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Breaking: Kirk Cameron Doesn't Like Gays: VIDEO

It's unclear how Kirk Cameron keeps scoring TV appearances. Cameron, a not-especially-noteworthy star of B-movies who was once worked in a middling sitcom, spends his days running a ministry called "Living Waters" with his guru, a man named Ray Comfort. This ministry has no discernible purpose other than making science-literate people look good in public debates. (Ray Comfort's a creationist, and one of his best "arguments" against evolution goes like this: Mammals reproduce sexually, a process requiring both a male and a female. Therefore, the first, freshly-evolved elephant/hyena/human/whathaveyou wouldn't have anything to mate with. Bet Stephen Jay Gould never thought of that!) For a price, Living Waters dispatches preachers to deliver sermons on demand. It doesn't do much else.

Nevertheless, Cameron was on Piers Morgan last night, saying not-nice things about gays and lesbians. He didn't seem to want to say those things, but Piers goaded him into it. He didn't say them cruelly, and he was emphatic about the primacy of such things as love, respect, and humility in his version of Christendom. But, he conceded, if any of his kids turned up gay, he'd tell them to be ceibate.

GLAADWhereAreTheyNowKirkCameronToday GLAAD is making a big deal about the Cameron interview. They've produced the graphic at right, and have posted a press release to their website, which reads, in part:

“In this interview, Kirk Cameron sounds even more dated than his 1980s TV character,” said Herndon Graddick, Senior Director of Programs at GLAAD. “Cameron is out of step with a growing majority of Americans, particularly people of faith who believe that their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters should be loved and accepted based on their character and not condemned because of their sexual orientation.”

... and so forth. Watch the Cameron clip AFTER THE JUMP. (And take heart: Tonight Piers interviews Penn Jillette, which ought to be a lot less dreary.) 


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  1. He's a complete closet case!

    Posted by: Joe | Mar 3, 2012 3:41:45 PM

  2. General rule: if an ex-teen star is on a talk show and his sentence begins with the words "I think..." time to change the channel.

    Because no one cares. Kirk who?

    Posted by: Bart | Mar 3, 2012 3:43:43 PM

  3. dicaprio and cameron flipped a coin. dicaprio won and got a successful movie career, cameron lost and got to be a bottom-feeder whose core audience are people who think the story of Adam & Eve is a literal historical account.

    this man got his co-star fired because she's posed for Playboy in her past. because, you know, unlike Christ who loved Mary Magdalene, Cameron has no love or respect for women who attempt to make better lives for themselves.

    also his "i believe marriage was created by God" thing is empirically false. when one's beliefs can only be held if they ignore proven factual reality they thus prove that their beliefs are complete nonsense.

    he was once just a mediocre actor and now he's a mediocre human being.
    what an evolution!

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Mar 3, 2012 3:44:18 PM

  4. he preaches to the choir, his influence extends only to a bunch of bigoted dimwits who are watching late night tv and praying they survive the impending apocalypse. hes not relevant enough to merit this large of coverage.

    Posted by: mld | Mar 3, 2012 3:45:19 PM

  5. supposedly it was his now wife then girlfriend and co-star Chelsea Noble who turned him crazy

    she appeared on growing pains, they hooked up, and per everyone else on growing pains that is when he went bible thumping crazy weird and it has been down hill whackiness ever since

    @ little kiwi, it is funny that Dicaprio got his start on growing pains as well & there couldn't be 2 vastly different life tracks than dicaprio vs cameron

    dicaprio turned out to be at least a some what decent human being with lots of charity work with enviro causes along with a stellar career and tons of $

    cameron slinked off into oblivion and non relevance while turning into a foul little twit

    Posted by: say what | Mar 3, 2012 3:51:22 PM

  6. Again, why does the media give a soapbox to these bigots, giving them a platform to spew their ridiculous views. I don't recall seeing a KKK Grand Dragon or some skinhead being interviewed about racial purity? This is ridiculous. Enough already!

    Posted by: MikeH | Mar 3, 2012 3:54:18 PM

  7. GLAAD has started a petition at change.org:


    Posted by: Eric | Mar 3, 2012 3:54:41 PM

  8. Tap tap tap.

    Posted by: Michael | Mar 3, 2012 4:01:34 PM

  9. Idiot, with a capital I! I remember when he got his co-star fired. He was actually just jealous that he didn't have to goods to pose for Playgirl. Someone like him allows himself to get involved or brainwashed by a group like this and after years of spewing this kind of hatred, they find out that they have wasted their life in an organization like this, they realize that all is not what he thought. With all the new dicoveries with new documents and things about the bible and how it was Emporer Justinian who decided what was and wasn't going to be allowed in the bible, who knows what to beleieve. Basically what the bible is saying is to love one another and get along with eveyone and accept people for who they are and love them inspite of their differences. That's all! Not all this hatred and crap that all these far right evangeligals talk about. They have it all wrong. And they think they are going to heaven when they die, but they are really going to go to hell. How can you hate and lie and still think that you will go to heaven and you ask for God to forgive you and then the next day you are right back doing the thing that you just ask forgivness for. Self-Rightous Hypocritical Bigots are all you people are. And back to the artical, Kirk Cameron, you are either an idiot or a incredibly gullible person. But as long as you have been spewing this hatred, I have come to the conclusion that you are just an insane idiot!

    Posted by: Randy | Mar 3, 2012 4:04:56 PM

  10. It's relevant to expose his bigotry. I'm guessing Brandon might not be old enough to remember, but Kirk Cameron was an A-list teen idol during the run of "Growing Pains." He was a hot ticket for a few years.

    He never translated it to mainstream movie success. But he has starred in several successful "Left Behind" adaptations as well as "Fireproof," produced and financed by evangelicals, and released in 2008 that made a lot of money, relative to its cost, by promoting itself to Christian moviegoers (something like $30-plus million on a $500,000 budget. The same filmmakers had similar success with "Courageous" last year).

    To the evangelical crowd, he's a rock star. So it's worth paying attention to his batshittery.

    Posted by: FilmTurtle | Mar 3, 2012 4:07:14 PM

  11. Who is he? What kind of father would say sth like what would to his son?

    Posted by: Matt26 | Mar 3, 2012 4:14:35 PM

  12. This is very un-Christian, but I'd like to punch that fear-mongerer in the face.

    I'm so grumpy today. Grrrr.

    Posted by: Rin | Mar 3, 2012 4:24:06 PM

  13. As an aside;
    Piers Morgan is no friend of ours either. He presided over a UK newspaper that spewed hatred against gays at every opportunity.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Mar 3, 2012 4:30:45 PM

  14. What the f*ck do you mean . . . he didn't make anti-Gay statements "cruelly"???!! There's a nice way to do it? Why are you trying to cover Kirk Cameron's ass?

    Posted by: Stuffed Animal | Mar 3, 2012 4:34:00 PM

  15. You know what's also older than dirt, Kirk? Raping women. Slaves. Taking advantage of the poor. It's okay for you to have your own opinions, but I can't wait for all the guys you had sex with to come out and talk about how "Christian" you are... pathetic.

    Posted by: Hollywood, CA | Mar 3, 2012 4:36:10 PM

  16. Who cares the guys a tool, his former co-stars can't stand him either
    Eff him

    Posted by: GeorgeM | Mar 3, 2012 4:38:21 PM

  17. I wonder if his early days were just "sowing his oats".

    Yes, it's only second hand information, but he seems to have been doing some visiting of fly over country, supposedly to get away from the west coast crowd, but I find it odd that he would spend his time with a gay man while doing so.

    Posted by: Fly Over Country | Mar 3, 2012 4:40:06 PM

  18. People, he's a fundie loony. What did you expect? He rewrote Darwin to fit his views, and so many other things. I thought religion was supposed to bring spiritual fulfillment; who knew that entailed hating others because they're different? Nietzsche tried to make an argument for his famous statement in Also Sprach Zarathustra, but this is all the evidence one needs to know that god is, indeed, dead.
    What perplexes me is why these people would want such a hateful god in the first place. Don't they know they have to face it, too? They can't honestly think they're somehow exempt.

    Posted by: Matt | Mar 3, 2012 4:42:46 PM


    Who cares what this loser thinks! He did not make it on the movies and not on human rights either. Ship him back to when Christians were fed to LIONS!

    Posted by: GRivera | Mar 3, 2012 4:45:55 PM

  20. GLAAD is very selective regarding whom it criticizes. There are Hollywood movies that use the word "fag" but GLAAD refuses to criticize them. One pastor expresses opposition to homosexuality and it's all over him.

    GLAAD's inconsistencey is one reason why I no longer support it.

    Posted by: bruce | Mar 3, 2012 4:59:47 PM

  21. Piers Morgan doesn't really care about gay rights, either. The newspaper he headed wasn't exactly gay-friendly. Just keep that in mind.

    Posted by: bruce | Mar 3, 2012 5:01:31 PM

  22. It's trashy for towleroad to pick a half-blinking, mouth open screen shot for people it doesn't like. They do this for maggie gallagher too.

    Kirk can't be doing too well for himself, or he could buy better fake hair.

    Posted by: James | Mar 3, 2012 5:06:47 PM

  23. @BRUCE

    So does that mean that you don't support, and didn't sign, the petition regarding this idiot? That doesn't make sense. Because they aren't "all over" everyone to the degree you deem adequate, you won't support them when they do stand up to someone?

    Posted by: Eric | Mar 3, 2012 5:08:50 PM

  24. Yawn!

    Posted by: M. Scott Hernandez | Mar 3, 2012 5:18:07 PM

  25. The photo capture of him is hilarious. That's how I will always see him: his beliefs distorting his face.

    Posted by: trees | Mar 3, 2012 5:22:58 PM

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