1. Jason says

    How is this offensive? Geez, people can’t even make a silly joke anymore. And here I thought gays had a good sense of humor. Oh, darn…did I just stereotype?

  2. bobbyjoe says

    So Carson Daly’s radio show is transmitted from the late 1960s? Not only is it stupid, it sounds like Carson Daly is phoning in jokes from the Mad Men era. Floral convention? Given how old and out-of-touch Daly sounds, it’s a wonder he didn’t describe the plane as that “gol-durned flying machine.”

  3. Marcito says

    F%&K Carson Daly.

    D-Bag in a D-Bubble of his own creation.
    Self absorbed. Ego driven. Hipster-Without-A-Clue.

    Let’s open his eyes (& burst his baby bubble) up
    to the bigger picture…Yes. We can.

  4. Friend of Mark says

    I found this, actually, incredibly offensive. Like, I hope it ends his career.

    It was an amazingly disrespectful comment. How could such a thing even enter his brain, much less pass through his lips?

    The world would be a different place today were it not for the assertive heroism of gay (and San Franciscan) Mark Bingham.

    There also are plenty of gay men (including servicepersons and vets, by the way) who could and would easily take down that mentally ill pilot, and if necessary, Carson Daly.

    Daly’s comment is precisely the sort of thing that makes gay kids bait for bullies and bullying.

    It’s utterly shameful.

  5. jyo555 says

    Seriously, that gay guy who used to suck Adam Carolla’s wee wee just to keep him straight is getting a little uppity. No offense there, m’kay, Carson, m’kay? Wait, that is not Kimmel? Well, who the hell is this guy!?!

  6. pedro says

    The truth hurts…A disproportionate percentage of gay men talk in effeminate tones and act femme…Why are you people offended by the truth? Get over it! This crap is encouraged by many in the so-called lgbt community, who are constantly yapping about the virtues of gender non-conformity etc. etc. etc… All stereotypes are grounded in some obvious facts get over it!

  7. peterparker says

    He tweeted the absolute lamest apology I’ve ever seen:

    “This morning on my radio show I attempted to make fun of myself & offended others by mistake. I sincerely apologize.”

  8. says

    Pedro, what are you rambling about? Care to show us all what a man you are?

    How come guys who denigrate, uh, “femmes” on messageboards never have the balls to show what “real men” they are?

  9. pedro says

    Umm…I didn’t denigrate femmes, I stated that a disproportionate percentage of gay men, do not act like tough men, they act like effete gender non-conformists. They do not convey a masculine exterior, and are therefore percieved as weak and non-threatening. So Carson making a joke about a stereotype rooted in reality shouldn’t offend anyone…Aren’t you femmes proud of your unmanliness? Don’t you prance around making spectacles of yourselves because you’re proud to get away from the heteronorms?…Then don’t be upset when someone makes a joke about it!

    As for myself, why in God’s name would I post any personal info on this sight or any other? I’m the son of an Argentinian mother and Mexican father, both Catholic and very conservative about certain things. I’m trying to get into medical school right now and I ain’t one of those people who wants my info out there…Sorry.

  10. says

    Got it. So you’re the type of “real man” who doesn’t have the balls to stand up to his own family. Got it. The type of “real man” who says that others “don’t act like tough men”, all the while you’re the one tiptoeing in fear around conservatives. gotcha.

    rethink what it means to be a man. those guys you say aren’t “tough men” are clearly tougher and stronger than you are.

    you could learn a lot from them.

  11. Francis says

    Pedro is the Catholic guy who said that he chooses to identify with the Catholic community over the gay community because they have better virtues and morals. So I wouldn’t take anything said by him seriously.

    As for Carson Daly, what he said is INCREDIBLY offensive on so many different levels. It’s extremely homophobic, EXTREMELY fem-hating, inherently sexist. In listening to the video, I think he said what he said from a “I know this is totally cliche and stereotypical which makes it totally hilarious and therefore it won’t be offensive, ha ha ha” POV, than a hyper-masculine straight jerk going on a gay-hating tangent deal. I think he’s more of an idiot than he is homophobic (although he definitely is homophobic to a certain extent to EVER think of something like this to say) but that’s not really something to be proud of.

    What offends me more than anything is the insinuation gay men aren’t man enough to be heroes. We’re not man enough to be brave and protect ourselves and others in a life or death situation. And that somehow, men are more able to be brave than women (hence the it was a bunch of dudes and well trained dudes comment). It’s another clear indication that people DO NOT TAKE the gay community and gay men, in particular, seriously. We’re not taken seriously by straight people, based on stereotypes of us, created by straights, and those stereotypes are used against us, over and over again, as a means to justify and continue anti-gay thought and action. What’s so ironic is how Mark Bingham blows every single one of these stereotypes out of the water. Just highlights the pure ignorance of Carson’s entire “joke”. Simply, it’s incredibly disrespectful and I’m very disappointed he wouldn’t know better than to say something like this, especially given he’s on live radio, and in Los Angeles nonetheless.

    Although I do think he’s more of an idiot than a raging homophobe, and ultimately, you can’t fix stupid, Carson’s apology is a JOKE and he has a lot of explaining and work to do to fix this. I would hope he raises the point on his radio show or TV show that Mark Bingham saved so many lives as a HEROIC gay man during 9/11.

  12. says

    ten bucks says his conservative catholic parents welcomed a bouncing baby into the world less than 9 months after their wedding….

    still, i’ve never understood the mentality of boys like “Pedro” – if those “effete prancing femmes” are so weak then how come they’re not and he’s not?

    here’s something to consider – if you don’t have the balls to be Out, you can forget about calling yourself masculine. there’s nothing masculine about hiding from bullies and insulting those that don’t hide from the confines of your closet.

    i don’t care what your excuse is – until you come out, fully, you’re in no position to say that anyone else is “weak”

  13. pedro says

    @Kiwi: What do you mean stand up to my own family? I’m not in the closet if that’s what you mean…My parents have been very accepting. Would they rather that I was heterosexual, of course…That’s just normal, they both come from Latin cultures where family is everything, and they want all their children to get married and bring forth grand-children the old fashioned way. But they never cursed me or disowned me. So I really don’t know what the hell you’re talking about…Do they expect men to act like men, Yes…Crucify them!!!

  14. says

    i’ve never understood the “gay men aren’t tough” nonsense.

    we’ve been coming out FOR DECADES, in times far more violent and unforgiving than today. we have LGBT brothers and sisters who are STILL coming out despite the government-sanctioned violence against their very being.

    if that isn’t “tough” or “strong” or “courageous” then i don’t f***ing know what is.

  15. dpbfeb says

    I’m sorry. Isn’t this similiar to what Roland Martin got suspended/fired for. So it’s seen as silly when a “descent looking” white guy is offensive but a person of color should be fired. I don’t get it.

  16. Tim NC says

    In addition to Mark Bingham, what about Daniel Hernandez Jr. the gay intern who saved Gabrielle Giffords life after she was shot. Pretty HEROIC of him.

  17. pedro says

    @endo: Wow, you a lie, I never stated that I identify with the Catholic church over the gay community…I stated that I was born a Catholic and I will die a Catholic,and that I would continue to tithe in the church because Catholic charities do exceptional good works around the world. However, I very clearly said that I don’t always agree with the church. I condemned and continue to condemn the disgusting sins committed by a very tiny percentage of priests, and hope that they get their’s in this life and the life to come. Please do not put words in my mouth.

  18. St. Theresa of Avila says

    Of all people I wouldn’t care about making a homophobic insult, Carson is pretty high on the list. He’s sort of the ultimate charmless, humor-less (except when scripted) Hollywood McHuman/dolt who only got where he is because of who his parents were. One of the most completely inconsequential people in the entertainment industry.

  19. says

    what about the men and women oveseas who are organizing and participating in Gay Liberation marches despite the governments either encouraging violence against them or doing nothing to stop it?

    pretty damn heroic, too.

    and pedro, don’t call ENDO a liar when you just came on here and sold a load of B.S. yourself. same story from the same type of liar – you insult “femme guys”, claim to be Out to a conservative family that has totally accepted you, and then give excuses why you don’t have to back it up. *yawn* same old same old. best of luck in life, you’re gonna need it.

  20. pedro says

    @KIwi: of course, you don’t have to believe me, this is the internet…what’s your point? Anyways, I’ve already stated my piece and that’s all. Adios mis enmigos, hasta luego…hijos de puta!

  21. Francis says

    SOOOOOO true, Kiwi. How is it that we aren’t tough when we go through life experiences, many of them tragically horrific, NO OTHER GROUP overall can completely understand and relate to? We aren’t tough? Goes to show the disgusting ignorance that still abounds. Goes to show how many people need a reality check. With that being said it’s great to see how many people, gay and straight alike, condemning Carson’s words on twitter.

    Someone like Carson who wouldn’t even dream of dealing with what most LGBTQ citizens have throughout our lives, really should use this as an opportunity to learn more about Mark Bingham, Daniel Hernandez (great job bringing him up Tim), and other LGBTQ heroes throughout life who have put their lives on the lives for the betterment of our community, society, and the world at large.

    I still don’t think Carson is ignorant/anti-gay to the point he believes all gay men fit the stereotype and he truly believes all gay men are incapable of being heroic (although he clearly holds a resentment/bias against fem gays, which is WRONG and he needs to be checked on that), especially since the crowd he runs with. The guy is from Santa Monica and lives in LA, and we’ve all heard the gay rumors. I think he’s stupid enough and lacks the sense to know the line between humor with an edge from offensive and crass hateful speech. I’ll be very interested to see how he responds to this.

  22. F says

    That’s an extremely good point about Daniel Hernandez.

    If Carson Daly is truly sorry for his beyond-thoughtless “joke,” he should offer to meet with both (1) Daniel Hernandez and (2) Alice Hoagland (Mark Bingham’s mother).

    I also appreciate the comments from the earlier posters about the massive quantity of counter-examples for Daly’s apparent belief that gay men are somehow not inclined to be brave or heroic.

    I doubt the privileged, apparently straight Carson Daly has ever had experiences anywhere close to the experiences of millions of gay people have had when people around you, the church, etc. hate you for a trait as inherent as left-handedness. Those who have survived that kind of stuff are all heroes.

  23. Francis says

    Yeah, like people don’t know what hijos de puta means, Pedro. I guess we’ll just all have to permanently place in you Rick category and remember that going forward when reading your comments. And don’t lie about what you said when you stated that gay people embarrass themselves regarding gay pride and that it’s “no wonder” straight people hold negative views towards the gay community. These are things you have stated.

  24. RichB in PS says

    Geeze out of the mouth of another Palm Springs man, guess now there is a 3rd besides Hart and Mayer [retired sheriff] for grand marshall 2012 Gay Pride parade in November. hmmm which one is the most deserving, guess flip a coin or where is the suggestion box to nominate which is most deserving.

  25. CarlottaVonFunkenhowzer says

    Oh, Pedro, no one is born Christian. That’s something you acquired via your parents. You were born gay, however. So make sure you get down on your knees and give thanks for that.

  26. Tim NC says

    How many more celebrities and sports figures have to be called out for these kinds of bigoted homophobic comments before they finally figure out they need to knock it off? The comments about gays need to go the same way as the comments about race. How hard can it be to just STOP? These people know enough not to make racial comments. Why can’t they learn?

  27. Francis says

    I can’t say these people know better than to make racial comments, Tim. Obviously, they know better relative to homophobic comments, but never underestimate the lack of filter and ignorance of many people.

    These celebs and sports figures who make comments such as this are both a symptom of a society that lacks respect towards gay people and a glaring indication of how far away from reality many of them live. These people in many cases simply have NOT ever had to take responsibility for their actions. They’ve never had to look inside themselves and question anything. More than anything, these incidents show me how socially inadequate many celebs/athletes are.

    I truly think a lot of straight folk don’t even realize/understand why comments like this are offensive. Some of them truly believe it’s “just a joke” or truly don’t mean to cause offense when they do something that is offensive, they just don’t get it, which actually frustrates me even more. We’re in 2012 and so many people STILL just do not seem to get it. But as the Trayvon Martin case has shown us, this is something that sadly is an across the board issue in America………people who simply don’t get it. We just happen to be farther behind as a community compared to others. That’s why educating the massing and continuing to come out and make our voices heard is so important to create change.

  28. gregory says

    It’s pretty clear that Pedro has issues, so I won’t expand on that. He jumps hastily to unfounded conclusions and makes broad generaizations. Pedro: Most gay men are either in the closet or are sufficiently masculine that you do not detect them as gay, and therefore do not include them in your statistical analysis which led you to assert that most gay men are effeminate. you can only detect the effeminate ones, so you must think nearly 100% of gays are such. The vast majority of gays remain in the closet, and nearly 100% of them are masculine enough to fool you, so you don’t know they exist. I actually agree with you that there is a basis for the feminine stereotype, and that far too many of us gay men are disgustingly effeminate. They are behaving exactly as society has trained them to behave–if they want a man, act like a woman, even though the men they want aren’t attracted to women. So, Pedro, you work on your end to change ignorant societal expectations, and I’ll work on my end to butch-up the fems…starting with my big-old-queen brother the interior designer.

  29. Francis says

    New apology from Carson Daly:

    “We live in a time where gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals find courage every day to overcome adversity, stand up to bullying and find equality. I’m truly saddened that my words today suggested otherwise. I’ve long been a supporter of gay, lesbian, and transgender rights, and I’m saddened that my comments, however unintentional, offended anyone, specifically members of the LGBT community. The fact that I have hurt anyone is devastating. I’m not that guy. I’m proud to be an ally of the LGBT community and will continue to fight with them.”

  30. TJ says

    This was so f**king offensive. I’m pretty much speechless. There are too, too many gay heros out there to be so stupid. With allies with this, who needs enemies? Hey Carson, let me set you up on a blind date. I know another ally who’d be perfect for you. And she’s Catholic.

  31. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “I’m not that guy.”

    Good Christ, is everyone who says something offensive possessed? Do they have multiple personalities?

    Yes, Carson, you ARE that guy. It came out of YOUR mouth.

  32. bobbyjoe says

    One thing Daly could do to back up his apology is to do a show where he talks to the family and friends of Mark Bingham. It would educate both him and his audience.

  33. k says

    So I must assume that if this person ever needed help in a dangerous situation, he would call 911 and request a NON-GAY police officer or firefighter or paramedic. I’ll keep that in mind.

  34. Francis says

    That “I’m not that kind of person” line is classic deflection……..people who hate what they see in themselves, hate what they’ve become, hate an action or actions they have done, and so on and so forth. They say that to convince themselves they aren’t what they actually are, or at the very least it’s an attempt to not take full responsibility for their own inner failings. Carson probably feels like a complete jacka** right now, rightfully so, and the “it’s not me” line reassures individuals that they aren’t the awful bigot others see them as.

    I don’t think Carson is anti-gay (sexist and anti-fem, probably so) but what he is, is incredibly idiotic, ignorant and foolish to believe that making a joke of stereotypical cliches in such an offensive manner by making such a horrible connection between lack of braveness and being gay would actually fly. I’m honestly still pretty surprised he would even think that would be OK. Hopefully the backlash to this wakes him up.

  35. MD says

    Offensive? Get a grip. I am hating the overly sensitive demographic. A few days ago Belvedere like rape because of a dumb photo and now this. It’s a stereotype… for a reason! Get over it!

  36. TJ says

    MD – if you post as you do, chances are, your ability to understand how offensive this is, is limited. So I won’t even try.

    But if I did try, I’d find out a bit about you. And then I’d take that something particular to you, swath it in a stereotype, and then say, “Thank God MD and this specific thing about him, which I have exaggerated to a negative stereotype, was nowhere around when the tough got tougher. Because if MD was around, I’d probably be dead.”

    Ha ha. So funny.

  37. says

    It’s sad that people seem to care what this person (I had to look up who Carson Daly is/was.) thinks and says.

    Sadder still that we have to react to it, because not reacting gives him a pass for his idiocy.

  38. GEG says

    How is this offensive?

    He could have said, “On the flight were a bunch of dentists.” But the dentists wouldn’t be so self-centered and offended.

    And I can’t believe Carson Daly is still in broadcasting. He’s pablum, beige and boring.

  39. gere says

    It isn’t that the remark is so offensive… It is that it opens up the opportunity for people (especially children and uneducated people) to think it’s ok to make stereotyped remarks that can escalate to bullying and hate crimes. And by the way, people do make mistakes, so do we all need to jump on the bandwagon and denigrate Carson Daly. All this talk creates more publicly for him, anyway. A lame apology,,, who cares, People who make these remarks should be forced to apologize via PSA (anti-slur or anti-hate crimes)

  40. Kenny says

    It is so annoying seeing gay men telling us to shutup quit whining being sensitive etc…. Please feel free to say that to the next innocent gay teen who offs themselves due to idiots like Dalys intolerant comments.Not like they dont feel like they dont belong enough lets just excuse morons like Carson and claim we are being too ” SENSITIVE”.Rolls eyes unbelievable how this community thinks sometimes.

  41. Tarc says

    @Pedro – Since I’ve been doing medical research at one of the top medical centers in the world for 23 years now, I’d love to see your statistics about these so-called ‘efete gays’. Sure some kids adopt some silly stereotypes when they come out, but that often goes away. Most gay guys are just… gus, and you’re as likely (or more) to run into ultra-butch muscle bears into Harleys as you are drag queens. And ti be blunt, it’s completely absurd that any gay man contribute to the Catholic Chruch – Hitler was kinder to gay folks than the Church has been for the last two millenia. There are lots and lots of (even better) charities in the world that will use even more of each dollar in helping people, so that is an extremely poor justification. It’s simply bizarre to tithe just to have that cash used to beat you senseless.

  42. Mb says

    @Pedro. Need I remind you that it was drag queens, who took off their shoes and fought back during a police raid at the Stonewall in 1968/69 that is credited with beginning the whole gay rights movement! Even “effeminate” men can fight back when they have to.

  43. Name: says

    Not only was Mark Bingham a hero, so wasn’t Daniel Hernandez, who saved Gabby Gifford’s life and Oliver Sipple who saved Geral Ford’s life in San Francisco.

  44. jack says

    Now its Carson’s turn to kneel before the altar of P C and beg for forgiveness. Grow up. A little humor, even at our expense, isn’t a bad thing. Especially when the person telling the story is a friend.

  45. John B says

    Seems just because one is experienced with the format of broadcast, one gets to do it? Carson’s non-apology in Palinesque speak says a lot. He will fade out but mostly he will fade out slowly. Shame because ignorance is a stain that ruins ears and minds when information and entertainment should do the opposite: make us want to live and prosper.

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