1. jamal49 says

    Free speech is one thing. Outright lies and distortion are another. This ad is the same as shouting “fire” in a crowded theatre when there is none. Hate on the other hand is hate. Fight back. Bash the bigots!

  2. Tom in long beach says

    That was horrible. What about Mrs. Doubt fire ? Anyway why do the christianist always stoop to the lowest like this. It is always “what about the children scare tactics”. Perhaps the gay community should show them as crazy voice hearing family planning center bombers ?? As a person of faith myself such alarmist propaganda seems to violate the commandment not to lie… Let alone love thy neighbor.

  3. MKisNE says

    That’s an oddly familiar animation style.. I’m wondering if that is a semi famous animator? I don’t know who would be famous in Alaska, but still I know I’ve seen that style before.

  4. Dale says

    With some of those families in Anchorage, for instance the Palins, a transvestite would probably give the children better care and love than their biological parents.

  5. Chuck Mielke says

    First, there’s the fear-mongering about the “scary” transexual. Second, it’s the fear that such a person wants to work with toddlers (evoking the erroneous notion that such a person would be a child molester). Third, there’s the fear of losing business. Underlying this is the terror of having to “explain” such an employee to the kids. Then, it’s the “heavy hand of government fines or prison.” Then, ironically, there’s the claim that Anchorage is already “tolerant” enough. Have we had our daily serving of bigotry?

  6. barryearle says

    This approach is not a surprise. Ever since the Prop 8 campaign in California (and actually going back even further), the opponents of equal rights have used protecting children as their main line of defense. They never challenge the merits of the law because they know that’s a losing battle for them. Instead, they play on the fear of pedophilia and call up the body’s natural disgust response. Our side has to find a way to counter this. The recent shift from an emphasis on civil rights to an emphasis on our families is the first step in this new strategy. It was probably part of the recent success in New Hampshire where a Republican legislature (!) decided not to repeal the state’s marriage equality law. But never be surprised when our opponents hide behind children because it’s a fear tactic that, unfortunately, works on the uninformed which is too many of those registered to vote. Besides, voting is an emotional, not rational, process for most people.

  7. Notkony says

    Why is this surprising? Ever since many gay groups allowed themselves to be taken over and ruled by the trans lobby, they have had to deal with a whole extra set of complicated issues dealing with transsexualism, instead of concentrating on fighting for gay rights.

  8. theotherlee says

    “Since the law doesn’t define transgender, why couldn’t it include a cross-dressing man, Minnery asked.”

    Umm, because cross-dressing, and trans-gender are two, totally different issues!? This only illustrates how utterly ignorant this man is..

  9. FFS says

    How stupid. Anyone who would rank the 7 billion people on the planet in order of “First choice to babysit my kids” and not put Eddie Izzard within spitting distance of #1 is a damned fool.

    @NOTKONY: The Transgendered suffer the exact same bigotry and oppression that we do. Their struggle is not separate from ours. Shame on you.

  10. Makayla James says

    I as a trans woman messaged Jim Minnery on facebook just a few minutes ago. I can’t wait to see what he says take the fight to the bigots I say LOL.

  11. Verna Smith says

    If the daycare lady is forced to hire a black person she will lose business! How will they explain to the kids his dark skin? If you let black people enter white locker rooms at a gym the white people will leave and he will lose business.

    Bigotry is so constant. Just because she has a man’s face she must be a pervert. Just because his skin is black he must be violent and criminal. Just because he’s gay he must be a child molester. Won’t somebody think of the children!

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