1. Bart says

    General rule: if an ex-teen star is on a talk show and his sentence begins with the words “I think…” time to change the channel.

    Because no one cares. Kirk who?

  2. says

    dicaprio and cameron flipped a coin. dicaprio won and got a successful movie career, cameron lost and got to be a bottom-feeder whose core audience are people who think the story of Adam & Eve is a literal historical account.

    this man got his co-star fired because she’s posed for Playboy in her past. because, you know, unlike Christ who loved Mary Magdalene, Cameron has no love or respect for women who attempt to make better lives for themselves.

    also his “i believe marriage was created by God” thing is empirically false. when one’s beliefs can only be held if they ignore proven factual reality they thus prove that their beliefs are complete nonsense.

    he was once just a mediocre actor and now he’s a mediocre human being.
    what an evolution!

  3. mld says

    he preaches to the choir, his influence extends only to a bunch of bigoted dimwits who are watching late night tv and praying they survive the impending apocalypse. hes not relevant enough to merit this large of coverage.

  4. say what says

    supposedly it was his now wife then girlfriend and co-star Chelsea Noble who turned him crazy

    she appeared on growing pains, they hooked up, and per everyone else on growing pains that is when he went bible thumping crazy weird and it has been down hill whackiness ever since

    @ little kiwi, it is funny that Dicaprio got his start on growing pains as well & there couldn’t be 2 vastly different life tracks than dicaprio vs cameron

    dicaprio turned out to be at least a some what decent human being with lots of charity work with enviro causes along with a stellar career and tons of $

    cameron slinked off into oblivion and non relevance while turning into a foul little twit

  5. MikeH says

    Again, why does the media give a soapbox to these bigots, giving them a platform to spew their ridiculous views. I don’t recall seeing a KKK Grand Dragon or some skinhead being interviewed about racial purity? This is ridiculous. Enough already!

  6. Randy says

    Idiot, with a capital I! I remember when he got his co-star fired. He was actually just jealous that he didn’t have to goods to pose for Playgirl. Someone like him allows himself to get involved or brainwashed by a group like this and after years of spewing this kind of hatred, they find out that they have wasted their life in an organization like this, they realize that all is not what he thought. With all the new dicoveries with new documents and things about the bible and how it was Emporer Justinian who decided what was and wasn’t going to be allowed in the bible, who knows what to beleieve. Basically what the bible is saying is to love one another and get along with eveyone and accept people for who they are and love them inspite of their differences. That’s all! Not all this hatred and crap that all these far right evangeligals talk about. They have it all wrong. And they think they are going to heaven when they die, but they are really going to go to hell. How can you hate and lie and still think that you will go to heaven and you ask for God to forgive you and then the next day you are right back doing the thing that you just ask forgivness for. Self-Rightous Hypocritical Bigots are all you people are. And back to the artical, Kirk Cameron, you are either an idiot or a incredibly gullible person. But as long as you have been spewing this hatred, I have come to the conclusion that you are just an insane idiot!

  7. FilmTurtle says

    It’s relevant to expose his bigotry. I’m guessing Brandon might not be old enough to remember, but Kirk Cameron was an A-list teen idol during the run of “Growing Pains.” He was a hot ticket for a few years.

    He never translated it to mainstream movie success. But he has starred in several successful “Left Behind” adaptations as well as “Fireproof,” produced and financed by evangelicals, and released in 2008 that made a lot of money, relative to its cost, by promoting itself to Christian moviegoers (something like $30-plus million on a $500,000 budget. The same filmmakers had similar success with “Courageous” last year).

    To the evangelical crowd, he’s a rock star. So it’s worth paying attention to his batshittery.

  8. Hollywood, CA says

    You know what’s also older than dirt, Kirk? Raping women. Slaves. Taking advantage of the poor. It’s okay for you to have your own opinions, but I can’t wait for all the guys you had sex with to come out and talk about how “Christian” you are… pathetic.

  9. Fly Over Country says

    I wonder if his early days were just “sowing his oats”.

    Yes, it’s only second hand information, but he seems to have been doing some visiting of fly over country, supposedly to get away from the west coast crowd, but I find it odd that he would spend his time with a gay man while doing so.

  10. Matt says

    People, he’s a fundie loony. What did you expect? He rewrote Darwin to fit his views, and so many other things. I thought religion was supposed to bring spiritual fulfillment; who knew that entailed hating others because they’re different? Nietzsche tried to make an argument for his famous statement in Also Sprach Zarathustra, but this is all the evidence one needs to know that god is, indeed, dead.
    What perplexes me is why these people would want such a hateful god in the first place. Don’t they know they have to face it, too? They can’t honestly think they’re somehow exempt.

  11. GRivera says


    Who cares what this loser thinks! He did not make it on the movies and not on human rights either. Ship him back to when Christians were fed to LIONS!

  12. bruce says

    GLAAD is very selective regarding whom it criticizes. There are Hollywood movies that use the word “fag” but GLAAD refuses to criticize them. One pastor expresses opposition to homosexuality and it’s all over him.

    GLAAD’s inconsistencey is one reason why I no longer support it.

  13. James says

    It’s trashy for towleroad to pick a half-blinking, mouth open screen shot for people it doesn’t like. They do this for maggie gallagher too.

    Kirk can’t be doing too well for himself, or he could buy better fake hair.

  14. Eric says


    So does that mean that you don’t support, and didn’t sign, the petition regarding this idiot? That doesn’t make sense. Because they aren’t “all over” everyone to the degree you deem adequate, you won’t support them when they do stand up to someone?

  15. Wavin' Dave says

    I was asleep on a beautiful Florida beach all afternoon – did I miss anything?
    Oh? Kirk Cameron on Piers Morgan.
    Whew, I was worried something important occurred.
    Enjoy Saturday night date night, kids.

  16. zeddy says

    Aren’t we supposed to be more evolved than animals? Why is it that the KKKristian Right keep on bringing up that we need to be just like bunnies and procreate? I think there’s a bit more to humans than that.

  17. Jamie says

    I added Kirk Cameron as a friend on Facebook years ago…(I was a huge Growing ains fan in my youth)..he accepted and obviously read my profile and found out I was gay and sent me an email stating I was going to hell and was morally wrong and defriended me

  18. Sarina says

    I don’t know how saying homosexuality is detrimental and destructive wasn’t meant to be cruel. Not to mention the way he’d approach his child, if he was gay.

  19. theotherlee says

    Ahhh. Good ole Kurt.. Does anyone take him seriously? I mean.. really? He tried to say that a banana is proof of the existence of God.. Don’t believe me? Check it yourself:

    Sad, delusional little man.

  20. bruce says

    I don’t support GLAAD anymore. They are inconsistent and selective in whom they criticize.

    Like I said before, there are tons of movies that use the word “fag” to describe gay men but GLAAD says nothing about it. I think a movie is far more likely to spread homophobia than Kirk Cameron.

    GLAAD has lost a lot of credibility by being selective.

  21. jason says

    Well, I think Kirk is correct about the lifestyles of certain homosexual men. I’ve seen it with my own eyes: drugs, promiscuous sex, smoking, drinking. It’s not a healthy lifestyle.

    Don’t deny that a large number of gay men on the social scene lead very self-degrading lives that ultimately harm their health. Don’t deny it – you know it’s true.

  22. Charles Lemos says

    Eight states now that Maryland has become Marryland. Try to keep up there Piers.

    Kirk Cameron is a lost cause but thankfully increasingly irrelevant.

  23. wtf says

    Jason: and many straight people do the same. What’s your point? Do you have one? Do you know the reason that there are higher incidences of problematic issues in our community? It’s not inherent to gay people, you idiot. It’s because of our society’s condemnation of gay people that leads to destructive behavior. So why don’t you just STFU. Being gay doesn’t mean that someone is inherently disposed to addiction or promiscuity. Your statements imply a false analogy and are offensive.

  24. true colors showing says

    It is interesting to watch someone intellectually deficient struggle to understand the world and try to make Biblical nonsense conform to reality. If that’s all he has to offer no wonder his career died.

    His cuteness has evaporated, and with it his audience.

    I think the pic grab represents his inner distorted discomfort, so it is quite appropriate. Only a real good photographer can capture that inner quality!

    One more thought: He’s kind of a mini Rick Santorum.

  25. nick says

    The pic grab of Cameron is evidence of him being possessed by the Holy Ghost he so feverishly worships–Come on people you don’t recognize when the imaginary presence in his most esteemed presence?

    The ex-Mike Seaver (remember his best friend’s name was Boner on that vacuous show he got his 15 mins. from) is resolute in his ignorance. He gleans his beliefs from a historical piece of fiction.

  26. Brandon K. Thorpp says


    Thanks for reading. You asked:

    “What the f*ck do you mean . . . he didn’t make anti-Gay statements ‘cruelly’???!!”

    Simply this. Every Bible-believing Christian is obligated to disapprove of homosexuality, as well as (arguably) shellfish eating, mixed-fabric wearing, and all kinds of other things. They may express their disapproval politely or rudely. Fred Phelps does the latter; Kirk Cameron, on his better days, does the former.

    I should point out — Kirk didn’t appear on the show in the hopes of talking about LGBT folk. He wanted to talk about something else, and Piers dragged the conversation sexwards over Cameron’s protestations. When someone is a homophobe, as Cameron is, then I appreciate it when they make some effort to keep shut their mouths, however salutatory. It is a step in the right direction, and I dare dream of a day when they’ll be too embarrassed to speak publicly about their weird ideas at all.

    – BKT

  27. Rance says

    I can’t muster the energy to care about what this person says. As for Morgan, he seems to be an amoral horse’s behind and just asks these questions for ratings.

  28. Rin says


    Your statement that we are “obligated” is not true. This is a theological disagreement among various Christians and not a “set” notion on the part of everyone claiming to love Jesus.

    I am not “Jewish”. I do not ascribe to 663 laws. I am a follower of the teachings of Jesus as stated in the Gospels, meaning I have 2, count ’em 2, commandments: Love God and love my neighbor. According to the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels these are the only real commandments and the rest were given by Moses because people were hard-hearted.

    Many protestants seem to be uncomfortable with both the Gospels and the words of Jesus as contained therein, and choose to embrace both the Hebrew Bible (selectively) and the epistles.

    He is not obligated as a Christian to be mean anymore than a Jew or Muslim is obligated to stone you or execute you–less so, as those laws ARE there in their faith and there is nothing even remotely close in the words ascribed to Jesus.

  29. Contrarian says

    Piers Morgan and CNN must also take the blame for giving this nobody a platform. Morgan is in exile here in the states lest he be more closely investigated in the UK hacking scandal (Yes, I know he claims he “knew nothing”, but the Murdoch slime Rupert and Jamesie, have the same excuse). Morgan is barely more tolerable than the over the hill (self-described so don’t scream prejudice)”Brooklyn Jew” he replaced.

  30. say what says


    the co-star he had fired posted o her my page (per wiki)

    “ He thinks if I read science books that I’m going to hell. [I would] rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints … the sinners are much more fun. And a lot more interesting than some book-burner who is still having growing pains. I am at peace with God. Kirk thinks people like me are going to Hell, if I do then at least I’ll go well informed and well read.”


    Anyway; the whole nbanana thing is hillarious

    The idiot doesn’t knwo that wild bananas exist and are inedible full of seeds, small, practically tasteless……….the banana we eat is domesticated from thousands of years of humans purposefully breeding for certain traits they found they enjoyed in bananas thus larger in size, sweeter, with very small edible seeds

    bananas do not prove creationism….they proove if anything human ingenuity and agricultural husbandry

  31. OddBet says

    I had the distinct displeasure of meeting Kirk years ago. He is trash. He likes to think that he is a kind, open-minded, and respectful person, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The moment he thinks you won’t be able to hear him, he launches into a litany of insults against you.

    Then, when you call him on this, he offers a condescending non-apology (for me and mine it was “I’m sorry I said those things, but remember that you are in fact going to Hell.”)

    An absolute waste of space.

  32. says

    Jason/Bruce: Using multiple troll identities isn’t a healthy lifestyle either. It’s sad and pointless, as are your out-of-touch-with-reality views of the “homosexual lifestyle” that you’ve seen with your own eyes. (As opposed to seeing it with someone else’s eyes?)

    Kirk Cameron’s views are as obsolete as his career.

  33. Acronym Jim says

    The photo accompanying this post is perfect for Cameron. He wrongly believes evolution consists of cross-species mating giving rise to new species. As a result, one of his “proofs” against evolution is wondering why there are no crocoducks.

  34. uffda says

    I haven’t read any of this closely yet, but it looks like another good fight. Please let’s not forget that that is what a whole lot of us enjoy most here. It’s the only group of gay men I know and I think it’s a hoot. I’ll be back in a little to help straighten everything out… or maybe I’ll send KIWI to do it. Or just wait until he does it.

  35. Dale says

    The “for life” and “Till death do you part”. Hmmm, I looked it up and that is not in the Fairy Tale at all. Is Kirk making stuff up again. Gosh you gotta keep a close eye on those cafeteria Christians.

  36. MKe says

    I think this guy is a nice guy, but he’s so mis-leaded it’s upsetting. Of course he would say the same about me. But what he doesn’t realize is that gay people are living the best life they can live, we’re not lost sheep that are going to destroy society. We’ve already made moral decisions about our lives and are doing the best we can like everybody else.

  37. jaragon says

    Who cares what this has been have to say about anything- yes he does appear in those direct to DVD Christian film so he is obviously preaching to his target audience.

  38. Johnson says

    Cameron is well known closet case who cruises for quickie sex in his car in Griffith park. Frequently. Still. His wife has even threatened divorce before when she’s discovered him with male tricks. The only person he’s fooling is himself. It’s all how he was raised, he mother was a religinist nightmare-woman with some bizarre hangups.

  39. FunMe says

    Funny, I hadn’t heard of him and visited my family in Texas. Very little to see in regular TV and then … POP! There he was with his “guru”, some 70s looking dude with a pornstache, talking about who knows what … and I thought, so THAT’s where he ended up.

    But here in Hollywood … rumors have been floating. And Kirk showing more his homophobia, aka self-hate, only opens the door with open more than ever as he shows what a closet queen he is.

    That’s too bad, because he could be a nice happy guy if he was true to himself. Now there’s the wife and the 2 kids … and the 4 adopted. Why do THEY have to suffer because of his self-loathing?

  40. mmike1969 says

    Has anyone noticed that the perpetrators of crimes and RWNJ’s always use the blame the victim defense to excuse their own ignorance and general ass-hattey?

  41. jason says

    I have never said that the homosexual lifestyle is unhealthy. Never. I’ve simply said that homosexual men are known to make poor choices in life. From promiscuous stranger sex to drug use, these are poor choices made by a lot of homosexual men on the social scene. Don’t deny it – you know it’s true.

    To pretend otherwise is putting your head in the sand.

  42. Sebastian says

    Wow, this is some of the most in your face hate I have read in a long time and sure hope the so called mainstream media picks it up as well as the gay groups who are all over others who say things that don’t even come close to this hate, ugh.

  43. anon says

    People forget what a big star he was in the 80’s. For mainstream audiences he just “disappeared”. Growing Pains was not Leonardo DiCaprio’s breakout role. That was “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”.

  44. Kyle L. says

    Christians really get it easy from us gays….so often we just paint their STUPID, brain washed, CULTISH, freaky, none sense as opinions…and we let them get away with it. ENOUGH! Christians are responsible for the KILLING and mass MURDER of millions of gays. Take these wack job loons to task and CALL THEM out on their crazy.

    Christians…you are the worse type of people on this planet. In some ways, absolutely NO different than the Islamic fundmentalist, except those folks KNOW they are crazy and you pretend you’re not. YOU ARE. Time to get called out on it and stop being tax exempt you cult freaks.

  45. IonMovies says

    Christianity is a false hope that has yet to be proven. Christianity goes against science, goes against fact and always goes against humanity. Christianity is this make belief story created so people who are narcassistic can have hope of getting eternal gifts after life. It is absolutely bogus and I agree it needs to be acknowledged for the bogus it is. Enough of tip toe around Christians emotions. Why are their feelings more sacred than ours? They chose to be fundie religious folk, we didn’t choose.

  46. StaninStad says

    I had a terrible run in with him on 3rd street promenade (an out door dinning and shopping area of Los Angeles) by Santa Monica beach. He and his cult of religious Bible thumpers were doing what Bible thumpers do….annoy, irritate and be militant on a soap box “preaching the Gospel”
    as my friends and I walked past them, he rudely and disgustingly mutters “gay is a choice. you chose hell”

    Would you expect any different from this groups ilk? They take a man written word and demand you change your life to please their comfort. They deserve to be challenged on all fronts.

  47. Real Talk says

    I don’t have tolerance for the Christian taliban. They’ve consistently gotten away with hate speech under the umbrella of a belief. A belief that is nothing more than a fabricated belief that hasn’t been proven to be accurate. I’d like to create a mainstream belief that tackles and combats religion. Throughout history, everyone has been too afarid to do so. Religious people are and have always been the most hypocritical in society. They commit all sorts of sins, but always pick one demographic to deflect from their own “sins” and make you a poster child. Even though most of them are extremely evil behind closed doors.

  48. Jamal-ATL says

    Jason…you’re the site troll. We all know it. Some of us even talk about you for comic relief when we’re OFF this site. You’re the mentally unstable/chemically imbalanced dude who refuses to get treatment and instead camps out on here. NO ONE on here takes you seriously. 60% feel remorse and pity. 40% are amused and laugh at you. You’re a complete, joke of a waste and nothing you say has any logic behind it, be it your rants on women, gays, society, or your ignorance spewed everytime you type. Getting help is YOUR choice and there are many professionals and mental health fields that are there to help and care about creating a safe environment for folks like you. Use them, and realize that you don’t have to fight something which can be treated. You have to want the help first though.

  49. Dale Jenkins says

    UUFDA, it’s obvious that the men on here are the only gay men you know in your life, as you’ve expressed many times over.

    Your commentary always has hidden and not so hidden homophobic slants to it, derived from not personal experience, but homophobia that’s been brain washed in your head and you’ve never actually challenged, or attempted to educate yourself on. You come on this site every day as a means to ‘school’ gay men on articles relation to discrimination and injustice we faced, but you’re the one that needs a history lesson. Before you ever approach a demographic about who they are and what they are going through, you need to atleast know someone from that demographic. Heck, Bill O’rielly has met more gay folks on a one on one personal basis than you have. You celebrate your ignorance, homophobia, anti fem gay philosopy, and think you’re just so witty and cool. Yet time and time again, I’ve seen you be called out for your level of ignorance.

    You put up a front as if you’re happy in your skin…but you’re not. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be on a gay oriented site to get your fix of gay. You’d be living your life, and exposing yourself to gay men on a personal level. Anyone can make bitchy comments, but you’re just projecting your own disdain in your own life. and your resentment toward feminine gays (a commonality between men with disdain for the gay community) is a big sign of that. When folks like you are in a crowd of (mostly) well adjusted gay men and women, your insecurities always come out, and they almost always come out in an ignorant manner. Truth hurts, but it’s always worth examining.

  50. Acronym Jim says

    @Jason: “I have never said that some human behavior is unhealthy. Never. I’ve simply singled out homosexual men for being known to make poor choices in life. From promiscuous stranger sex to drug use, these are poor choices made by a lot of people on the social scene. I don’t ever mention that it extends to people other than homosexual men, though I know it does.
    Anyway, I’m going to keep putting my head in the sand.”


    You’re welcome

  51. USC Trojan Fan says

    @ Dale, UFFDA enjoys playing devil’s advocate on here. By his own admission, he IS ignorant in interaction with gays and uses things he’s heard about us as his point of reference, hence the calculating posts he makes. But as a word of advice, do what many other do….ignore him, RatBastard, Jason’s on this page. Their daily joys come through coming on a gay oriented site and trying to ‘straight wash’ it by claiming homophobia is not nearly as serious as we percieve, all while making homophobic comments. People like these don’t have peace within their heart and feel resentful when they see others who do. They don’t quite grasp how insignificant they are, and how millions of gays are out there living their lives with pure elation while these three (very well could be the same poster) are making dreaded pleas for help through their postings. You can’t help people like this. You ignore them and feel sorry for them and feel better about yourself. Seriously, trust us.

  52. Rob Zeleniak says

    Cameron is parroting the standard Christian right responses to gay civil rights issues. He doesn’t have an original thought on the subject, so . . . It must be great to wake up each morning and have the world defined. No need to process complex issues! The only reason he’s on this show is to stoke the fire of controversy that Morgan seems to enjoy for his ratings. Is Cameron on some sort of medication? He keeps smacking his lips.

  53. Tom in long beach says

    Groan… Wrong Questions being asked. Yes fundies think all gay sex and sex outside of their narrow view of marriage is a sin. It is possible to have a form of Christian faith and not be a fundie . The only real thing I have a problem with is the propaganda about being gay is a destructive life. Most of the gay people I know are in long term relationships and lead lives about as boring as everyone else…
    Perhaps people should instead be talking about creating a political climate where everyone has equal rights and one group is not singled out as a scapegoat for the nation’s ills and instead we use reason to decide how to make America and the world a better place for everyone. If you value heterosexual lifelong monogamy help your people have better marriages. Do not spend all your energy demonizing the gays..

  54. Jerry6 says

    Like so many Bible believers, the gentleman ignores actual history. The formalization of “Marriage” did not happen until “MAN” changed from a nomadic life to living in a single area due to the “Invention” of Farming. The need for formalizing “Families” created “Marriage” and family raising of children instead of community rearing of children under the nomadic lifestyle.

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