine proud gay americans getting annoyed that they are not represented.Its ridiculous both ways this community consists of all kinds of people and the so called macho dudes who have an issue with the feminine gay dudes have insecurities and issues in that area period.Im just putting that TRUTH out there because thats exactly what it is TRUTH about how they think in that area. ALL of us should be represented but not seperately TOGETHER.Many of these so called macho masculine gay dudes who HATE the feminine ones are only lying to themselves in that area .Especially considering the bigots think both kinds of gay dudes are feminine girly etc… Ya know the typical primitive archaic way of thinking. My comment was simply stating in this video you can tell they do not care what people think of them and they are just being themselves period.Thats what I meant by loving themselves for who they are.In this masculinity dominated society this idiocy and triviality really needs to stop within this community.We’re supposed to be with each other not against each other.I still continue to see discrimination hate prejudice intolerance and judgemental attitudes within this community.We need to come together and grow up when it comes to the stupid social stigmas and worrying about being too feminine or worrying about being too masculine.Theres no difference we’re all gay and love dudes period.

  6. Hmm OK says

    The ad is clearly shallow and potentially damaging, yes. The lack of diversity is problematic, but what’s with all the venom being spewed at gays who gym a lot?

    @Alex: “Whether it’s the overcompensating for the years of teasing by getting as big as you can…”

    You’re probably right, but does that make you better than them because you aren’t trying to ‘overcompensate’ for a potentially traumatic childhood?

  7. Ben says

    My boyfriend and I have used a similar site called, which is run out of Berlin. They’re been around for years, and also caters to the GLBT community. It’s nice when traveling on holiday, because we don’t have to worry about finding gay-friendly people to stay with, and it’s much cheaper than a hotel. Now with airbnb and Crashpadder and the like, plus people being more open-minded about gay couples, it’s less relevant, but it’s been nice staying with people who know a lot about not only the local sites, but also the local gay community.

  8. Charles Lemos says

    Somehow I had managed to live without knowing who Eliad Cohen is. Now that I know, I can safely say that ignorance is bliss at least when it comes to Eliad Cohen.

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