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Gay Man Begs Obama to Halt Deportation of His Husband Under DOMA: VIDEO


Another awful story of a married binational gay couple, Brian and Alfonso (together for 10 years), hit with the threat of being deported under DOMA. Alfonso hasn't lived in Mexico for 20 years and is being threatened with deportation.

Watch their touching and heartbreaking video, AFTER THE JUMP...

MarriageIn a post at Stop the Deportations, Brian writes about a particularly awful recent episode:

Our life was on a happy, albeit somewhat boringly ordinary, trajectory until one fateful night last summer. That night and the events that followed have brought me to a whole new level of understanding about how precarious Alfonso’s life had been up to this point. That night we were pulled over for a routine traffic stop. The local law enforcement did their regular background checks and that is when the train went off of the proverbial rails. You see, the local authorities have been conscripted by the federal government in a weird, Orwellian, 1984, Big-Brother sort of way so that now the local authorities are forced to send information directly to federal agencies.

Within a few hours I learned that something called an “immigration hold” had been placed on Alfonso’s file, so even though he was not charged with any crime by the local authorities and had no criminal record they were not allowed to release him. They took my husband away in chains and put him in a county jail. The day before I was going to have my first visitation they moved him to a different jail. Then the day before I was going to be allowed to visit him at the 2nd jail they transferred him to a 3rd facility, a federal immigration facility. It was there in San Francisco, a week after this nightmare began, that I was finally allowed to visit my husband for the first time since the nightmare began. Even though he is not a criminal, they brought him in to a tiny visitation booth in handcuffs and we sat there talking and crying until they took him away 10 minutes later.

Watch Brian and Alfonso tell their story, AFTER THE JUMP...

Writes Brian:

Mr. President I need your help. I am calling on you to stop the deportation of my husband. Not with vague references to a deportation policy that has been reformed to keep families together, but with explicit written directives to stop deportations of couples like, who but for DOMA, would have access to a green card. I deserve to see that in writing. It is an outrage that the administration hides behind general language, and leaves it up to local ICE officials to implement “prosecutorial discretion” guidelines. I have filed a green card petition for Alfonso on the basis of our marriage.

Stop the Deportations has a petition, urging U.S. officials to stop deportation of married gay binational couples.

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  1. Magy.....your comments are terrible. There is no reason at all to assume that Alfonso has any history at all with Homeland Security. And, even if he did, it doesnt change the fact that DOMA completely violates the civil rights of legally married gay couples..such as here in my home of Massachusetts. Obama has produced great progress for the LGBT community, but it is time for him to lead and issue an executive order to stop the deportation of foreign-born, legally married spouses. He could do this today if he wanted and the nightmare these couples are in would be over. But he also needs to go further with an all out push to repeal DOMA. its a hugely discriminatory law in a land that supposedly prides itself on everyone being treated equally.

    Posted by: Eric | Mar 22, 2012 1:39:16 PM

  2. Here's my question: Did Alfonso have a "Hold" on his status before he got married? If so, I understand why he was taken in. Depending on the "why" of that hold would decide the outcome of my support. However, from first impression I do side with this couple since the relationship appears clearly genuine. When I married a foreigner, I had to take her to INS and have everything cleared. It should be no different for anyone else as its to protect this countries interest (scam wives, scam husbands). I believe you should be applying for citizenship if you plan to stay in this country so you can vote and take part in our country. 20 years here is a long time. Best to this married couple though.

    Posted by: John | Mar 22, 2012 1:47:43 PM

  3. It is absolutely CRIMINAL that in this day and age the USA still does not allow gay people to marry - or at the VERY MINIMUM allow gay citizens to sponsor their same sex significant others for permanent residence/citizenship. It's time for DOMA to be found UNCONSTITUTIONAL (as it most definitely is) and allow these couples to enjoy their LIFE, LIBERTY and PURSUIT of HAPPINESS as the Declaration of Independence states! How can we (the US) claim to be a country with free citizens when 10% of the population isn't free to marry the person of their choosing? How hypocritical to claim we are bestowing freedom on citizens of other countries (through war and threats) when 10% our OWN CITIZENS aren't free to make the most important life decision there is - who to share the rest of their lives with. (And who to make their legal next-of-kin.) SHAME on this country for protecting laws that enforce bigotry.

    Posted by: Donald | Mar 22, 2012 1:56:16 PM

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