1. Rich F. says

    This woman needs to lose her job. She has absolutely no business administering a public school if she’s telling students that they’re not welcome there.

  2. Nick says

    Why isn’t she ad(ministering) in a Xtian Taliban setting?-oh that’s right because she is the wrong color in TN—
    Don’t look for the Volunteer state to do ANYTHING about this unless forced to by the federal government or a lawsuit. Hit ’em where it hurts- take the fascists to court.

  3. TampaZekex says

    So much for “Don’t Say Gay” in Tennessee!

    Watch, the people pushing this bill will be the first to jump to this woman’s defense.

  4. Dave says

    She has demonstrated her failure to understand what her job is and how to do it. She is free to be a “Christian” but she is not free to pass final judgement on others while she is acting in her capacity as a public school principal. She needs to resign and if she refuses, she should be fired.

  5. Tikihead says

    I hope she was consistent in her belief, and told all the Jewish kids they’re going to hell too. That’s what evangelicals believe, but they love to gloss over that part. It needs to be brought up.

  6. Michaelandfred says

    “Not welcome here.” News flash dumb ass, you teach at a public school, it’s not your decision who and who is not welcome. This woman should lose her job ASAP. This is not her home, she doesn’t get to make those kinds of decisions. Those kinds of comments are what leads to young people ending their lives or living scarred for years. It’s bad enough she’s such an ignorant woman. 100 times worse being so ignorant and in charge of young children.

  7. Robert Cadalso says

    A Principal should be doing her job and not cast judgements that are religious in nature.

    She needs to be fired and then tied to a tree and burned.

  8. GeorgeM says

    Another example of a person in power using their religion to hurt others. Also another example of hating and not wanting gays around regardless of looks or where they fall on the scale. Just over all dislike for gay people

  9. awclark0227 says

    Tikihead That is not what evangelicals believe. I am a Jew and we have evangelicals in my church, that is not what they belong. And yes your life style is wrong. God made Eve for Adam, Woman for man……It states in black ink in the bible you it is a sin to lay with same sex, Only way to heaven is through Jesus. I believe that is you know he is your Lord and Savior you are going to Heaven. But you and we all do, have much to answer to God for. I am a Christian and I sin, noone is without SIN! ……..READ!

  10. Bart says

    Uhm, Dorothy, I think you’re going to find that you’re not welcome here.

    A principal doesn’t get to say who is “welcome” and who isn’t. Not her job.

    And being a black woman, I wonder if remarks like that were aimed at students of color, if she would allow those remarks to go unchallenged.

    Time for her to go. This isn’t the the 1960s. Someone dealing with students should be living in the present day and have more respect. I’m not interested in her opinion or (ahem, cough, cough) religion. Last I knew a principal of a high school hadn’t been coronated.

  11. justandra says

    I always find it funny that gays automatically go to “hell” but out of wedlock mothers/fathers do not? From what I’ve heard from christians, no sin is greater than another. Spread the hate equally stupid cow. Hopefully she wont have a job much longer.

  12. Anomanus says

    no you hatefull asses are going to laws no one can discriminate or take we the peoples freedom or hurt any one because of gender preferance race creed same sex or man and woman. god will get you all for destroying this world he created you hypro crits pretend to be good churh going people you destroy all gods given you.and destroying god ,and religeion discriminating and slaughtering everyone and every thing. god is love for everyone and every thing. it’s like you are destroying your family.

  13. Kevin_BGFH says

    This is a PUBLIC school. What right does she have to tell any student who is not a danger to herself or others that they are not welcome? Go work for a private school if you want the freedom to deny others an education.

  14. Continuum says

    I’ve just sent a respectful email to both Principal Bond as well as the Superintendent of schools in Bronwsville.

    I expressed my disgust at her words, and her bringing her own personal religious beliefs into a public school.

    I also noted that not all religions agree with her personal religious beliefs regarding gays.

    It seems that we see at least once a week that one of these public figures misuses their positions of authority.

    I send my emails, but I wonder whether it matters one bit to these religious bigots.

  15. Shelly says

    Most telling part of the story is unquoted in the above:

    “The district would not say if the principal would be disciplined. According to a statement, the district says it does not condone or engage in the unlawful discrimination of administrators, faculty, or students on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, or national origin.”

    Nope — they just condone and engage in discrimination against classes of people (in this case, pregnant teens and lgbtq students) who don’t happen to be covered under anti-discrimination laws.

    But something just hit me — we are making the unprecedentedly fast progress we are towards full equality precisely because small towns can no longer get away with things like this without it becoming national news in no time, with a HUGE nationwide outcry arising in moments. And this is precisely why we’re seeing the degree of ferocity in the backlash that we are. The “real issue” here isn’t the usual hot-buttons of marriage equality or anti-discrimination laws. It’s the fact that in an increasingly interconnected world, it’s harder for regionally/culturally sanctioned bigotry to pass under the radar. Used to be we were all “safely” tucked away in the usual ghettos — New York, San Francisco, etc. — so they could easily just brush our demands for equality aside as examples of “degeneracy” of “cultural elitists” or whatever. And clearly, they still do use this line, but at this point in the battle, it only marginalizes them further and further. This is just about the power to locally oppress along whatever arbitrary lines happen to suit them at the moment, and the true backlash going on here is against their own obvious obsolescence in the face of contemporary cultural/technological/social realities.

    I suppose that’s probably all obvious to everybody, but it just felt like a major epiphany of perspective for me.

  16. Bob says

    Shelly brings up a great point; however, I wonder if the pregnant teens would be considered a protected class because pregnancy is a medical condition.

    As we’ve seen with the Americans with Disabilities Act and in some employment laws, it’s difficult for government agencies to discriminate against people with medical conditions.

    I believe that being gay is one of the only classes where there’s no national protections against discrimination.

  17. vanndean says

    It would appear that she and the School Board and the Superintendent of Schools are not aware that she is in violation of the Tennessee Educator’s Code of Ethics.
    In Section 49-5-1003, Paragraph b,line 5, it states that the educator shall “Not intentionally expose the student to embarrassment or disparagement;”. It would behoove parents and students alike to bring up such information to the Superintendent, the Board of Education and to the Principal herself. I am not sure about this state, but in some states violations of the Code of Ethics are grounds for removal of teaching certifications and administration certificates. Call the “hated” ACLU, get a lawyer, and sue the bastards into submission. Yes, do make a FEDERAL CASE out of it!

  18. Akula says

    Hey AWCLARK0227 I’m sorry but I stopped believing in your fairy tales when I learned to think like an adult, so take your little book of tall tales and go play with the others on the short bus.

  19. Crysta Williams says

    Isn’t it just hilarious watching the Catholic Trolls trying to use a fictional story book like a factual book of law?

    Add to that, they cherry pick their laws (which god does not approve of BTW)

    If you are gonna hate on homosexuality, I’m gonna hate on your ass for wearing mixed clothes, eating pork, shrimp, and of course touching an “unclean” woman (During her period and about a week after)

    That’s right you loser asshats, you can’t touch your girlfriend/fiancee/wife for HALF OF THE MONTH!!! Ditto your daughter/sister/aunt/mother…

    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!

  20. Mott says

    So refreshing to read the comments with so little from the trolls.
    My first time to this site, you’re doing great, carry on.
    I especially liked and agreed with Shelly’s optimistic post, we are moving forward, we will leave ignorance and hate behind.
    Love to all.

  21. tony says

    Maybe someone needs to remind the principal that it wasn’t long ago that “her people” weren’t welcome anywhere either, and either she can go sit on the back of the bus and go drink from the “coloreds water fountains” or she can learn this is 2012 and time for her to build a bridge and get over her bigoted river !

  22. knightslider says

    You must have been dropped as a child. An employee in a PUBLIC school, especially the principal, is unable to make such insensitive comments. Are you saying that you wouldn’t want to the teacher who came up to you and school and said “Hey, all of you with (insert belief/physical appearance here) are damned to hell”? You are a bigot. And an ass. In this setting she does not have the freedom to say things like this.

  23. Curtis says

    This woman – must be fired. Under no conditions should she be allowed to have an opportunity to twist young minds. Hopefully, she will be gone soon.

  24. Glen says

    You can be sure to blame some reprehensible indoctrination by the pastor of a black church for this woman’s destructive actions, not only to herself, but her community, and the lives of others, including youth and children.

    It’s time to go after these black Southern Baptist churches. And the progressive liberals of the black community are going to have to be the ones to do it.

    It is absolutely reprehensible how a people who’ve been such victims of hatred, bigotry, and prejudice can themselves, in the adoption of the religion that was used to justify abuses against them, can turn around and foster hatred, bigotry, and prejudice toward gay people.

    At least the black civil rights leaders GET this, and are standing up for the civil rights of gay people. NOW it’s time to take the legs out from under the MAJOR source of continuing anti-gay prejudice in the black community… the church.

  25. Flint says

    This is not a gay or straight issue. This is about common decency and the right of every American citizen to be a Full, equal citizen.
    Anything else, and anyone that cannot see the truth of this, is un- american. I do not use that term lightly.

  26. JDL says

    Fire her ass! E-mail her, and her staff and tell them what you really think. They conveniently left her e-mail address and phone number up on the web in light of this great publicity. I wonder how badly their mail server will be taxed tomorrow?

    Hmmm. Public school? Keep your religious views out of it! She’s a perfect example of why we need to get rid of teachers unions! What a sad excuse for an educator! And people wonder why the educational system in the US is the laughing stock of the world!

  27. Deee! says

    AwClark0227 Let me get this, are you Jewish? Or Christian? You appeared to say you were both. And secondly, you said evangelists don’t believe people of other religions are going to hell. They do. Thirdly, what about a man, let’s say, somewhere in Africa (no racism intended, I’m Nigerian), was a good person and always showed love, but died without ever hearing about Jesus. Does HE go to hell? Answer that for me, please. And while you’re at it, explain why you’re posting comments on a clearly gay site.

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