1. Jerry says

    “The day after we legalize same-sex marriage, we will all be more American than the day before”. This is arguably the single most important idea to come out of the trial, & it was made by John C. Reilly playing Blankenhorn (for the Prop 8 proponents).

    The play is probably too long to go viral, but it deserves to be seen by everyone in the LGBT community. Many thanks to everyone who participated, but especially Dustin Lance Black.

  2. Clem says

    It was great, and thrilling to see all of these actors supporting it. Nice to see so many out actors in it it too.

    My only beef with the play is that I feel it doesn’t give much time to the male couple. I guess it’s an easier sell to focus on women and children, but I think it undercuts some of the power of the piece.

  3. BreckRoy says

    Rob Reiner gave up his role in the LA production when Brad Pitt came on board. John C. Reilly was moved from the Judge Walker role into Reiner’s role and Reiner stayed on as director only. Reilly was so sublime and effective that I can’t imagine Reiner (who had already played the part in NYC) thinks of it as anything but a VERY happy accident.

  4. Rob says

    It was great to see the live stream, but on you can find live readings across the country at professional theatres, community theatres and colleges. Go see it live, many of the performances are fundraisers for AFER.

  5. Jase says

    I was put off by the fact that they are all reading their lines. These are professional actors reading lines from a script book. Really takes you out of the play and makes you feel like this was slapped together quickly.

  6. Vince says

    Is there a way someone could put this up for download? I would love to be able to show my family this but we don’t have the high speed internet necessary for streaming capabilities so either I load it all at college and bring it home or hopefully some other easy way. I would frankly love if production like this was professionally recorded and put on DVD with proceeds to support HRC or other groups friendly to our cause.

  7. says

    @Jase: It WAS put together quickly. While it is theater, the larger goal here was to expose what happened in the trial because broadcasting of it was opposed by the bigots who went to the SC court to block the public from having access. The “script book” was made up of actual transcripts from the trial and from interviews with the plaintiffs. Reading from the page seemed both appropriate and the best way to allow different productions to happen around the country at short notice. Personally, I’d rather have bigotry exposed than slick production values. The words here almost speak for themselves, though I think the participants did a fine job.

  8. Gregv says

    I missed this last night and am posting This comment on Sunday. I have friends coming over to watch it on my Smart TV tonight if I can figure out how to bring it up on the screen.
    All I get on YouTube is a title card saying to tune in for live streaming at 7:45 Pacific. Is that accurate? I mean, is it being done again tonight in another city and steamed live again?
    If not, can I watch the re-run from last night?

  9. Joseph Singer says

    Jase wrote:

    “I was put off by the fact that they are all reading their lines. These are professional actors reading lines from a script book. Really takes you out of the play and makes you feel like this was slapped together quickly.”

    You evidently didn’t notice George Takei’s reading of his lines. He did not use any copy.

    And yes, it probably was put together quickly. So what. It doesn’t make it any less relevant.

  10. antisaint says

    @ Gregv – The title card is the video. If you have annotations turned on, there’s a link that takes you to the start of the play.

    If you don’t have annotations turned on, the play doesn’t start until 29 minutes 51 seconds, so just skip ahead.

    I’m sure people will have opinions about the Real Player one way or another, but you can download the realplayer ( for free. It has a plugin for your browser that will allow you to download youtube videos in real’s format, and convert them to other formats if you feel so inclined. Keep in mind the higher the resolution of the video you’re watching (plus the length of the video) the larger the download will be and the longer it will take.

  11. antisaint says

    And as has been said, it’s a staged reading, not a full-on production. I was surprised they had a set at all, that’s not necessarily common for a reading.

    And honestly, while some stumbled with their words, for Martin Sheen to TURN. IT. OUT. the way he did at the end, even with papers in his hand, how could you really care? He gave me chills.

  12. Til says

    Wonderful reading!! All of the actors were amazing for this great civil rights cause. If I may be shallow for a moment, sweet jesus Matt Bomer is just hot.

  13. Randy says

    Regarding the staged reading vs play, I found that the reading from visible scripts emphasized the fact that most of the words are verbatim what was said in court on or TV.

  14. says

    What an amazing production!

    I actually loved this show; it’s not everyday you get to see theater that allows a bevy of actors and actresses to really shine.

    I couldn’t even pick who stole the show, because John C. Reilly, Martin Sheen, Jane Lynch, George Takei, Kevin Bacon, Chris Colfer, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Christina Lahti and the curly-haired youngish gentleman who played her son all stood out to me (he kind of looked like James Franco’s younger brother, but I wasn’t sure and he wasn’t credited on Towleroad or anywhere else I’ve seen).

    To be frank, I expected the show to come off as a group of people who were mainly unprepared, with A-Listers who haven’t done theater in a million years and/or would mail it in. Yowzers, was I wrong. With only a few exceptions, they were all sharp, professional and really got the play (well, as directed by Reiner).

  15. says


    Throw a few clips of John Reilly’s performance together and that could *definitely* go viral, especially when Jane Lynch gives him the stare of death 😛

  16. Ryan says


    There’s various apps you can install on your browsers that allows people to download videos from Youtube (99.999999% sure it’s legal to do that, too, since the videos are in the public domain and available through sites that are controlled by Google and Mozilla — but I’m leaving the .0000001% in there because I’m *not* a lawyer).

    They’re easily available (and free) on Mozilla Firefox’s Add On area (example: Easy Youtube Video Downloader) and in the Chrome Web Store (example: Youtube Downloader).

    Not sure about Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera as I don’t use those browsers, but I imagine they’d exist there, as well.

    Hope that helps!

  17. V-8 says

    I was very touched…. it gives me hope there there is a brighter future in america, for america….. this is the america I love, the one that fights for what it believes and wants to stay on the right side of history, and not the america the current political candidates for the republican nomination portray… they make me want to leave or not live…

  18. Gregv says

    @Antisaint: Thank you for the info on how to watch. That title cards (which isn’t at all relevant after it was shown live) lasts for the first 15 minutes and is confusing.
    All I had to do was skip ahead 15 minutes and then the news clips start, followed by the play.
    Had a little dinner party last night and everyone enjoyed watching.

    I noticed that the right-wingers are alarmed. I saw posts on a so-called Christisn site warning that this will go viral and then be made into a blockbuster, and saying there “must be some kind of city ordinance” that can be used to stop the play. Another post urged people to write to congress asking to get a law passed to stop the play from being seen. They seem worried that people on the dense will realize how appropriate Judge Walker’s judgement was.
    Those anti-gay wingnuts sure do like their free-speech, don’t they?

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